A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 239

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 239 Rejection

Dinner was a light affair as most of the students were planning to stay for the games or the drinks and sweets to be had after. Finally, Dumbledore arose to the interest of the students. Wearing bright red robes, bright enough to burn one's retinas. Dumbledore's baby blue eyes sparkled behind his half-moon spectacles.

"It is wonderful to see and celebrate the springtime of youths," Dumbledore said. "Curfew has been moved one hour back, but please make sure to be back in your dorms on time as classes will be held at regular hours tomorrow. Now let us enjoy all enjoy this lovely night!"

The couples instantly darted forward as Silvia dragged Terry to have a look at Professor Kettleburn's stall. Rowan rolled her eyes and was about to turn away when she caught the eye of an unexpected person. Rather wary, she sees the handsome golden figure of Damien Mulciber approach her.

"You seem to be alone," Mulciber commented as several girls' mouths dropped down in disappointment and envy. Mulciber was quite the catch to them as he was both, rich, charming, and a pureblood to boot.

"For the moment," Rowan flatly replied as she eyed him.

"I think that we started off on the wrong foot, Prince," Mulciber rather calmly stated. "I'd like to remedy that. May I?" Mulciber rather suavely offered her the crook of his arm.

Rowan believed that people could change, but there were some things that she didn't believe that was ever the case for. Damien Mulciber had always been popular, but yet he got off on violence and ****. He'd more than enjoyed raping muggle women in the future. And despite not having committed it yet, she didn't want anything to do with him. Because **** wasn't a question of bad circ.u.mstances, but rather that of a vile moral character.

"I'll have to decline," Rowan finally said, before moving past Mulciber to only suddenly feel him tightly grab her arm. Glancing down, at his hand, Rowan's gaze turns rather frosty as she meets his cold sneering face.

"A woman should always know her place," Mulciber said as he tightened his grip on her arm.

"If you don't let go," Rowan icily smiled back. "I'll break every single finger in your hand. You do recall what I did to Rosier, don't you?"

Mulciber stiffens before unpleasantly smiling at her and letting her arm go. 'You'll regret this, Prince."

"I don't think as much as you will in the future," Rowan said, before turning away and continue on her way. She felt his glare of hatred on her back, but she didn't turn back. If he tried anything here, there would be plenty of witnesses. Though she may want to keep a better eye out when wandering alone through empty, dark corridors.

Seeing two long lines, Rowan peeks around to see the sign that reads, "Kissing Booth." Walking over to a Slytherin in line, she asks, "Who's at the Kissing Booth?"

The Slytherin recognizes her and says, "They've got four boys and girls, your choice. Each one is a 7th year who volunteered. For Slytherin, we've got S.R. Wilkes-."

Rowan didn't hear the name of the female as she blinked in surprise. Wilkes? But didn't he already have a girlfriend? Though that certainly did explain why Jezebel had been so very temperamental before.

"Thanks," Rowan said, before squeezing her way past and heading to the sweets table. Serving herself a plate, she studies the crowd for familiar faces. She spots Xeno and Luna wandering about at the stalls, Sirius was off with his latest girl, Lupin was with Willa as promised, and surprisingly, Lily and Severus were all alone.

Though Rowan did send a pity filled glance in the direction of her brother. Despite having Lily all to himself, Lily didn't seem to be shy while standing next to Severus. Perhaps, somethings could never truly be changed no matter how much both wanted it to be. She could only hope his heartbreak wouldn't be anywhere near as cruel as before.

"At least you're alone too," a rather glum voice remarked from behind her.

Licking the powder off her lips, Rowan turned to face a rather gloomy Pettigrew. "I had an offer," Rowan said with a shudder. "But I turned him down." Glancing into the crowd, she says, "And where's James?"

Pettigrew miserably sighs, "Some girl invited him, and he accepted."

"Still as popular as ever I see," Rowan privately thought to herself as she caught the sulking gaze of Quyen Crowley. Out of her entourage, it would seem she was the only without a suitor. Quyen Crowley sneered at her before disappearing into the crowd.

"Well, if you need a date," Rowan turned towards Pettigrew. "I suppose just for tonight, I would be agreeable to such an event."

"It's not like you're here with anyone," Pettigrew huffed out with an added snort of wariness. "Okay, but I want to go and see Professor Kettleburn's stall. It looks like fun." Brushing the last of the crumbs off her face, Rowan nods as she accepts the offered arm of Pettigrew and follows him into the crowd.

The two of them head over to Professor Kettleburn, where is having students try their luck at opening small boxes and dealing with the creature within. When it came time for their turn, Pettigrew opened the box to only find a Bowtruckle inside.

Bowtruckle's are notorious for being shy but to everyone's amazement, when Rowan reached her hand inside, the bowtruckle willingly allowed to be carried out in her palm. In fact, both Rowan and Professor Kettleburn had a devil of a time trying to get the bowtruckle to let go of her hand as it absolutely refused to let go.

After somehow managing to hand the bowtruckle back to Professor Kettleburn, the professor gives Rowan a heartbroken glance. "You'd have done well in Care of Magical Creatures, Miss Prince," Professor Kettleburn sadly whimpered as he handed over their prize, it was a box of Honeydukes chocolate bars.

Rowan didn't reply as she knew perfectly well, why she hadn't taken the class. Who would be stupid enough to take a class that involves magical creatures with the marauders? Even she wasn't brave-hearted enough to attempt such a death defining feat. Nor had she any desire to be in anymore classes with them. Potions was enough to last her an entire lifetime.

Once out of earshot, Rowan says, "You can have the box, I'll only take three of them."

"Deal," Pettigrew said as he quickly handed over three chocolate bars lest she changes her mind. They went to two more stalls, Professor Vector, where a student had only a minute to make a simple requested calculation. Rowan easily won a gorgeous arithmancy calendar calculated up to seven years later. She was quite satisfied with her prize as Pettigrew gave her a wary glance.

The last stall was that of Professor Flitwick, where students according to their grades had to perform charms. Rowan easily won them, a charmed pendant, which she handed over to Pettigrew. After all, if not for him, she'd already left and have missed out on having fun.

Some of the crowd had already begun to disperse as Pettigrew happily waved away to her as he carried off his prizes. Rowan waved back as she kept a tight grip on her arithmancy calendar. Not only would it come in handy, but there would be accurate day to day predictions each day. Who knows, it might even save her life one day.