A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 249

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 249 Crossdressers

By dinnertime, there wasn't a single individual within Hogwarts that didn't know what Mulciber and Avery had done. There were so many snickers and sneers from the Slytherin side of things that the two boys wisely remained in their dorm room and did not head upstairs to dinner that night. However, it was not meant to be as halfway through dinner two men burst in through the front entrance doors.

Loud voices could be heard as the Headmaster arose from the staff table to greet both men and take them up to the tower. The instant the two men passed by the entrance of the Great Hall necks were craning wildly in their direction. A good portion of the purebloods instantly recognized the two wizards and hastily gossiped that it was the fathers of Mulciber and Avery juniors.

Which in turn started an entire new burst of whispered conversations as they all wondered, just what exactly were either men doing at Hogwarts? And the students were the only ones who were curious as more than a few ghosts popped out to see what the whole hullaballoo was about, while several figures from various portraits hurried back to their frame in the headmaster's office.

Professor Albus Dumbledore escorted both men to his office, before taking a seat before them. A burst of red and golden feathers could be seen flashing through the air as Fawkes glided down from his perch to rest on the backseat of the Headmaster's chair. "Gentlemen, how may I help you this evening?" Dumbledore asked his long-ago students.

The thinner, sharp-faced wizard with a widow's peak much like his son purses his lips. "Professor, we are here to learn about the incident that occurred today regarding our sons," Avery Sr. stiffly replied.

The still handsome, mostly golden-haired Mulciber Sr. icily adds, "We just wish to be sure that our offspring are safe here, Professor."

"Both of our sons are perfectly safe and unharmed, gentlemen," Dumbledore smoothly replied. "However, I fear that the culprits regarding the incident of this afternoon are your own sons. It was an ill-timed hoax, but no one was harmed in their prank."

Avery frowns and with some distaste says, "I was given to understand that our sons dressed as women and requested to be-, kissed by members of the male population."

"That is indeed correct," Dumbledore cheerfully answered. "I'm sure it's merely boy's being boys. There was no harm done, beyond their pride."

"Are you saying that my son is BENT, Professor?" Mulciber Sr. said with a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

"I have no idea, if the two boys are so inclined," Dumbledore smoothly responded. "However, if they are experimenting with regard to their s.e.x.u.a.l preference, well, they are at that age to do so."

Mulciber Sr. looks as though he wants to strangle Dumbledore for suggesting such a thing from his son, but Avery strongly squeezes his shoulder reminding him of just where he is. Grinding his teeth for a moment, Mulciber forces a polite expression on his face. "In that case, Headmaster I shall remove my son this very evening. It would seem that the atmosphere of Hogwarts is not conducive towards his best interest."

"I see," Dumbledore murmured. "Very well, I shall let Professor Slughorn know and have your son meet you before the front entrance."

"Including my son as well," Avery Sr. interrupted. "I think it's best he distances himself from Hogwarts lest the negative experience affect his schooling."

"If you believe that is in the best interest of your sons, gentlemen, I shall not argue with either of you," Dumbledore hummed as he rose to his feet with his knees loudly creaking. "I shall not escort either of you to the front hall as I believe both of you know the way."

Mulciber Sr. hides a sneer as he whirls around with his robes flapping behind him, while Avery Sr. stiffly nods his head in thanks to Dumbledore before swiftly following after. Both men are rather perturbed for various reasons as they make their way to the front hall.

Pacing somewhat anxiously Mulciber Sr. says, "You don't believe it is true, do you, Avery?"

"What is?" Avery Sr. asked having been disturbed from his own thoughts.

"That our sons," Mulciber Sr. paused to carefully words his next statement. "That our sons lean towards those sort of perversions."

"Even if that is not the case, word has already reached the ears of other pureblood families," Avery Sr. sighed in resignation. "No pureblood family will wed their daughters to either of our sons with this incident cast over them. No, it's best that they are sent overseas and to find a pureblood bride there."

