A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 269

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 269 Apology

With exams overall, all anyone could talk about were the two biggest events of the season, the wedding of Lucius Malfoy to Narcissa Black to be held on Saturday only a day after their return home, and the Quidditch World Cup. Great Britain was to be hosting the world cup this year, England vs. Norway. There was finally a hope that this might be England's year as they hadn't won a cup in over forty years. Most of the school was putting on cheerful airs either be it for Quidditch or the Wedding, either way, it was to be a most interesting summer.

On that note, many of the students were dismayed to learn that Professor Pollen would not be returning the following year. She was to marry her fianc an American wizard and would be leaving to teach with him at Ilvermorny the following year. Most were dismayed to be losing her including Rowan as she actually impressed with the professor's teaching ethics. Sadly, it was expected given the post's curse.

On that note, Rowan did learn that there was an active exchange program between Hogwarts and Ilvermorny. She was actually quite interested in the program, but sadly, she couldn't leave given the circ.u.mstances. But given the opportunity, she would have loved to go.

On the last day of the term, Rowan got top marks in every subject including potions and Gobbledegook. For once Rowan beat Dirk Cresswell for a perfect score followed by Severus with Dirk only taking tenth place. Despite Dirk's language skills, it would seem he didn't have anything on the Slytherins in the class who had actually taken the top ten ranks.

Then again, this exam was more aptly made for them given their suspicious nature. It would make sense that they'd outscore the rest of the students. Though Severus was most displeased as Rowan had beaten him by more than a few points on several of their subjects and thanks to her excelling in Arithmancy and Ancient Runes she had gotten the highest overall rank in their 3rd year.

The rest of the girls did rather well especially Tiffany, who actually took the third-highest score in Arithmancy right after Pandora. It was nothing to scoff at given the difficulty of the subject. In fact, her parents were so proud that they were going to take her on another trip to France. Which made Tiffany beam in delight even more as for the first time in her life she finally had a subject in which she truly excelled at on her own merits.

Having learned from last year, Terry had made sure to study for his History of Magic exam and done much, much better this year. And as he should have given that his chance to attend the Quidditch World Cup was at stake. Though he somehow managed to get the highest score in Divination and how he managed that was anybody's guess given that he had just lied his way through the final exam.

As for the marauders, they received rather high marks in several subjects and passed all of their exams. To everyone, but Rowan and Severus's surprise, James came in second for Transfiguration and pushed Severus into third place. But it was a given since he was naturally talented at Transfiguration.

(And if Rowan was perfectly honest, Transfiguration was her second-worst subject after Potions. Not that she had ever admitted it out loud nor much less revealed her secret to anyone, but she tended to work on their Transfiguration homework twice as hard to achieve the same results that came easily to Severus. Not that she wasn't good at theoretical work, and she had to practice the spells in secret oftentimes to get them just right during class.

And it did not help the fact that there was something about Transfiguration that made her shiver with dread. It was the very act of transforming a living thing into a non-living object that truly bothered her and had been steadily getting worse as the years progressed. To be honest, she didn't know if she'd be able to keep up her grades in the future due to her aversion in Transfiguration. She could only hope that she could or else her grades would start taking a severe hit.)

Pettigrew, Lupin, and Sirius even made it into the top ten in Transfiguration. Especially Pettigrew who was proud of himself for having beaten Sirius for the second year in a row much to Sirius's embarrassment. While Lupin actually did quite well for himself and scored as one highest all-around Gryffindor's in their year

The day of the Feast once again came, and the Great Hall this year was decked in yellow and black to celebrate the Hufflepuff's having won the house cup. A huge banner showing a badger covered the wall behind the High Table. The Slytherins were a bit vexed as they shot Quyen Crowley, Hortense Sicca, and Gertrude Fowl, periodic glares. Because of them, they'd had lost 150 points which were impossible to make up in the long run.

The Great Hall grew silent as Dumbledore rose to his feet. "Another year has come and gone. And we have learned much that will no doubt fade away with the Quidditch World cup this summer," Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eyes. "Now, the house cup needs awarding and the points stand as, in fourth place, Slytherin, with three hundred and forty-six; Ravenclaw has three hundred and seventy, Gryffindor, with four hundred and twenty; and Hufflepuff, four hundred and forty-nine!"

A storm of cheering and stamping breaks out from the Hufflepuff table as the rest of the houses politely clap including the Slytherins. After the cheering everyone promptly began to dig in as Dumbledore took a seat at the head table. To Rowan's delight, she spotted a few new dishes such as Beef Donburi, Pain au Chocolat, along with cool delicious freshly made Gelato which had become a popular staple.

The rest of the feast was a breeze with at the end of the feast, Professor Dumbledore had everyone thank Professor Pollen and wish her good luck on her new endeavor in life. There were some tears shed as some of the female professors had become quite close to her. But such was life and there would be a new DADA professor by the end of summer for next school year again.

Once more, their wardrobes were empty, trunks packed, and the usual reminder handed out, warning them not to use magic over the summer holidays. The girls and Rowan promised to write while Terry, Lupin, and Severus did the same thing. Though they for sure they had all promised to meet up at the Quidditch World Cup over the summer. Even Rowan was interested in the event as there would be ample chance to see wizards from around the world.

