A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 248

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 248 Crossdressers

Prefect Pizzaro and Prefect Traver's had been innocently chatting when a curly auburn-haired, blue-eyed, third-year Slytherin hurriedly ran over to them. The two Slytherin Prefect's frowned in unison at the Slytherin third-year boy. It wasn't proper for a Slytherin to be running about like a wild, unruly Gryffindor.

Before either Prefect can chide the Slytherin third year, Felton Graham gasped, "GREAT HALL! BIG PROBLEM! HURRY!"

Seeing that the situation seemed to be rather dire that a Slytherin actually ran to get them, the two prefects only glanced at each other for a mere second in silent communication, before they hiked up their robes, and ran off in two separate directions. Prefect Travers running for Professor Slughorn, and Prefect Pizzaro running towards the Great Hall. It there was truly a problem, they would need their head of house to intervene and resolve the situation.

The moment Prefect Pizzaro rounded the last corridor, she knew something was wrong as she saw a large crowd of students gathered at the entrance of the Great Hall. "Move aside," Prefect Pizzaro only growled once as the students hastily moved out of the way and allowed her to pass through.

Suddenly, Prefect Pizzaro sees several boys in the corner of the Great Hall vomiting rather loudly. The smell caused Prefect Pizzaro to feel a trace of nausea, but she switches to breathing through her mouth rather than her nose. Ignoring those fleeing from the nauseating scene of the vomit-inducing boys in the corner of the Great Hall, she marches straight towards the cause of the problem.

There laying rather beautiful on the floor are two gorgeous, somewhat ruffled girls with pink, swollen kissed lips. Prefect Pizzaro is about to ask, who exactly the girls are, when she freezes. Her mouth actually flops open as she recognizes the two Slytherin third year boys, Damien Mulciber and Evan Avery. She is just stunned for a minute or so before she can recover her wits about her.

Pulling herself to full height, Prefect Pizzaro in a steely voice roars, "Everyone out this minute or detention with Filch for all!" Instantly there is a loud scrambling of footsteps as the students rush away whispering loudly to each other. There was an absolutely zero probability that the scandalous situation wouldn't reach the other Professor's ears and much less the rest of the entire student body within the next ten minutes.

The foolish boys still vomiting in the corner of the Great Hall, Prefect Pizzaro vanishes their vomit away with her wand. Glaring at the wide array of male students ranging from a third-year and up, Prefect Pizzaro says, "Now off to the infirmary all of you! Consider yourself lucky, I don't take house points for your obvious stupidity." Embarrassed and ill-looking the crowd of boys stagger out together out of the Great Hall towards the infirmary.

Turning back towards the two boys on the floor, Prefect Pizzaro icily says, "Well? I am waiting to hear an explanation."

Both boys move to speak when several footsteps can be heard as Professor McGonagall bursts in with Professor Slughorn at her heels followed by Prefect Travers. Both Professors turn pale, while Professor Slughorn quickly turns lobster-red with fury and embarrassment. Professor Slughorn sputters unable to speak as Professor McGonagall arches her brow in question. "Well, Prefect Pizzaro, is there an explanation?"

"The two wretches have yet to speak up," Prefect Pizzaro coldly answered. "But from what I can piece together the two deviants here not only cross-dressed but asked to be kissed by the sign there lying at their feet. More than a dozen boys kissed both of them and were ill upon learning exactly who it was they kissed."

Taking a breath, Prefect Pizzaro sneers, "The gossipmongers in the crowd have already left with their scandalous tale which no doubt will be in the ears of every single inhabitant of Hogwarts within the next ten minutes, if not already."

Professor McGonagall harshly says, "I am most disappointed in you, both. Hurry and rise to your feet, Mr. Mulciber and Mr. Avery. Both of you are to head to the Headmaster's office with Professor Slughorn."

The two pale, flushed boys scramble to their feet now that the Stunning Spell had worn off. And just as they are about to speak up, Professor Slughorn narrows his gooseberry colored eyes at them in such a manner that they remain utterly silent. "Mulciber and Avery, there are no excuses for your actions this day," Professor Slughorn hissed in embarrassment that two such pureblood Slytherins would cause him such troubles.

Mulciber flatly growls, "My father will hear of this, Slughorn. Mark my words, all of you, will regret this." At his side, Avery pales in fright as he wonders just how angry his father will be with him.

Professor McGonagall's lips twitch with irritation as she says, "Twenty house points from Slytherin, Mr. Mulciber for such disrespect towards your Professor's."

Prefect Traver, not one to be intimidated by Mulciber's father instead places a firm hand on Mulciber's shoulder. Leaning down, Prefect Traver's carefully whispers into his ear, "My father will also hear of this, Mulciber."

Mulciber stiffens and angrily shoves Prefect Traver's handoff. Professor Slughorn begins to turn purple in anger as he says, "Thank you, Prefect Pizzaro and Prefect Travers, the both of you may return to your previous assignments. I shall ensure these two miscreants are delivered to the Headmaster's office."

Professor Slughorn nods in apology to Professor McGonagall, who departs quickly before him and returns back to her classroom. Firmly placing a hand on each boy's arm, Professor Slughorn drags them towards the Headmaster's office. Mulciber is furious, while Avery is rather pale, neither of them notices the students curiously peeking out of their classrooms at them.

Professor Slughorn marches them past the ugly gargoyle and up the spiral moving staircase. Without even knocking on the gleaming oak door, Professor Slughorn bursts into the Headmaster's office. Looking up from his desk, Dumbledore blinks curiously at the trio from behind his half-moon spectacles.

Professor Slughorn releases the two boys and says, "Mr. Mulciber and Mr. Avery have played a most malicious trick on other boys."

"Yes, I can see that, Professor Slughorn," Dumbledore said with a bit of a twinkle in his eye at seeing both boys dressed up as rather pretty girls. "However, such a prank is rather inappropriate and perhaps of ill taste at the most."

Slughorn trembles with a mix of emotions as he stiffly adds, "Yes, well, that is not the problem. Rather than more than a dozen boys kissed them and are now ill in the infirmary."

Dumbledore raises his eyebrow and asks, "Is that true, Mr. Mulciber, and Mr. Avery?" Mulciber merely folds his arms over his chest in a sneer as Avery trembling nods his head in agreement.

"Oh, my," Dumbledore said as he stroked his long silver beard in thought. "Through somewhat uncomfortable and ill-timed for such a hoax, I will leave the punishment to you, Professor Slughorn. I am sure that a deduction of house points and detention ought to take care of the situation rather appropriately."

Professor Slughorn fidgets and says, "I will do so, Headmaster. With your leave, I shall escort them back to the Slytherin." The two boys quickly trot after their head of their house and disappear out of the Headmaster's office.

Dumbledore shakes his head with a bit of mirth and says, "My how very bold children are these days." Not giving the situation any more attention, he quickly returns to that which he was doing. Scouring for potential members of the Order, which could be used in a variety of positions. But he'd have to be careful of his election as more than a dozen members could cause potential problems. After all, the smaller the group the better.