A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 263

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 263 Felfiors

Their classes had once again picked up as the Professors rained down upon them piles upon piles of homework. Thankfully any concerns about animagus or a werewolf's cure were safely put out of mind. Rowan had done what was required and needed of her. Unlike the two years before having learned how to properly manage her time, she actually found herself quite at ease with most of the subjects including Potions this year, (but that was due to the fact that this year's potions didn't require many living ingredients.) On the other hand, Gobbledegook was her Achilles heel.

Unlike Severus or Dirk, who took to the language like fish to water, she had to go over every single verb and conjugation. When in comparison to others Rowan was quite good at Gobbledegook, but as someone who had always been able to pick up any language up with ease, the issue in question was a great source of vexation to her.

However, she would just have to admit that she'd never been very good at mastering Magical Languages. To be honest, she'd been looking forward to trying to learn merfolk, but that was completely out of the question now. Although, ironically, she didn't have anywhere near as trouble with Ancient Runes. Possibly, because it was considered a form of ancient magic in her own mind thus bypassing the part of her mind that couldn't form the proper nerve connections.

Before Arithmancy started Tiffany and Pandora were chatting about boys or better yet, the boys they were presently seeing. Ever since Valentine's day, Vasco Vespucci had been trying to get to know Tiffany a bit better. He'd sit with her once a week during lunch and now that the days were getting warm invite her for a walk. If they were going to get married one day in the future, they could at least try to be friends and if they were really lucky, they would become something more to each other.

However, if Tiffany's dark countenance after their outings were to say anything it was that things were not looking good. Tiffany would always be snappish or be rather quiet after their exchanges. Not even Bethanie was able to get much out of Tiffany beyond a mumble that said, "We've differences of opinions and interests." In other words, the two of them were not getting along whatsoever, which did not bode well for Tiffany at all.

There was a good chance that their marriage would be a rather civil one with a very high percent change of Vasco having a mistress on the side. And frankly, which wasn't fair as at least Vasco would have a lover, but Tiffany would not. On the other hand, for the wife to be permitted to take a lover on the side with the husband's permission was seen as the husband being a pervert or bent. And from getting to know Vasco Vespucci, there was zero possibility of Vasco permitting Tiffany to do so.

To be truthfully honest, Rowan didn't know what to think. Should she hope for that Vasco and Tiffany despite their differences marry and that Tiffany is allowed a lover on the side, or that Tiffany elopes with someone who loves her?

However, neither option filled Rowan with hope. One on hand, Tiffany would be able to fall in love or care for someone, but never be with them. And on the other, Tiffany would most likely need to leave Britain and move to America in order to escape the judgment of pureblood society and the reach of her parents or jilted betrothed. Either way, there never is a happily ever after riding into the sunset, because in real life there is always a price to pay.

Pandora, on the other hand, wasn't having much luck with Xeno. But then again, it might the fact that his face was always stuck in a book right now as his O.W.L.'s was rapidly approaching. On the other hand, Tiffany became Pandora's love guru. Tiffany was quite patient about these matters and instead of advising Pandora to crowd Xeno, Tiffany advised her to be patient and to be kind to him. Like bringing him a cup of tea and snacks when he'd been studying or so forth.

Pandora was actually taking notes as Tiffany smugly gave more advice as Rowan rolled her eyes. As long as Pandora stuck to Xeno, they'd both end up married. Who else would be willing to marry a conspiracist theorist like Xeno Lovegood?

The classroom becomes silent a long, sleek raven-haired witch swept in scarlet robes and matching hat. The fair-skinned witch of medium build turns her dark eyes towards them. They all instantly sit up straight in their seats as she says, "Please turn to today's lesson."

Everyone hurries do as they're told as Professor Vector points her wand at the chalk that begins to write her instructions on the board. "Today, we will be calculating life and destiny numbers. The instructions are above and once finished, I expect a written essay on the life numbers meaning are due the next class period. The requirements for the essay will be written on the board as well."

Glancing at the numbers, Rowan wrote on her parchment, Month, Day, Year. Being born in January the first number was 0+1 = 1. The day which she was born the 9th, 0+9 = 9. And the year she was born, 1960, 1+9+6+0 = 17. 17 broken down to singular digits is 1+7 = 8. All numbers added total is 1+9+8 = 18. Her number was 18 and broken down into life numbers is 9.

