A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 238

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 238 Love Rune

Glancing over at Andrew, she saw his rune form that of warmth and open-minded. Staring at the rune, Rowan wonders if Andrew is Hannah Abbot's parent. If so, supposedly Hannah was a half-blood. It would make sense if Andrew either married either a muggleborn witch or a maybe even a muggle wife. After all, he had told her he was taking muggle studies because his uncle was a squib. It wouldn't be out of character for him to meet a local muggle girl in the neighborhood. But then again, he did have many cousins and siblings, it certainly could be any one of them.

Turning back to her own, rune, Rowan begins to write her essay on the symbolism of the rune and how it was viewed. They all steadily worked on their essays until the bell rang. Professor Babbling collected all their essays and said as they left, "Don't forget to study the next runes for the following class. You'll be translating short paragraphs."

The Slytherins and Hufflepuffs groan as they all head downstairs to the dungeons. The two groups went separate ways at the end of the staircase, one left and the other right. The Slytherins made their way inside the common room as they eagerly chatted about tonight's festivities.

Rowan rolled her eyes as she made her way upstairs to her bed and flopped down on her back. Not long after the girls arrive as Tiffany quickly rushed over and began to change her clothes. "Aren't' you going to change out of your robes?" Silvia commented.

"Eventually," Rowan sighed as she rolled off her bed and grabbed her regular clothes out of her wardrobe.

Bethanie peeks over at Rowan and says, "You would think that after all this time, we'd see you at least in a skirt once. But I've never even seen you wear a skirt as part of the female uniform nor as part of your casual wear."

"I've got ugly pole legs," Rowan shamelessly replied. "Besides as long as I wear our school uniform, I can wear trousers a a bottom."

"I don't know," Silvia eyed Rowan up and down. "You're rather slender and I've seen how your legs go for miles. I'd bet that they're some of your best features."

"I'm not a horse," Rowan huffed.

Silvia rolls her eyes as Bethanie says, "Well, maybe, Rowan prefers dresses. It's not that uncommon you know."

"Exactly," Rowan lied, earning a happy smile from Bethanie.

They all finished dressing with Tiffany being the last one to finish as she checked her reflection several times in the mirror. Satisfied, they finally all went upstairs, wherefrom the entrance of the Great Hall, they could see the house tables having been moved to one side of the Great Hall, while the other side held small carnival-like stalls with a flowing fountain of punch and tables full of sweets.

Waiting at the entrance as promised looking rather handsome, Vasco Vespucci, bowed and took Tiffany's hand. Brushing his lips across her hand, he said, "You are enchanting this evening."

"Thank you," Tiffany quietly said hiding her unease as she pulled her hand back, while Vasco offered her the crook of his arm as he led her inside. There was an awkward pause as Tiffany plastered a polite smile on her face, before accepting the crook of his arm, and allowing herself to be led away.

"Well at least he's polite," Bethanie mused as both Silvia and Rowan shared glances and hid their snorts.

"Bethanie!" A voice called out behind them causing Bethanie to prettily flush. "You look utterly ravishing this evening," Regulus said, looking rather handsome himself.

Despite being somewhat shorter, for the time being, Regulus fearlessly offered her the crook of his arm and said, "Shall we, Milady?"

"Yes, please," Bethanie gently said as she took his arm and the two of them entered inside.

"It looks like we've been left behind," Silvia drily said.

Smirking, Rowan dramatically bows, "Milady?" Before rising up and offering Silvia the crook of her arm.

Silvia snorts, "Don't mind if I do," before taking the offered arm as they both stride inside to startled glances. "You know they'll have us both as bent by the end of the night."

"I'm sure that Bertha Jorkins will claim that I've finally switched teams," Rowan chuckled as they both took a seat at one of the tables. As for tonight, there wouldn't be any house tables as friends, or couples could sit together.

The Great Hall quickly filled up as dinner started as usual as both Rowan and Silvia discussed some of the couples. Terry hurriedly rushed over to them and says, "Ah, my eyes!" Before slamming his face against the table.

"Hortense Sicca and Gil Goyle sucking face again?" Silvia said in sympathy as she ruffled his head. It was a horror to see the 3rd year girl and 7th year exchange saliva. More than one person had turned green at the horrific sight.

"No, but just as bad," Terry said sounding rather muffled. "No, I saw Gertrude Fowl and Vern Crabb."

Rowan makes a face at recalling the annoying brat from the Malfoy meetings her first year. "Wait, isn't he a 6th year?"

"Precisely," Terry said with a violent shudder. "I'm pretty sure none of the other girls will even look at him. But I guess they must both be desperate enough and given that they're both purebloods, they'll probably be marrying the moment Gertrude graduates."

"Still it's not as bad as Hortense and Gil Goyle," Silvia said with revulsion. "Gil Goyle is a 7th year, this year. While ignoring the fact that it is a miracle that he's passed thus far, it's a bit disturbing to imagine given that Hortense is in our grade."

"Yes, well, I doubt he'll let her go," Rowan drily said. "I think she's the only girl, who has ever liked him."

"I fairly certain they'll be betrothed during the summer to have them marry once Hortense graduates," Terry m.o.a.ned as he raised his pale face.

Glancing around, Rowan sighs and says, "Let me guess. Severus went to find Lily?"

"Bingo," Terry said as he turned green again and hid his face in Silvia's shoulder.

"There, there. Poor baby, I'll protect you," Silvia teasingly cooed as she avoided glancing in the direction of the front entrance.

Rowan cast an interest glance at the two of them but didn't make a comment. There might be something there that hadn't been there before. But only time would tell if it would bloom into anything. Hiding her smile, the three of them chatted until dinner appeared before them.