A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 271

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 271 Malfoy Wedding

Inside Prince manor, Reginald waited by the main fireplace as he glanced at the antique clock on the mantel to tell the time. It was only five after two in the afternoon and still plenty of time left before the wedding ceremony that was to start at three. Glancing at his dimly reflected reflection, he makes sure to check that his collar is perfect, before smoothing down his robes one last time. His robes are an elegant royal blue with silver embroidery in the Prince family colors.

Proudly puffing his chest, Reginald turns around at hearing the sound of footsteps. He lets out an astonished breath at seeing the lovely form of his beloved wife, Sirsa in a lighter teal-colored robe. Given the joyous event and not wanting to outshine the bride, Sirsa only wore a simple pair of silver aquamarine gem earrings with a matching necklace.

Reginald happily took a step forward across the lavish carpet and took his wife's hand. "You look as ravishing as the day, I first saw you," Reginald murmured as he placed a lingering kiss on her hand.

Sirsa flushes rather coyly as she swats him away. "Reginald! The children are about!" Sirsa huffed in embarrassment to only be pressed back against the wall by her husband.

"But they're not down yet," Reginald flirted as he tilted her chin up and placed a soft kiss on her lips full of promises that are meant to be filled later that night. A loud clearing cough causes the older couple to break away as Sirsa flushes in anger at Reginald, while Reginald glares at the amused figure of his younger sister, Georgine.

"Ah, so romantic," Georgine sarcastically murmured as her Egyptian-blue colored robes lined with silver patterns swayed around her. "I am frankly astonished that you can still cause it to rise, brother, but even more so without the aid of any potions."

"Georgine!" Sirsa shrieked in anger, appalled at the crass suggestion.

"Really, Sirsa," Georgine rolled her eyes as her matching colored cat-eye gem earnings glinted in the light. "You've been married how many years? I don't know why you're embarrassed, dear. It's perfectly normal to have such carnal appetites. Why I myself even have them upon occasion."

"They are not suitable topics to be mentioned in public," Sirsa hissed. "Especially with the children around!"

"They're both fourteen," Georgine rolled her eyes. "I'm sure the two of them are well aware of the mechanics given that Matron of Hogwarts has already given them the lecture on physical appetites. And besides, Sirsa, you act as if you're blushing maiden. When you're clearly a married woman of many years, who has not only produced a daughter but has two grandchildren!"

Before Sirsa unleashes a torrent of curt words, the twins arrived wearing matching colored sky-blue robes embroidered with silver threads. Despite Sirsa's best efforts, she was not able to convince her granddaughter to wear a dress. When asked, Rowan solemnly replied that she wouldn't be able to run if needed. Not that Sirsa could think of an adept answer given what had occurred at the Malfoy Manor. But she was determined that sooner rather than later, she'd see to it that her granddaughter is one day soon finally seen in a gorgeous ballroom gown.

"Good, it would seem that we're all here," Reginald said as he flashed Georgine a warning scowl. "Now then hen let us floo to the Black family castle, where the wedding ceremony is to be held."

Traditionally the wedding party would be held at the groom's home, but as the father of the bride had passed away the wedding would instead be held at the bride's home. This would signify that despite the missing physical presence of the father of the bride not being able to participate in the bonding of the bridge and groom, the bride's father would be remembered and be seen representing the spiritual presence of the father.

"Now make sure to say, Black Family Castle," Reginald carefully instructed them. "I'd hate for either of you to end up in one of the numerous Black estates."

"Yes, grandfather," Rowan and Severus said in unison.

"Good," Reginald said. "We'll have the both of you floo first. That way if anything does go wrong, we'll be able to know upon our immediate arrival."

Severus pointedly says, "Ladies first," as Rowan sends a fierce scowl towards her twin brother.

Grabbing a pinch of powder from the silver vase, Rowan tosses the floo powder into the fireplace. The flames turn emerald green and rise high in the air. Stepping into the warm flames she says, "Black Family Castle!" She is sucked down, a giant green drain as the roar grew louder and louder until she emerged into a great carpeted hall.

Instantly moving to the side, she reaches out and catches Severus who almost made it, but still stumbled at the end. Not particularly dizzy, Severus quickly moves aside, when seconds later their grandmother emerges from the hearth, soon followed by their Aunt Georgine, and lastly their grandfather. Making sure the twins were fine, Sirsa fussed over them one last time before she nodded at her husband to proceed.

Standing further down the hall is a rather charming hostess with a row of ushers elegantly standing behind her waiting to take the arriving guests to their seats. Unlike the Filch wedding, the elegant hostess briefly glances down at a list of the head of families, before instantly recognizing the figures on the list. With a bright smile, and in a musically inclined voice, she says, "Welcome Sir Prince, Lady Prince, Madam Prince, and Prince heirs to Black Castle Manor."

The hostess bows her head and gestures to the usher behind her. "Wedding guests of the House of Black, the ushers will see you to your seats. And please if anything is ever needed please do not hesitate to simply ask."

Reginald nods his head in acknowledgment of the hostess's words as Sirsa merely eyes the hostess with a steely glint in her eye. The hostess quickly glances away as Georgine smirks at the jealous antics of her sister-in-law, Sirsa. Though utterly loyal and faithful to Sirsa, Reginald had been quite the infamous rake in his youth. And still liked to flirt every now and then for mere entertainment purposes with a pretty young thing.

An usher quickly steps out of line and bows to them. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please follow me this right this way," the usher suggested, before crisply turning around to lead the way.

Reginald offers Sirsa the crook of his arm, while Georgine slips her hand without asking into his other arm. Reginald sniffs loudly as Georgine flashes her brother a Cheshire smile, while Sirsa merely shakes her head at the two sibling's pettiness with each other. The three a.d.u.l.ts quickly set off with the twins in tow.

The twin's glance around the Black family castle, front hallway as they are led out of the castle and towards the front lawns. As they pass the candlelit hallways, the hallway is cold, and dark filled with hundreds of dark-haired mostly grayed eye portraits. A certain portrait catches Rowan's eye as they move past it. It is that of a clever looking wizard with dark hair, dark gray eyes, a pointed beard, and thin eyebrows. The portrait sneers down at her as his green and silver robes flutter around him voicing his disdain.

Turning craning her neck, Rowan manages to catch the name written on the frame tag below the portrait, "Phineas Nigellus Black."

Rowan's eyes widen in recognition of the Slytherin Headmaster of Hogwarts. All too soon the portrait vanishes out of sight as they exit out onto the vast green grounds. Squinting at the sudden bright sunlight, Rowan wonders, if that portrait is the same one in the Headmaster's office? And if she remembered correctly there was a frame in Grimmauld Place that the Headmasters portrait could enter and remain. It shouldn't be all that surprising to think that there might be other portrait frames the portrait headmaster could enter.

Not too far away is a large silver tent. Despite the wedding being held at the bride's home in remembrance of her deceased father, it wasn't fully proper for the wedding to be held inside the manor of her father. There were still traditions to adhere to as the bride was to enter another household that very afternoon.

A cool breeze hits their faces the minute they enter the wedding tent. There are tasteful decorations in orange and black representing the Black family's crest. The orange decorations are beautiful orange flowers and tastefully glistening orange gems, while the black decorations are black candles held in silver candleholders, and elegant black chairs for the wedding guests to be seated in. The rest of the wedding decorations are predominantly in shades of silver, the third color on the Black family crest and much easier to work with. Though whoever planned the wedding was quite talented as despite the heat outside the entire tent felt quite cool with a light refreshing breeze.