Glancing at her textbook, Rowan reads,

"Salt of the Earth, the number 9 connotes to an old soul. If young, number nine's have already seen too much of the world the darkness and light found within others. Number 9's, are always eager for more, whether it is for gain or survival, those with this path will do what they can to survive."

"Certainly, an apt description of me and Severus," Rowan thought to herself, before starting to calculate her destiny number. Her name, Rowan in numerical representation is 9+6+5+1+5 = 26. Broken down 2+6 = 8. Prince is 7+9+9+5+3 = 33. Broken down is 3+3. Both numbers added to together = 14 and broken down into Destiny numbers is 5.

"Joie de Vivre, number five is a seeker always in search of more whether it is knowledge, freedom, or simply fulfilling life's desire. Number fives can be impatient and even restless. But those with this destiny number must take care to not lose sight of that which is before them."

Rowan nods at the apt description of her future destiny. After all, she was always searching to change the future. But she was vastly aware of how easy it would be easy for her to lose focus of the bigger picture as her own desires were at times at conflict. With a sigh, she quickly began to write down an essay explaining the significance of the numbers and the correlations in regards to life and destiny.

By the time the bell rang, Rowan had finished most of her essay with only a paragraph or two needed to complete it. Gathering her things, she and Tiffany wave goodbye to Pandora, before heading down to Transfiguration. Tiffany happily says, "I just love Arithmancy!"

Rowan loudly snickers, "At least the answers we calculate are based on knowledge, Severus almost chucked his Divination textbook at me last night. Apparently, he gave up on reading my palm so to speak. And according to Terry, who tried to do the same, he said that my lines were rather strange and peculiar. Which in other words implies that he couldn't make a reading either."

Tiffany snorts and says, "Palm reading, pfft. As if those readings have ever proven to be true." Chuckling the two girls make their way into the mostly empty classroom and chat about what numbers they'd calculated for their life and destiny numbers.

The classroom quickly fills as the last of those to arrive are from divination. Professor McGonagall sweeps in as she closes the door and gestures at the small baskets before them that are all neatly in front of each desk. Some of the baskets suddenly move causing more than one student to flinch in fright.

"Today, we will be transforming cats into cauldrons," Professor McGonagall explained. "However, the cats have temporarily been placed into baskets lest they all run about."

Professor McGonagall reaches for the basket on her desk as a black cat jumps out to sit before her. Waving her wand at the creature, she says, "Felifors!" The black cat transforms into a sleek black cauldron before her.

"Points will be docked if there is still a tail or whiskers on the cauldron and if it moves or meows," Professor McGonagall strictly said. "Take care when you are removing the cats from the baskets, they can be quite feisty and energetic." Those poor Slytherins with quivering baskets shiver as those with still baskets let out quiet sighs of relief.

Rowan had one of those quivering baskets, but unlike the rest, she was used to dealing with unruly cats. There'd been plenty back at Spinner's End. The moment the cat burst out shrieking, she clamped her hand around the scruff of its neck and shook it. Staring into its dazed blinking eyes, she hissed, "Behave yourself." The cat lets out a meek meow, before being dumped onto the desk.

Severus and those watching openly gape at Rowan as the now meek cat timidly meows before her. Pointing her wand at the cat, she mutters, "Felifors!" The cat instantly transforms into a sleek black cauldron.

Professor McGonagall strides over with a pleased gleam in her eyes as she says, "Well, done, Miss Prince. Ten points to Slytherin!"

Turning to stare at the rest of the class, Professor McGonagall sternly says, "Now if the rest of you could get started, I would be most pleased." There is a rush of hands moving about to remove their cats, while others are chasing after fleeing cats.

Ever since Evans and Mulciber left Hogwarts T. Rosier had actually become a lot more likable. He'd made friends with some of the nicer Slytherins and had even made a friend or two out of Slytherin. A rather great feat that he'd never have accomplished before. However, today was just not to be his lucky day. His cat scratched his face, before vaulting off the desks before attempting to attack Professor McGonagall.

Professor McGonagall was not pleased whatsoever at having to be forced to stun the enraged creature. But seeing as the creature was trying to attack her, Rosier was not given detention nor lost any points. However, he was told to stun the creature first if necessary, which it was in this case, and then attempt to transform the cat into a cauldron.

Bleeding from deep wounds to his face, Rosier was sent to the infirmary as one of his new friends escorted him away. Mulciber and Evans would have never done such a thing. They'd have just laughed and left Rosier to his own devices. It was at least something to think about in Rosier's case at least.