A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 241

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 241 Wide Eyed Potion

Potions as usual was the most hated class during the winter months. It was still bitterly cold in the dungeons as their breaths could still be seen and the heard clattering of their teeth. They were brewing the wide-eyed potion that prevented the drinker from falling asleep or used to awaken someone from a drugged state or a concussion.

"Very good, Mr. Prince," Professor Slughorn said as he paused to admire the prefect potion of Severus. Severus beamed as Slughorn turned to peek at Lily's. Though not as smooth as Severus's it still was in the top three. With a bit of unease, he turns to see Rowan's potion. It was almost as good as Lily's.

Professor Slughorn is silent for a bit, before saying, "Miss Prince, you have every bit of talent as much as your brother and Miss Evans here. I'd prefer if you applied yourself like you have most of this year."

"I can't guarantee anything, Professor," Rowan grumbled. It wasn't her fault she wasn't good with living specimens. She didn't have any problem cutting anything dead up. But cutting into living things made her sick to her stomach. Luckily, most potions from their third year and up rarely required living ingredients, but rather rare ingredients and complicated brewing instructions.

Professor Slughorn sighed, before moving onto the next group. "For those that have finished stirring. Please make sure to leave your cauldron brewing under a stasis spell. The potion should be ready by the time you all return to your next class."

Rowan, Severus, and Lily, all did as they were instructed to do when suddenly, an explosion happens. There are shouts and screams as Professor Slughorn tries to clear the smoke to get to the students. Luckily no one was really injured beyond being blasted into the ground or into things. Those that were truly hurt was because they had fallen on the broken glass potion vials that had fallen onto the floor.

"All those with bleeding injuries off to Madam Pomfrey with you," Slughorn called out as he tended to those who were only bruised and a bit dazed. Holding their limbs or in some cases being helped as they limped, they made their way out of the door and towards the infirmary.

Clearing the remains of a charred cauldron, Slughorn says, "Who dropped a handful of Billwig Stings into this here cauldron?"

"You, Mr. Avery?" Slughorn stared at the owner of the twisted heap of metal.

"No, sir!" Evan Avery protested causing his widow's peak to deepen.

"What about you, Rosier?" Slughorn snapped at the buff boy who had been working next to him.

"No, Professor!" T. Rosier protested as he for once wasn't responsible for the incident.

Suspiciously eyeing the student with the most accidents, Professor Slughorn finally turns to the third member of their group. "And what of you, Mulciber?"

The golden-haired, charming teen shook his head causing his wavy locks to sway. More than one Slytherin girl sighed as even the Gryffindor girls gaped at him. "It wasn't me," Damien Mulciber calmly answered, before pointing at the innocent marauders from across the room. "What about them?"

Terry, who was working alongside Lupin and Pettigrew sneers at Mulciber. "I've been working next to them this entire time," Terry firmly interjected. "And not once did I seem them leave their desk until the explosion. I'd hazard to say, you're the most suspicious out of anyone here as you pointed fingers first, Mulciber."

Not seeing anyone come forth, Professor Slughorn says, "Well, as the three of you working together and none of you saw the other commit the accident. All three of you have a weeks' worth of detention with me!" The three boys groaned, though no one commented on the fact that zero points were taken.

Professor Slughorn dismissed those finished while the rest of the students tried to salvage their remaining potion. Needless to say, there were plenty of glares directed in the direction of Avery, Rosier, and Mulciber from both the Slytherins and Gryffindor's. It was going to be a rough week for all three of them as on multiple occasions in the boy's dorms and throughout Hogwarts, they would be jinxed, hexed, and have tricks played on the three of them. And for once, the Slytherin Prefects turned a blind eye having heard what had occurred. Plus, the fact that they were all studying for their O.W.L.'s and didn't have time to baby brats who deserved swift and utter punishment.

Professor Slughorn might have as well as he had only requested that no more jokes or any sorts of spells occur within the Slytherin quarters. Which knowing the Slytherin Head meant, "as long I can't see it, it's fine." The three of them would become fair game outside of the Slytherin quarters.

After lunch, that day, one by one six individuals made their way to the second floor into the girl's bathroom. Sirius was the last one to arrive as everyone else was already inside. The minute he was inside, the door was locked and Muffalito was cast over the room.

"I must admit, I'm impressed," Rowan snickered.

"That's only because you don't like Mulciber, Avery, or Rosier," Severus huffed.

"And you do?" Rowan arched her brow.

Severus rolls his eyes and turns his attention to the marauders. "Well, James did you get everything?"

"Yes!" James proudly said as he reached into his moleskin and began to take out a mandrake leave.

"Wait!" Severus said snatching the mandrake leaf from James's hand. "In a weeks' time is the start of the lunar cycle. If we do this, we are going to have figure out a way on how to keep the mandrake leaf in our mouth without it being torn nor swallowed."

"I've got that," Lupin said as he pulled out a volume from his book bag. "I've been studying some healing spells and there one that causes bandages to stick shut and remain undisturbed. I think that as long as all of you stick the leaf to the top of your mouths and cast the spell each day. The mandrake leaf should remain untouched and perfectly intact.

"Brilliant, Remus!" James said, before carefully handing out each of the mandrake leaves. "I've got the ingredients needed do you want me to give them to you now or later?"

"Later," Severus said as he carefully put away the mandrake leaf in the middle of one of his textbooks.

"Why hello there?" A shy voice said as they saw the floating figure of Myrtle emerge from her stall. A squat girl with pimples and thick glasses smiles rather embarrassed at them. "I've never had anyone come down to see me so frequently."

"I bet," Pettigrew muttered under his breath as he put his leaf away.

"That's because no one is quite like us," Sirius boasted causing Myrtle to wheezily giggle.

"That is certain," Rowan muttered under her breath, before saying, "Well, I'll see all of you later." The boys briefly said goodbye as she unlocked the door and made her way out. She wasn't about to stick around and watch them try to flirt with a dead ghost. With a shudder, she eagerly headed over to the Great Hall for lunch. Apparently, today's lunch would be in celebration of chinese cusine. There were sure to be dumplings and all sorts of good stuff.