A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 258

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 258 Amato Animo Animato

With Easter upon them, the first of the lightning storms began to roll in. That Saturday night, the six of them met on the second floor's girl's bathroom. Even from there, they could still hear the rumble of thunder in the distance.

Severus sniffs as Rowan glances around at the murky bathroom. Myrtle thankfully wasn't in today, no doubt off being a pervert by peeking at Darcy Trever's in the Prefect's bathroom. She knew for a fact, that he would be taking a bath later tonight as Bram had been trailing after him all evening long. Still, it was a bit disturbing to think that a ghost would watch you bathe. At least, the rest of the ghosts were right and proper, but Myrtle. Well, Myrtle was simply a rather l.u.s.tful teenage ghost in the end.

The door to the bathroom creaked open all on its own as Rowan said, "If you try that again, Sirius, I'll break your nose this time." A disappointed sound can be heard as the door closes shut behind them as the invisible cloak slips off all of the three marauders.

"How could you tell?" Sirius pouted with his lip out.

"It's you," Rowan flatly stated causing Sirius to flush pink. Pointing her wand at the door, she carefully locked the door and cast a silencing charm around the room. So that all noise would be dampened outside of the room.

"Are all you, ready?" Severus asked as he hands out the potions. The potion that had been chalky white before now eerily glowed by some unknown light from within.

"Blimey," Pettigrew whispered in awe as he stared at the glowing potion.

"I'm finally glad this is going to be all over," Sirius grumbled at having to awaken at sunrise for little over a month now.

"Where's your sense of adventure?" James said as he slapped Sirius on the back, causing Sirius to stumble forward from the force.

"We are going to want to separate," Severus remarked as he handed the pouch over to Rowan. "Once we start transforming, there's no telling what will happen."

They all separate into four corners as Rowan remains in the middle away from all of them. "On my count," Rowan said as they all placed the tip of their wands over their heart. She moved her hand as they all began to recite, Amato Animo Animato, for the last time. The moment, they were done they downed the potion in a single gulp.

Afterward, all four boys gagged as Pettigrew started to say, "I don't feel any diff-." With a groan, Pettigrew falls to the chilly, damp floor and begins to gag. He wasn't the only one as the rest of them were on the floor groaning. As if in pain, they closed their eyes as their bodies shook as the potion began to search for their innate potential. More Gryffindor luck than anything else caused them to begin to successfully transform all on their own without any guidance.

Rowan closes her eyes as their changing into creatures was rather disturbing watch. It was like watching a grotesque show. The last time she'd seen Pettigrew, he'd been half rat, half boy. It was a disturbing spectacle that caused her stomach to weakly flop.

When all sounds finally began to fade away, Rowan cautiously opened her eyes to see rather dazed creatures lying on the bathroom floor. Just as predicted, there was a stag, black dog, and a rat. Turning to see, Severus she froze for a minute as she c.o.c.ked her head to the side. Well, apparently, she'd only been half right. Severus was a black creature, but not a feline, rather a winged stallion. It certainly fit his stubborn nature not to mention his violent character to boot.

With a grin, Rowan watched the four creatures try to stumble to their feet as if recently having been born. Which was true as they had been human to start with. Tentatively, Severus placed a foot forward, before trotting over to her. Blowing into his nose, she watches his nose flare as she reaches up to gently stroke his nose.

"Well, I was half wrong, Severus,' Rowan said out loud. "You're most definitely black, but not a cat. You're a mighty, winged horse."

Severus let out a neigh as he experimentally fluttered his wings. "Oh, now you don't!" Rowan rushed over to hold his wings down.

Severus unhappily neighed expressing his displeasure as Rowan hissed, "Not in here, you, great big dolt! If you're going to fly, it's going to have to be outside!"

Severus blew into her hair unhappily, before folding his massive wings again at his side. Letting out a sigh she turned around to see James and Sirius playing as the dog playfully barred his teeth at the prancing stag, while Pettigrew ran between their feet. "Alright now, you've had your fun," Rowan loudly said. "Hurry up and try to change back."

All the creatures froze as if to say, "Wait, how do we do that?"

"Try to think human!" Rowan hissed as she rolled her eyes and began to say some of their favorite things for each of them. The returning transformation process took much longer as it was their first time. Finally, after what seemed like several hours, four boys stood before her.

"We did it, Rowan!" Sirius exclaimed reaching over to give her a great big hug.

"Yes, we did," Severus huffed as he pointedly shoved Sirius aside and pulled Rowan way from Sirius. "Keep your hands to yourself, Siri."

Sirius shrugged, before freezing. "Wait, how do you know that nickname?"

"Regulus," Severus answered with a great deal of satisfaction.

Sirius grumbles about annoying little brothers under his breath as James triumphantly says, "So, you guessed wrongly about, Severus, Rowan."

"I was only half wrong as he is indeed a black creature," Rowan sniffed. "And given his contrary nature, I should have guessed he'd transform into a creature just as stubborn as he is a bloody horse."

"I'm a black-winged stallion, thank you very much," Severus pointed out. "Regular horses can't fly, but I can!"

"Can you?" Rowan gave him a rather pointed glance causing the confidence in Severus to wilt.

"Probably," Severus cleared his throat. "Anyway, we won't know until I try at another point in time."

"So, you say," Rowan retorted not budging even an inch.

Reaching into her own pouch, she pulls out a single sheet of parchment along with quill and ink. "What's this?" They all asked.

"Per our verbal agreement, James agreed that if I guessed the marauder's animagus forms, I'd be permitted to borrow his invisibility cloak a total of three times. I'd like that in writing please," Rowan said as she held out the parchment.

The contract was even dated along with James Potter's signature and the signatures of the three witnesses, Severus Prince, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew. There was a spot for them each to sign on the sheet of parchment. Carefully reading the simple contract that didn't contain any hidden clauses or anything like that, James took the quill from Rowan and signed the contract.

Passing the quill to Sirius, James says, "You really are serious, aren't you?"

"It's an invisibility cloak," Rowan drily said. "I'd hate to be accused of theft and there might be an occasion or two when I might seriously have a need for it."

Pettigrew muttered something about scary girls, before handing Severus the quill, who promptly glared at the much shorter boy. "Well, I think it's wise," Severus said.

Sirius muttered, "That's cuz you're in Slytherin." Severus flashed Sirius such a dark look that caused Sirius to flinch, before apologetically smiling back. He'd learned his lesson last year; he didn't want another repeat.

Rowan made a copy of the contract and held it out to James to take. "What's this?" James asked with a frown as he took the rolled-up parchment

"All parties when having formed a contract should keep a copy of the original," Rowan replied. "Standard procedure."

"That's true," Sirius nodded sagely in reply as that was what his parents said all the time.

Yawning now, Pettigrew said, "Well, I'm sleepy. Let's get going."

Pulling on James invisibility cloak, the three Gryffindors vanished as Rowan unlocked the door first for them to go. Rowan and Severus were next as they hurried back to their common room. Some of the Gryffindor luck must have rubbed off on them because they didn't encounter anyone on their way back. Nor much less were noticed missing from their beds.