A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 250

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 250 Gryffindor Vs. Ravenclaw

The next morning all anyone could talk about was about the fact that Mulciber and Avery had both been pulled out from Hogwarts. Rumor had it that Damien Mulciber was to attend Durmstrang and Evan Avery to attend Beauxbatons. Their sudden transfers only fueled the rumors that the two boys were indeed BENT. Needless to say, there was plenty of jeering and laughter as well for those foolish enough to have fallen for the wiles of Mulciber and Avery.

And as for culprit of the entire incident, Rowan innocently remained behind, strolling through the halls of Hogwarts without a trace of guilt. It wasn't her fault that their had parents overacted. And besides, she had saved them from a terrible future filled with dozens of years of servitude to a mad man, that and a stint in Azkaban. The two of them really should be thanking her for being so kind as to change their fate. Still, she had rolled the dice of fate betting on a high-risk gamble and only time would tell if her wager against fate had been enough to change their destiny or if it would be her loss in the end still.

The rest of the week quickly went by as everyone grew excited as the final match between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw was to be held. Finally, the game came as at 10:30, the students trickled out to the Quidditch stands as to watch the match that was to start at eleven. Though overcast, there was not a very strong wind and there to be an expected rainfall but only light showers that day. Though the weather was still rather chilly outside.

Yawning, Rowan is unceremoniously dragged towards the Gryffindor side to cheer for three out of the four marauders. Sitting next to Lupin, Terry, and Severus, she loudly said over the roar of the crowd, "Do you think, they stand a chance of winning?"

"Of course, they do!" Lupin happily exclaimed. "James and Pettigrew are really good chasers. And Sirius's been doing really good as a beater!"

"I'm talking about Longbottom verses Ravenclaws seeker, Patil," Rowan drily said as she'd watched Asha Patil's prior match. Asha Patil was quick and with eagle reflexes. And was an exceptionally good seeker to be perfectly honest. She would even hazard to wager that Patil could even give the Potter brat a run for his money.

Lupin didn't want to admit that was indeed the case and instead pointed at the field. "Look they're coming out!" Both teams emerged with Gryffindor in red robes with gold inner lining, while Ravenclaw emerged in blue robes with bronze inner lining. Both sides hold up their banners as red banners with gold lions roar, while blue banners with bronze eagles loudly screech back.

Already prepared, Rowan with a fluid motion slipped in the enchanted earplugs into her ears as everything went blessedly silent. Though she could still faintly hear the roar of the crowd, it was nothing she couldn't handle. The teams quickly lined up in the middle of the field. The marauders would have normally waved back, but they were rather serious as they faced the Ravenclaws. Though their eyes did occasionally stray over to peek at the gorgeous Ravenclaw seeker.

With the two teams lined up in the center of the field, Madam Hooch walks out as she eyes them at the start of each game. Starting with her usual words, Madam Hooch says, "Let's have a fair game, and enjoy ourselves a bit."

Seeing the two teams nod in agreement, Madam Hooch continues, "Alright, Captain's shake hands." Madam Hooch said as the handsome figure of Frank Longbottom steps out from the Gryffindor, the girls loudly cheer as the Gryffindor side goes wild.

However, that of the Ravenclaw, 5th year Quidditch Captain was no less attractive than Longbottom's. Slim, but physically toned with ash brown hair, silver eyes, Barrett Boone had a quiet air about him. Smiling his usual lazy smiled made more than girls heart pitter-patter. It wasn't that he was classically handsome as he had a spray of freckles on his face. But there was something about him that drew one's eyes, a natural charism to be honest.

With a sharp whistle, 15 players kicked off and flew up into the air. The quaffle was instantly stolen by James as the Gryffindor chasers began their attack. The match increased pace as the superior prowess of the Gryffindor chasers clearly showed. Not long after the game was already 90 to 20.

High up in the air, the graceful figure of Asha Patil dodged bludgers her way as she scanned the sky and ground for the snitch. Suddenly, she spotted the golden snitch near the Slytherin stands. Diving she hurried forward as she wasn't the only one with Longbottom on her tail.

The crowd lets out a gasp as Rowan mutters, "She's going to get there first. She's moving faster than he is." The boys were too entranced to pay attention to her prophetic words. Not even a minute later, the Ravenclaw did a barrel roll mid-air to avoid a bludger and still managed to wrap her hand around the fiercely beating snitch. The entire Ravenclaw stands threw their hands in the air as she pulled herself upright and held the golden snitch up in the air.

Madam Hooch rang the whistle leaving the final score ending 90 to 170 with Ravenclaw winning the house cup. The entire team floods down to hug Asha Patil as the Ravenclaws roar in joy. The Gryffindors sigh as Longbottom smiles and firmly congratulates the other Quidditch team's captain. On the other hand, the Slytherin side was feeling rather pleased that the Gryffindor's hadn't won the Quidditch house cup again.

Wincing at removing her earplugs at the roar of the crowd, Rowan says, "They wouldn't have lost if not for the snitch. I'd say, that is still a win in my book."

"Yeah, you're right," Lupin perked up at her words. Leaving the boys to discuss the game, Rowan makes her way down the stands and flees, while she still can. Because truth be told she'd never be a fan of the sport. Sadly enough, it was a required participation event.