A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 247

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 247 Crossdressers

With a yawn, Rowan listened to Professor Flitwick say in Gobbledegook, "Exams this year are to be held on the finer art of contracts. Please properly study the Gringotts banking laws as they will be on the final exam."

Rowan hides a smile as she knew exactly what he meant. Goblins stick exactly to the written worded contract, EXACTLY. And most importantly, always read and recheck every single clause. Because a goblin lawyer will always attempt to sneak in an extra line if they can.

The bell rings not long after as they all begin to gather their things. "How are you doing, Xeno?" Rowan asked as she eyed the normally cheerful blond Ravenclaw who looked rather pale and worn.

Turning his slightly blue cross-eyed gaze at her, Xeno says, "I think, I might have to drop a class next year. But that's fine, I'll just drop, Care of Magical Creatures and keep Divination."

"Might be for the best," Rowan said as Pandora at her side nodded.

"I think I might do the same thing for our fifth year," Pandora confessed.

"Well, that's still two more years away," Rowan said, before waving goodbye to the two Ravenclaws.

Heading over to the Library, Rowan sat at her usual spot, before pulling out the letter she'd received this morning. Not having had a chance to open it yet, she had instantly recognized the seal as belonging to the Black family crest of two gray hounds on either side of a decorated shield and the small toto underneath, Tourjours Pur, meaning, "Always Pure."

Breaking the seal, Rowan quickly begins to read a simple letter that states, "Hog's Head. Blue Rose."

Frowning, Rowan wonders, why did Alphard need to so urgently meet with her? But still, it must be important enough for him to be willing to take such a risk. It seems as though he'd be under a Polyjuice Juice potion as such she must search for someone wearing a blue rose. However, the next Hogsmeade outing wouldn't be for several weeks more. The urgent topic would have to wait until then.

Making sure to shred the letter, Rowan puts the crumbled remnants to toss into the fireplace later. About to start working she once more feels a pair of unseen eyes on the back of her neck. Trying not to stiffen, she seems to act as though she's changed her mind and begins to pack up again. The feeling slowly goes away but given that Lupin was off in the study hall with Severus and Terry, and she was all alone. She quickly thinks it is best she joins them as the rest of the marauders were at quidditch practice.

One or two corridors outside of the Library, Rowan pauses and reaches for her wand. Whirling around without warning, she shouts, "Langlock!" Instantly the buff boy, Rosier clutches his throat unable to speak as his tongue has been glued to the top of his mouth.

Dropping to her feet, Rowan rolls back up as stinging curses just miss the spots, where she'd been previously standing and where she had dropped to the floor. "Tarantallegra!" The jinx instantly hit Evan Avery causing him to let out a howl as he began to dance uncontrollably.

A stinging hex just misses Rowan, but a spark or two still managed to land on her shoulder and cheek causing them to sting. "I told you, you'd regret your decision," Damien Mulciber squeaked awkwardly in embarrassment, before rapidly advancing towards her and firing another hex.

"Oh yes, so very brave," Rowan sneered as she threw a hex right back as he rolled to the side. Professor Adric's DADA class had trained them a little too well. And given that the two of them had been partners for an entire semester, they knew each other's moves and spells rather well.

"The fact that you need two aides to gain the upper hand against me," Rowan snickered causing the handsome golden-haired Mulciber to clench his teeth in anger.

"I didn't need their help," Mulciber snapped between breaths. "Rather the two of them have a bone to pick with you as well, Prince."

"I must not have beaten them well enough last time," Rowan paused as she fired back another spell. "I'll have to remedy that this time around."

"Incendio!" Mulciber screamed as flames erupted from his wand.

Knowing she wouldn't be able to dodge in time, Rowan cast the Flame-Freezing charm over herself. Instead of feeling the burning flames all she felt was the promised tickling charm.

"Stupfey!" Mulciber suddenly froze as he fell over stunned to the ground.

Breathing a bit loudly, Rowan coldly eyes the now stunned form of Mulciber on the ground as he, in turn, glared at her with murder in his eyes. Evans, on the other hand, is bright red still dancing, while Rosier had long ago fled. Turning back to eye the arrogant eyes of Mulciber, her lips twitch into a bone chilling smile.

"Now, what do you suppose I should do now, Mulciber? I don't think a simple beating will be enough to make you leave me alone. So, I best make sure I engrave the lesson properly into your mind, don't you think?" Rowan softly mused out loud.

Mulciber eyes widen as Rowan raises her wand to only point it at Avery. Avery gasps in relief as he collapses onto the floor exhausted as she summons Avery's wand. "I thought it best not to leave any evidence behind," Rowan said with a smile.

Avery opens and closes his mouth as Rowan points Avery's wand at Mulciber who's eyes begin to fill with fear. "Now, what do you think I should do? Break some bones? Or maybe, render you forever impotent?" Rowan purposefully lowered Avery's wand in the direction of Mulciber's crouch. Avery shivers and doesn't dare speak as he watches Rowan so coldly discuss the potential torture.

"But that will get me expelled," Rowan thoughtfully said, causing Mulciber to sigh in relief. "I think instead, we're going to have some fun together. Don't you think that's a good idea?"

Avery licked his lips rather anxious as Rowan began her incredible makeover. She'd picked more than a few beauty spells from Tiffany by sheer exposure for the last three years.

Humming, Rowan finishes with a great big flourish and says, "Gorgeous! If I do say myself. Though I must admit it certainly helped that you are quite the looker, Mulciber." For laying down before her is, a gorgeous long-haired blond girl in a Hogwarts female uniform. Her sheer stockings highlighted her firm, long legs that were smoothly shaved. The girl's red lips were rather kissable, and her glistening fair made her appear like some sort of enchanting princess.

"Ah, good, you're still here," Rowan said in pleasure before pointing her wand at the pale Avery, who foolishly thought he'd been forgotten. Suddenly, finding himself stunned on his back, he was immediately transformed into a raven-haired beauty. His lower clothes were transfigured into the girl's uniform, while his hair lengthened, legs shaved. And a skin and makeup spell, Avery ended up as a very cute, and rather pouty girl.

With a spring in her step, Rowan gently levitated the two boys behind her and gently placed them in front of the Great Hall. Pulling out a quill and paper, she wrote, "Please kiss us! We've been put under an enchantment! Only cute boys, PLEASE!" Both boys trembled with rage and humiliation as she placed the sign right next to them, before sliding Avery's wand back into his limp hand.

"You're both welcome to try to accuse me," Rowan purred. "Naturally, all they'll find is the spells that were cast by Avery's wand." And if looks could kill, she'd surely be dead ten times over.

Shaking her head at them, Rowan purrs, "Tsk, tsk, I wonder what your parents will say? Two close friends, crossdressing? And bent to boot? I can only imagine the Howler's that both of you will receive on the morrow. Of course, that is if they don't instantly pull you both straight out of Hogwarts."

"Well, good luck chaps, I'm off to find, Rosier," Rowan cheerfully said. "But don't worry, I'll only break his nose. After all, he turned and ran. And I'm rather appreciative of that fact."

Leaving the two furious crossdressers behind, Rowan happily skipped down to the dungeons in a great mood. And yes, she did, in fact, break Rosier's nose. But in retrospect, he got off rather lightly when in comparison to the other two.