With smirk as it was a tradition the previous first years now second years watched the 1st years follow Hagrid across the lake. Though Rowan had to admit Regulus and his three friends took a little much enjoy in the event. It wasn't as though it had been raining when they crossed, that ill-fated event had fallen upon this year's 1st years.

One musty carriage ride later, Severus, Terry, and Rowan were at the Hogsmeade platform. Terry the entire ride had purposefully kept Severus between him and Rowan. Terry just had the feeling that Rowan was about to repay him for the charm's exam. And he was right as they were headed inside Rowan tripped him causing him sprawl right into Bertha Jorkins. There was a loud squeal followed by a loud slap as Terry ended with a red slap mark across his face for having attempted to molest her, but more importantly because Terry had muttered, who'd ever try something like that on her.

Bertha Jorkins stomped away as Terry rubbed his red, swelling cheek. "I didn't cause you any pain!" Terry accusingly said to Rowan as they boarded the noisy Hogwarts Express.

"Try laughing for an hour and see if you don't get a sore throat much less an aching ribcage," Rowan shot back.

Severus ignored their antics as he was a tad gloomy as for the first time on their way back, Lily wouldn't be riding with them, but rather with Willa and Mary. And honestly speaking, Rowan this would have happened ages ago. She was rather surprised it lasted as long as it had.

Soon enough, the Hogwarts Express was once more on its way chugging down the tracks. Without Lily, Severus was much more docile if not grumpier. But that was a bother as Terry being the clever boy that he was easily managed to pull Severus out of his sulk. Alchemy, on the other hand, purred at Rowan's side letting out the occasional purr as he fell asleep with his belly facing them. It was rather adorable in all honesty.

After the lunch cart had passed to their surprise their compartment door was opened to reveal the graduating 7th year, a curved, luscious witch with dark hair and cocoa-colored skin. "A word, Prince, if you would please?" Jezebel politely asked to all of their astonishment.

"Certainly," Rowan said as Terry flashed her a glance that said, "Since when are the two of you on speaking terms?" Rowan shrugged in response as she followed Jezebel out into the corridor, a short way's away.

"I'd like to apologize, Prince," Jezebel sheepishly confessed as she played with one long l.u.s.trous dark lock.

"Whatever for?" Rowan said in bewilderment. It wasn't as the two of them had gotten into a fight. Nor much less over Wilkes as she held no romantic interest towards him.

Jezebel glances down with a bit of a dark flush to her cheeks. "I know that you most likely don't even recall the incident. But nevertheless, I'd like to apologize for my rude behavior regarding the shredding of your scarf and then tossing the scraps at you."

"My scarf?" Rowan frowned. "I didn't lose a scarf last year-." Rowan paused as her eyes widen at recalling the missing scarf from the year before in her second year.

Missing the startled look on Rowan's face, Jezebel sighs and says, "I'm rather jealous as it turns out and when I found what I thought was your scarf with the initials of R.P. in Wilkes things. I foolishly concluded that it must have been a love token between the two of you."

Rowan is a bit perturbated as she lets the rest of Jezebel's words wash over her. She had been fairly certain all along her stalker had been Avery and Mulciber all along. But there was an unease that she did not like at all.

Why had Wilkes had her missing scarf all along? The explanation was rather easy, he forgot and then was too embarrassed to return it the following year. But for some reason, the explanation did not bring her any relief.

Glancing up from her rather perturbed thoughts, Rowan says, "Either way, thank you."

"Your welcome, Prince," Jezebel sniffed, before sashaying away.

Rowan watched the beautiful witch girl as it finally occurred to her exactly who Jezebel had reminded her of all this time, Blaise Zabini. The gorgeous witch, who faded out of Rowan's sight would go onto marry seven times that she knew of with Blaise Zabini being born somewhere along the way. A rather tragic ending for such a beautiful enchantress or maybe a successful one. Either way, she couldn't help but wonder if Wilkes had been the one to permanently scar Jezebel's heart never allowing her to fall in love nor much less trust another man again. But no one ever said love was easy.

When Rowan returned both Terry and Severus were rather curious about their discussion, but she waved them as it was nothing. The rest of the ride went by rather quickly and all too soon they were pulling on jackets and sweaters. Eager to start their summer break they climbed off at platform nine and three-quarters at King's Cross Station waving goodbye as they each hurried and went their separate ways.

Reginald Prince greeted with them a usual smile and a quick look over. Once more they'd both grow a bit taller and both had begun to fill out a bit. There was less of a boyish roundness in Severus's face as Rowan's body had slowly filled out a bit more starting to lean towards a young woman's curves. Either way, Reginald was immensely pleased to find them both happy and healthy especially in Rowan's case.

With a smile, Reginald led them away as Rowan grinned darkly at Severus. She'd be fine no doubt, but Severus, heh. He'd be green for sure. And as it turns it was a rather fun ride as she hummed a cheerful little tune. Not that Severus appreciated the ride, but he felt much less ill than before and was only somewhat dizzy afterward.