A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 244

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 244 Sticky Charms

Things were slightly different after Rowan's injury for all of the Slytherins. Peeves would ignore every single one of the Slytherins as if they simply didn't exist. Which was a great blessing, and something that all of the Slytherins took great pride in when they saw all of the envious glances from the other three houses.

And the fact that Madam Pomfrey seemed to be rather cross with the Headmaster. No one really knew what had occurred, but whenever the matron was in the vicinity of the Headmaster, she would be rather curt with him, before flouncing away. No one dared to ask, but the rumors ranged anywhere from a forbidden romance between them to the Headmaster trying to fire the matron. Whichever the case, all anyone knew including the Professors it was best not to ask the matron lest they be the foolish one incur her wrath.

With the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw match coming up, Quidditch practice kicked up into high gear. In the following days, it was mostly just Lupin and Rowan working in the library together or Rowan just by herself, while Lupin studied with Severus and Terry in their usual study hall. However, in their spare time between homework, Lupin with great big yellow puppy dog eyes had managed to convince Rowan to aide him in his search for finding a sticking spell to keep the mandrake leaf in place.

It was raining again as the rain pelted against the library windows. Rowan glanced up at the rain and muttered, "Any minute now, they'll probably tromp up into the library."

Lupin glanced up from the book of spells he was scanning through and muttered, "Mmm, well they better help this time around. It's not fair that you and I are stuck doing all the work."

"I doubt it," Rowan drily said. "If anything, they're going to need our help to finish up their essay, which I bet they haven't even started yet but is due tomorrow."

Lupin sadly nods his head knowingly before ducking his head back down to read. Rowan is about to do the same, when the sound of several footsteps can be heard between the bookshelves. Glancing to the side, Rowan sees three tired grimy looking figures make their way towards her. The drying and cleaning charms could only do so much for them.

Merely arching her brow in inquiry, Rowan watches as the three figures take their usual seats at the table. Pettigrew, who was the thinnest he had ever been, rubbed his face with his hand. A few red round bumps can be seen sprouting on his forehead from stress. Seeing the swollen pimples, Rowan asks, "Peter, would you like something for that?"

"For what?" Pettigrew blinked in confusion as Sirius and James stare weirdly at Rowan.

Lupin peeks up from his book at Rowan's words and hides a knowing smile. She always had to be Slytherin about it, but she was even kind to Peter in her own way. Not that Rowan would ever admit to such a thing. She'd sooner bite her tongue off than ever admit such a thing.

Rowan merely points at his face as Pettigrew flushes in embarrassment. Trying not to shout, Pettigrew hisses in embarrassment and anger, "It's not my fault, Rowan! It's puberty!"

"I know," Rowan matter-of-factly replied. "But have you seen anyone in Slytherin including the boys have acne?"

"Come to think of it, no," Sirius muttered out loud as he furrowed his brows. "Why is that?"

"Yeah, even Severus has an oil-free complexion," James mumbled. "And Terry's skin is silky smooth like a girl's, which is rather disturbing in all honesty."

Rowan sniffed at the remarks and says, "We may be Slytherins, but we at least care about our complexions."

Reaching into her pocket, Rowan pulls out two already prepared small containers. "Wash your face at least at night and put on the lotion afterward and in the morning before you go out. It'll help with the oil produced from all the sweating, you're doing," Rowan solemnly instructed as she slid the bottles over to Pettigrew across the table.

Pettigrew warily accepted both contains and opened them to take a whiff. With a blink of surprise, he found they largely smelled of mint and other herbs. Nothing girly or flower-scented, which would be rather humiliating to explain to the other boys in Gryffindor.

Pettigrew stiffly nods his head and gruffly says, "Thanks."

Rowan merely sniffs in reply and returns to the spellbook she was presently skimming through. If she was lucky, she'd finally find the confounded spell and be done with the tedious task. She had plenty of better things to do and study than to search for a sticking charm.

Sirius furrows his brow and mumbles, "I could have told, Pete that." James nods his head dutifully as well. They both used manly products to keep their skin clear of oil and pesky acne.

Rowan arches an eyebrow at those words in disbelief and shivers as she tries to not recall the lecture with Madam Pomfrey. Shaking her head and clearing her mind of such perturbing thoughts, Rowan instead says, "Then you should have told him or even better yet shared one or two of your products. It's not like either of you can't afford it."

Sirius and James flush as Lupin shakes his head knowingly. He would have offered sooner but he didn't want to embarrass Peter. At least, Rowan had saved him the trouble of doing so.

Before James or Sirius can protest, Lupin kindly interjects, "I'll share with you, Peter. Mum likes to send me all-natural, non-scented stuff as most scents can be a bit overpowering for my nose. And I have a bunch of extra stuff as she worries, you know."

"Thanks," Pettigrew brightly replied causing Rowan to glower at him. He was nowhere near as grateful to her as he was to Lupin.

Sirius and James merely huff in annoyance at Rowan, before pointedly ignoring her as they all get back to work. Rowan merely sneers back at them in reply, before resuming from where she left off. They are silent for some time before; Lupin stands up in excitement causing his chair to slide back with a loud screech echoing through the library.

Wincing Rowan stares at Lupin, who hastily sits back down as Madam Pince emerges from the shelves. The dark-haired librarian eyes them with distrustful eyes. "Well?" Madam Pince impatiently asked as she tapped her foot against the floor.

Lupin swallows rather drily causing his slender Adam's apple to bob up and down. Before Lupin can think of a reply, Rowan smoothly lies, "Lupin is frightened of spiders, Madam Pince. He jumped back in fright but kept from screaming as he wishes to obey the rules of silence in place."

Somewhat mollified by Rowan's answer, Madam Pince says, "Yes, well, be a tad quieter next time, Mr. Lupin."

Madam Pince quickly disappeared between the shelves muttering to herself, "A fearsome thing, spiders-."

Lupin lets out a breath as Pettigrew nods his head in approval. Sirius beams happily his annoyance with her already long forgotten. "Good one, Rowan!" Sirius cheerfully said.

Rowan sniffs at the remark as James flashes Rowan a smile. Rowan ignores their actions as Lupin says, "Thanks, Rowan."

"I was merely attempting to finish our search, Remus," Rowan grumbled. "I'd have to do it all alone otherwise."

Lupin doesn't try to thank her anymore knowing that Rowan wouldn't accept it his words. She wasn't much for flattery. And had a bad tendency to try to minimalize her actions.

Quickly changing the subject, Rowan instead asks, "Well, did you find it?"

"Yes!" Lupin brightly answered. "The charm should work neatly and protect the mandrake leaf from food, water, and other things that might end up in one's mouth."

"Excellent," Rowan said as she closed the book she was reading with a snap as she held out her hand for Lupin to hand her the book.

Lupin carefully does so as Rowan memorizes the spell for a minute or two, before handing the book back to Lupin. saying, "I'll be heading off now. It's best I inform, Severus immediately," Rowan plainly stated as she gathered her things. And without waiting as so much as for a reply or goodbyes, she marched off and vanished between the bookshelves.

Lupin's lips twitch with a smile as Pettigrew mutters under his breath, "Just typical."

Sirius and James merely blink at each other as they convey the same message to each other with their expressions. "Girls. Who'd ever get them?"

However, being used to Rowan's at times cold or rather brusque nature, Sirius and James immediately excitedly turn to the book on the table. Lupin carefully moves it to the middle as James, Sirius, and Pettigrew all cram their necks around the book to study the charm. It'd be a bit uncomfortable to use and just plain weird at first, but it'd do the job nicely. And in the end, it would be well worth all their efforts in order to become animagus.