A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 237

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 237 Shredded Scarf

Suddenly, Rowan stiffened as Lily quickly glanced up to see the dark eyed, but fair, handsome figure of Vasco Vespucci. Lily quickly nudges Mary in the ribs as does Willa. Seeing the domino action, Silvia and Bethanie turned around to both gape at the Gryffindor.

"What?" Tiffany naively asked as she stared at them. "Don't tell me! Is Professor Slughorn behind me?!"

Rowan slowly shakes her head as Tiffany turns around to suddenly freeze up in surprise not sure how to react. Vasco clears his throat and says, "Miss Topsy, would you do me the honor of accompanying me tonight?"

"Ah, yes," Tiffany somewhat apprehensive replied as Vasco bows and says, "Then I'll eagerly await your presence at the entrance of the Great Hall." With a quick nod to them, he hurries over back to his friends as the entire Gryffindor table erupts into whispers.

"What was that all about?" Mary said in confusion. "I thought Vespucci liked the Ravenclaw beauty, the younger sister of the 6th year in our house, Zaid Patil?"

"Asha Patil?" Willa said, instantly all the girls knew exactly, whom she was referring too.

Only a year older than them, Asha Patil, was an exotic beauty. Long silky black hair in a plait, sun-kissed skin, full lips, and honey chocolate eyes that could melt the very soul. More than one boy had fallen for her charms, but to make matters worse, she was a beauty with brains. Top of her class, a powerful witch, and to mention she was Ravenclaws seeker to boot.

Tiffany bites her lips as if to keep herself from crying before jumping to her feet and rushing out. Silvia rushes after her as whispers burst no doubt fueling a new rumor about the two girls being more than just friends. Bethanie apologetically glances at them and says, "Sorry," before rushing out of the Great Hall.

"Was it something I said?" Willa said in shock. "I didn't mean to imply that he didn't like her now. That's just what everything thought!"

"I know," Rowan sighed as she got to her feet. "Just don't worry about it. Tiffany is just feeling a bit sensitive today, that's all." Lily nodded at Rowan as she and Mary consoled the now gloomy Willa.

Undisturbed Rowan makes her way to the entrance of the common room and says, "Foxglove." The wall swings open as she steps into the empty common room. Making her way to the girls' dorms, she suddenly hears stomping coming down the stairs and pauses at the foot of them.

"You!" Jezebel hissed as she barred her teeth at Rowan. Looking more like a gorgon right now than the s.e.xy beauty she normally was.

"Keep your things to yourself!" Jezebel shrieked!

"What?" Rowan said as Jezebel reached into her bag and tossed a handful of scraps of blue wool at her.

"Stay away!" Jezebel snapped, before leaving a rather bewildered Rowan staring at the raving older girl.

"Studying for the N.E.W.T's must have finally made her snap," Rowan muttered as she brushed off the shredded wool scarf remnants and went up the stairs. Stepping inside the dorm, she found Tiffany nosily sniffing as Bethanie held her in the arms as Silvia angrily paced in the dorm.

"Tiffany," Rowan said, "I finished speaking with Willa and she said it was mere rumors. I mean look at me, I'm supposed to already had several paramours! And all of you know that is not true at all."

Glancing up with slightly red eyes, Tiffany sniffs and says, "I know, but it still hurts." Grabbing a hankie from Bethanie's open hand, she loudly blows and wipes her nose clean.

"We both know that he is only acting this way because it's true," Tiffany sighed. "His family must have heard of his romantic interest for Asha Patil. And who wouldn't? She's gorgeous and smart."

Sniffing again, Tiffany pauses to wipe her nose. "But we all know that I'm none of those things. All I have is a pureblood name that they really want. And that's why they must have written to their son to warn him away and let him know about our future betrothal. He's never once been nice to me before."

"He could have easily been nervous," Bethanie consoled her. "It's not that uncommon."

Silvia snorts and mutters under her breath, "More like a bastard," as Bethanie flashes her a warning look.

"You don't have to try to console me, Bethanie," Tiffany sighed as didn't cry anymore merely looked rather forlorn.

"I knew that this was to be my fate. But still, I would have liked if he'd approached me of his own accord. At least, he's cute right?" Tiffany said with a watery smile.

"Yeah," Bethanie whispered as she gave Tiffany, a big hug.

"Well, we have class in a bit," Rowan said. "I'd wash my face if I were you. Don't you have Care of Magical Creatures with him next?"

"For Merlin's sake!" Tiffany shouted before rushing out of bed and hurrying to wash her face.

"Well, that got out of her bed quick," Silvia grimaced as she slid her fingers through her hair. "I know this is rather common in our world, but still it hurts to see a friend be in pain."

"We can't do anything, but be there for her," Bethanie lamented. "We all know that."

"I know, but still," Silvia sighed in frustration.

Seeing them so forlorn, Rowan quickly changes the subject. "You'll never believe what happened to me as I was coming up the stairs?"

"What?" Tiffany asked as she came back into the dorm room drying her face with a washing towel.

"Jezebel finally snapped and tossed scarf pieces at me," Rowan explained.

"That is rather bizarre," Silvia said as she flopped onto her bed.

Bethanie shrugs and kindly suggests, "Maybe, it's that time of the month?" All the girls make faces at the comment and shudder.

"Well, if it is, I don't envy her," Silvia grunted as Tiffany hurried over to her wardrobe to brush her hair and try to conceal the puffiness on her face.

They all chatted for a bit, before each of them hurried out and began their long trek to reach their classes. Surprisingly, today's lesson in Ancient Runes was on the topic of Love Magic.

Most of their faces went red as the petite, Professor Bathshelda Babbling said, "Some of our most ancient runes deal with the topic of romance. As today is that day, we shall delve into the topic."

Turning towards the board, Professor Babbling adjusts her crooked hat as her dark blue robes sweep around her. "Now then, I shall draw some runes on the board. However, each of you should have taken either a colored string at the start of the class. Is anyone missing one?" Professor Babbling asked as her blue and green eyes scanned the entire classroom.

Rowan glances down at her string that is dark blue almost midnight to be exact. "Now, the color of string chosen is the subconscious color your heart views love," Professor Babbling explained.

Rowan furrowed her brow in reply. Well, that certainly explained a lot. Romance never seemed to be of much worth to her nor pain-free. But love always seemed to be far too dark, deep, and true, when felt. Why merely looking at her own past or that of her own actions of sisterly love more than proved that.

Professor Babblings coffee, coiled hair disappeared from view as she turned to face the class. Wrinkly her slightly, crooked pale nose, she said, "Please clear your mind and think of a rune, and then say, Amans.

The string will form the intended form of thy desired lover represented in the form of a rune. You will all write an essay on the explanation of your rune and its own correlation with the ancient views on the romantic symbolism of that particular rune. As for the rune in string form, they've been enchanted to maintain their shape and all of you may take them back with you." Even Quyen Crowley and Hortense Sicca perked up at that as they all eagerly studied some of the runes on the board, before closing their eyes to meditate.

Rowan closed her eyes and frankly couldn't picture a single face. The only rune that came to mind was that of the unknown. Opening her eyes, she saw the dark string form the rune representing the unknown. Well, she certainly knew what that meant. Either romance was simply not in her future or she had yet to meet her so-called destined lover.