A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 264

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 264 Slughorns Invitation

In Potions, Professor Slughorn subtly pats his wispy crown of strawberry colored hair as his gooseberry eyes gaze in pleasure at Severus and Lily. "Well done, Mr. Prince and Miss Evans! Ten points to Slytherin and Gryffindor!"

Both Lily and Severus beam at Professor Slughorn, who pauses to check on the third student in the group. Rowan Prince was an interesting conundrum in his opinion. At times she was terrible and at others in equal matching brilliance as her brother and Miss Evans. There was really no telling with her how she would fare, but truth be told, she'd been performing exceedingly well this year. Especially on the poisons, which had filled him with a bit of dread, really.

And Professor Slughorn did indeed find that Rowan Prince's potion was perfect as well. Clearing his throat, Professor Slughorn says, "Er, Ten Points to Slytherin!"

Rowan flashes him a wicked grin which does little to stop Slughorn's sudden panicking heart. Nonsense! He thought to himself. Never before had a student ever tried to poison him before and surely not now!

Quickly wandering away, Professor Slughorn wandered off to check on the rest of the students. With great delight, he found that from his own house, Greengrass was doing wonderfully as well and from Gryffindor, Mr. Pettigrew. The young Lupin who was working alongside them did fairly well, but nowhere near as good as those two.

Greengrass had stated, before he'd like to become a Healer, a worthy and very likely endeavor given his present skills. While Mr. Pettigrew through slightly lacking might make a more than acceptable potioneer. However, Pettigrew lacked the required creative skills to become a Potions Master. As for the young Lupin, he did not know as he was not in his house nor had really spoken to him in regard to his future career. Though if the boy followed in his father's footsteps, then there might be some time to make room for him in his busy schedule.

The rest of the remaining time passed quickly as the bell rang and Professor Slughorn said, "Miss Prince, if you would remain behind please. A word, if you will?"

Severus and Lily flash Rowan worried looks as Rowan shrugs. She really was innocent. She'd done her potion right and hadn't caused any sort of mischief as of late. She was innocent!

The class scrambled away as Quyen Crowley and her gang gave her smug looks. However, Rowan smirked right back at them causing to snarl at her. After all, those three were the ones with detention with Professor Slughorn and Filch until the end of the year.

The last of the students closes the door behind them as Professor Slughorn nervously twiddles with the golden buttons on his waistcoat. "Miss Prince, I would be honored if you would attend my little dinner tete-a-tete to be held this upcoming weekend," Slughorn said all without looking at her.

"Are you inviting me to join the Slug Club, Professor?" Rowan said with a frown. "I don't believe I've done anything to merit your attention to be perfectly honest. I do believe Lily or my brother, would be much better candidates."

Slughorn muttered something unconsciously that vaguely sounded like, "Believe me, I know."

Coughing loudly, Slughorn clears his throat and says, "A guest has required your presence as he's finally accepted my invitation. I very well couldn't say no to such a former promising student, now could I?"

Rowan's eyes flash with sudden insight as she finds Riddle's plotting not so unbelievable now. It seemed like Slughorn was the key to Riddle's power and fall all along. And the past proved it given that he had been the one to answer the Horcruxes question of Riddle so long ago.

"If it's just this time, I can attend," Rowan slowly said.

"Excellent," Professor Slughorn sighed in private relief. "We'll see you at seven!" Turning away, he suddenly calls out to her retreating back. "Oh, and please remember to bring a date!"

"A date?" Rowan muttered with a dreaded shiver as she headed upstairs to Charms.

Rowan arrives only a few minutes late, but Professor Flitwick says, "Have a seat, Miss Prince, your classmates have already made me aware of the situation."

Turning back to his class, Professor Flitwick says, "All of you will be practicing a seize and pull charm."

Professor Flitwick demonstrates by saying, "Carpe Retractum!" A glowing like cord appears from the end of his wand as he pulls a textbook from a student's desk towards him. The book flies towards him, where he neatly catches the book in hand.

"Now, if you would all practice by placing a personal item on the floor, we shall all get started!" Professor Flitwick instructed as everyone did as they were told.

Severus ignores Rowan as Terry leans over to whisper, "So, what was that all about?"

"I've been invited to this weekend's tete-a-tete with Professor Slughorn," Rowan grumbled as she easily caught her quill in hand.

"What!" Terry shouted as he earned himself a pointed glance from Professor Flitwick. Terry sheepishly glances back, before pointing his wand at his own textbook. "So, are you part of the Slug Club?"

"No," Rowan said with a blank face. "It's apparently a reward for improving in potions this year."

Terry snorts as he misses catching his textbook that slams into his chest with a loud oof. Letting out a pained m.o.a.n, he rubs his now bruised chest. "So, who are you asking to go with you?"

"How did you ou know?" Rowan sarcastically asked in exasperation.

Rolling his eyes, Terry says, "It's common knowledge, Rowan. So, is it to be, Andrew Abbot?"

"He'd also be a good choice," Rowan admitted as she caught her quill again in hand.

"Don't tell me you're going to one of the Gryffindor foursome?" Terry cried out, earning him another sharp warning glance from Professor Flitwick.

"NO," Rowan firmly said as she flicked her quill away. "Actually, I thought I might ask you."

"Eh, really?" Terry said in abrupt surprise to only have his book slam into his face this time. Terry flops down to the ground groaning as Rowan worriedly checks him.

"Your nose isn't broken except a bit tender," Rowan said as she gently tweaked his nose causing Terry to let out a whimper in pain. "Your nose isn't even bleeding."

"What happened?" Professor Flitwick exclaimed as he rushed over to check on Terry.

"Rowan asked me out on a date," Terry wickedly said as the listening Slytherins gaped as all of a sudden there were tons of injuries.

"What!" Severus and the girls exclaimed. Professor Flitwick suddenly is rushing over to check on groaning students as Terry happily climbs back to his feet.

"Well, Rowan does like them, Blond," Tiffany loudly explained as she eyed Terry. "I suppose it was only a matter of time really. Though I get the feeling if the two of you ever reproduce, you'll produce the devil's spawn."

Rowan rolls her eyes and says, "I just need to bring a date for this weekend to Professor Slughorn's tete-a-tete. And besides, I'm not the one Terry likes."

"What?" Tiffany and Bethanie exclaim as both Terry and Silvia begin to flush not able to glance at each other.

Severus sighs in relief and says, "Good, because he's my best friend and that would just be awkward when the two of you broke up."

Terry changes the subject, by glancing up at Severus with shining eyes. "That's the first time, I've ever heard you admit that, Severus. I'm never going to forget this day!"

"Oh, shaddup!" Severus said in embarrassment as to red splotches appeared on his face.

The rest of the class passed by rather quickly especially as Terry teased Severus for the rest of the class. Though some topics had cleverly been avoided as exactly what was going on between Terry and Silvia. Maybe nothing serious yet, but in the future, there was very likely to be something there.