"I see," Mulciber Sr. stiffly concluded. "I suppose it's better that they wed foreign pureblood witches than a lesser type of witch."

"There is a thriving branch of Avery's in France. And I do believe my son will do well at Beauxbatons," Avery Sr. matter-of-factly stated.

"I suppose," Mulciber Sr. said with a barely concealed sneer. "I've some family to the north of the continent. It is best that my boy attends Durmstrang. I originally wished for him to attend there when he came of age, but his mother would not have it. The foolish weak-willed witch wanted her son close."

The two men nod in accord having come to an unspoken agreement regarding their sons. It was best that the two boys not stay together nor much less see each other until they are of age. And if luck would have it, the two boys would wed a proper foreign pureblood witch.

The two wizards did not have to wait long as soon the figure of their old potions professor and head of house could be seen, Professor Slughorn. The well-dressed older wizard with a gleaming bald head and a very wispy crown of silver rather than strawberry colored hair happily waddled over to them. His gooseberry colored eyes gleam as he tugs on his slightly silver, strawberry colored mustache, all the while twiddling the golden button his waistcoat.

"Mr. Mulciber and Mr. Avery, it is a pleasure to see you lads," Professor Slughorn smoothly said.

"Professor," Both men drily replied.

Professor Slughorn beams as he sticks out his stomach with joy at being remembered by two such powerful pureblood former students. "I'll leave the boys here with you," Professor Slughorn quickly said at noting the stiff expressions on his students. Not wanting to outstay his welcome, he hurriedly waddles away without so much as a goodbye.

The two fathers in question look over their sons. Mulciber seems enraged, while Avery is rather pale and melancholy as he looks down at the floor. Without another word, each man grabs their son's trunk as their sons follow right after them. They were in luck as Hagrid had kindly put together two carriages for the two men to ride down to Hogsmeade with their sons.

Each wizard elegantly climbed into the carriage as Mulciber climbed in the carriage right after his father without even saying goodbye to his once called friend. Avery fidgets for a moment where he stands, before staring a bit longingly at Hogwarts as the Mulciber carriage drives off immediately.

"Evan," Avery Sr. called out before Evan Avery climbed into the carriage with his father.

The carriage quickly sets off across the cobblestones as Evan Avery keeps his gaze to the floor. Seeing his son so very despondent, Avery Sr. quietly asks, "Well, what is the truth of this afternoon?"

Evan Avery looks guilty down at his hands. "I, er, we tried to duel someone, and they just got back at us, and that's all," Evan Avery confessed.

"And just who were the two of you dueling?" Avery Sr. asked not all convinced by the explanation.

Evan Avery flushes and quickly mutters, "Rowan Prince."

"Prince?" Avery Sr. muttered. "The half-blood granddaughter of Reginald Prince?"

"Yes," Evan Avery sullenly mumbled.

Avery Sr. frowns and says, "The Prince's are not to be tangled with regardless of their gender. They tend to be rather good dueler's given their bloodline. But I suppose I should be satisfied with the fact that nothing else happened to you."

"You're not angry, father?" Evan Avery asked as he peeked at his father.

"I am most displeased," Avery Sr. confessed. "However, you are my son. And regardless of your stupidity and your foolish actions, I will stand at your side."

"Thank you, father," Evan Avery gratefully said.

"Yes, well, we both know that your actions today have made it impossible to stay at Hogwarts," Avery Sr. bluntly stated. "I have already sent word to our cousins in France and they will come and take you tomorrow morning. Our cousins have already agreed to be your hosts and to take care of the finer details required in order to enroll you at Beauxbatons by the end of the week."

"Yes, father," Evan Avery dutifully answered.

Avery Sr. nods his head in satisfaction at the lack of his son's protests at the transfer. The rest of the ride is rather silent and full of thoughts. And that of what tomorrow would bring.