A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 268

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 268 Curses Exams Again.

The following days were mostly cloudless and sultry as all anybody felt like doing was strolling onto the grounds and flopping down onto the grounds for several pints of iced pumpkin juice. But no one could as Exams were nearly upon them, and instead of lazing about outside, the students were forced to remain inside the castle trying to force themselves to study despite the wafts of warm summer air.

On the day of the first exam with great relief, Rowan awoke quite cheerful with the knowledge THAT had ended some days before allowing her to feel less stressed during the exams. Sadly enough, Bethanie wasn't as lucky this time around. At breakfast, Bethanie had been stuffing her face with things. None of the girls wisely got in her way nor made a comment except for Terry, who was promptly smacked in the head by Silvia.

The classrooms were as warm as usual, but this year, Rowan put a cooling charm on herself. It was quite refreshing, to say the least, she happily worked on finishing her essays. Sadly, enough the others didn't do so. But that wasn't her problem.

With written exams over the Practical Exams finally began. The first exam was Potions this year. Professor Slughorn had them brew a Confusion Concoction. Professor Slughorn was quite pleased with Rowan's final results if not a little disturbed at her final and rather a high mark. Mostly because the Confusion Concoction was considered as a borderline poison of sorts. And Miss Prince had been shown a rather disturbing talent for brewing poisons.

Charms turned out to be quite enjoyable, to say the least. Professor Flitwick did indeed test them on Cheering Charms. Rowan, who had been partnered with Terry ended up with hysterical laughter to her vast chagrin. She had to be led away to a quiet room for an hour before finally being allowed to perform the charm on Terry. Oh, she was most sorely tempted to do the same, but she needed a nice grade. But giving Terry a rather dark eye, she vowed revenge as Terry tried not to gulp in fear perfectly aware of her sinister glare.

The next exam on Tuesday was Defense Against the Dark Arts and Goobledegook. Professor Pollen created an obstacle course for them outside. They were to wade across a deep paddling pool containing a grindylow, cross a series of potholes full of Red Caps, squish their way across a patch of the marsh while ignoring misleading directions from a hinkypunk, then climb into an old trunk and bottle with a new boggart.

Rowan was not pleased at all, to say the least. With an unhappy expression, she wadded into the pool with the grindylows almost setting them all on fire, smashing the Red Caps clear across the air, shrinking the entire field of hinkypunks. Professor Pollen was both amazed and appalled as she repaired the course for the next student.

All the while, Rowan mutinously starred at the trunk before her. Muttering something about hygiene, lack of oxygen, and cl.u.s.ter phobia, she slammed the trunk shut after her. The boggart before her seemed to be uncertain for a moment, before transforming into a thin man with shallow skin, a large hooked nose, piercing black eyes, and dark silky robes. With blood pouring out of his wounds, he accusingly says, "You failed. You failed us all."

Closing her eyes, Rowan answers, "Not yet." The Boggart lets out a squeak as he transforms into Neville's version in a dress. "Riddikulus!" Emerging from the trunk, there was a loud cheer from the girls and Terry as Severus merely sniffed at her.

Professor Pollen nodded in approval, before motioning the next person through, Quyen Crowley. As it would turn out, she did rather well until the boggart. The trunk slammed open as Quyen Crowley let out a loud scream as a giant snake followed her out of the trunk as Professor Pollen slammed the creature back inside.

"Bet you, a galleon, that was your entire doing, Rowan," Terry smirked.

Rowan growled back, "I still owe you one for yesterday." Causing Terry to quickly pale and pointedly placed Severus between her and him.

Gobbledegook was much like the year before administrated by Professor Flitwick and a goblin liaison after dinner. However, unlike the year before all instructions were strictly given in goblin. But this year, they would be practicing negotiating a contract with Gringotts. Points would be given on how many added in clauses could be caught, while points would be lost on how many were missed. Thankfully Rowan had gained quite the prior experience from before and as a result, got the highest score in the class much to Severus's annoyance.

The following morning, the Slytherins were a bit tense as they arrived at Professor McGonagall's class. Professor McGonagall had them transform their teapot into tortoises. By the end of the test half of the class was limp and ashen-faced comparing results. Some of their tortoises still sported a spout for a tail or breathed steam. However, with one of the harder exams done most of them were still feeling a lot better about themselves.

Later that night in Astronomy, the exam was much like before as they charted all the night's stars that were visible. Professor Sinistra's exam was by far the most favorite exam as everyone got a small break to enjoy the cool night sky and the rather tranquil exam. Though unlike the year before, those flirting with others wisely waited until afterward.

Arithmancy was held first thing the next morning as Tiffany and Rowan calculated the life, heart, and social numbers for Professor Vector. With some interest, they found that Professor Vector's numbers were 4, 8, and 5. The life number of 4 stated that Professor Vector was reliable, practical, and down to earth, which fit her nature to a Tee. Same thing with her heart number that stated that Professor Vector was practical in all affairs including matters of the heart. While the number 5 for Professor Vector's social number stated that she was quick-tempered and impatient. All true by all accounts.

History of Magic was next with Professor Binns with the topic of the witch hunts. Rowan did most excellent as she was able to write down everything that she had learned and more. She knew she'd receive a most excellent score.

On the final day of the exams, Rowan had Herbology first to be followed by Ancient Runes. The greenhouses were rather warm given the heat and even more so as the final exams were on defanging the Vampiric Vegetation. To her dismissal luck, she was paired with the same potted plant that had given her the neck bite mark that had sprouted the hickey rumors about her.

The instant that the plant tried to bite her in the same place again, she bit the nasty little thing back. As it turns out the plant could scream, and she lost several points to Professor Sprout's disapproving stare. But Rowan regretted nothing as she felt it was more than adapt revenge for all it had put her through the months prior in regard to Bertha Jorkins gossip.

After a quick cold wash after Herbology, Rowan rather bright-eyed along with Andrew climbed all the way to the sixth floor for their exam. Professor Babbling had them translate the written paragraphs on the blackboard and turn in the exam. They both did rather well to both of their relief, before wandering outside to slump down in the cool shade of a tree.

They must have dozed off because they were rudely awakened by Terry, who said, he had faked his divination exam. But not that Professor Zephyors even noticed as he seemed to announce that it was the perfect prediction. Either way, they at least enjoyed the rest of the afternoon as they lazily lay in the cool shade. The perfect ending to a very long week.