A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 272

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 272 Malfoy Wedding

The usher leads the Prince family to the very front of the already seated guests, where the usher says, "If the Sir and the Lady of the Prince family would each take a seat on the groom and bride's side. Both families wish to express their thanks in gratitude for the actions of this past year. Both parties wish that the Prince couple would not decline the honor."

"It'll be no trouble at all," Sirsa answered in her husband's stead as Reginald merely sniffed at the mere thought at having to sit next to Abraxas Malfoy for the entire duration of the wedding ceremony. The two of them each took a seat in the two-seat front row where only the parents of the groom and bride were to sit at. Reginald sat on the left side of the groom, while Sirsa on the right side for the bride.

The usher than turns to the remaining Prince's. "Madam Prince and Prince heirs, please be seated with the Black family members. They would be honored to have you sit with them." The usher gestured to the second row on the groom's side. The groom's side held the extended Black Family members of the bride as the bride's side was filled with many of the Rosier relatives.

There is a chorus of whispers from the guests as they study the Prince family at the forefront of the wedding tent. A few women quietly gossip about the fact that the Prince children had yet to be properly introduced into wizarding society nor the fact that the female grandchild had yet to debut in wizarding society despite being of age. There were other similar rumors whispers suggesting that the because said Prince grandchildren were mere half-bloods that Reginald and Sirsa Prince were ashamed to present them into society.

But the more reasonable minded guests pointed out the fact that the children were in fact in attendance with the Prince elders at the Malfoy wedding. Still, that would be not enough to quell the whispers as the speculations ranged from being close to the truth to being wildly disproportional far away from the truth. Either way, the rumor mill would only be quelled when said children were presented into proper society.

At the front of the tent, Rowan and Severus immediately spotted T. Rosier sitting next to his parents, a rather large bear-like man, and a sour-faced woman. Georgine smirked with a great deal of satisfaction as she moved to sit next to Walburga Black and her husband, Orion. Rowan and Severus naturally followed as Sirius and Regulus eagerly waved at them to come over and sit next to them.

"Why Walburga, you don't look a day over fifty," Georgine purred knowing fully well that Walburga Black was only 49 this year.

The dark-haired woman with sharp features and gray eyes narrows her eyes into thin points at Georgine Prince. "Says, the witch who is clearly ten years older than I am," Walburga Black hissed back.

"Ah, but dear, I don't look it," Georgine purred causing a vein to twitch on Walburga's pale temple.

"Ladies," said, the handsome, dark-haired man with same colored eyes as his wife, Orion Black. Dressed implacably Orion Black was still a sight for sore eyes.

Georgine, not to let an insult go sniffs and retorts, "I always wondered, why you married your first cousin, Orion? I mean with looks like those you could have easily married the gorgeous witch, Cecil. Now that girl was a looker all right. She left the rest of us behind looking like mere wallflowers."

"She was a mere half-blood," Orion crossly said through gritted teeth.

"And?" Georgine said with an arched eyebrow. "She was powerful, incredibly beautiful, with an impressive family name and dowry to boot. You really could have done so much better, dear."

Walburga's hand clenched together as did her husband, Orion's. Before either of them could reach for their wands, thankfully, their Aunt Dorea Potter had arrived. The pale-faced witch looked much better as of late with even a touch of color to her face. Though there were still batches of blue running veins, they were no longer as prominent as before. Her gray eyes crinkle into a smile as she happily comes to sit next to her friend, Georgine.

"Why Georgine," Dorea teased in good nature. "You look utterly ravishing this afternoon. With looks like that, you're going to steal the limelight from the bride."

"I can always wear a sack with eyeholes over my face," Georgine smiled back as Walburga and Orion Black both loudly snorted. Turning their backs on the infuriating woman and their aunt, they instead peeked at the arriving guests. Why even some of the higher functioning members of the Ministry of Magic would be in attendance.

While the a.d.u.l.ts insulted each other, Rowan and Severus sat down by their friends. Severus next to Sirius and Rowan next to Regulus. While Severus and Sirius discussed the interesting arriving guests such an old wizard with an eye patch and bird on his shoulder, Rowan and Regulus discussed what Regulus could study during the summer to prepare for Ancient Runes. She pointed out several books which he could purchase to learn beginners' runes.

Rowan paused at one point at spotting Wilkes arriving with both of his parents. But strangely enough, Wilkes despite having caught her eye coolly turned away and acted as though he hadn't seen her. A bit bewildered at his actions, she shrugs and returns to conversing with Regulus.

Time quickly flies by until at last the crowd goes silent as the orchestra begins to play and everyone rises to their seats. At the entrance of the tent enters Lucius Malfoy with his father at his side, Abraxas Malfoy with his silver cane. Much like his son, his long blond, almost white hair was neatly pulled back. Following them were the groomsmen, which included friends, but mostly acquaintances in power.

At the end of the row, Abraxas Malfoy veers off and takes a seat next to the blank-faced figure of Reginald Prince. Both men nod at each other hiding their vehement dislike for each other as this was to be a joyous day of celebration. And neither of them was petty enough to ruin the joyous day because of their mutual dislike.

Suddenly, the glittering gems that had been hanging on the ceiling transform into a cloud of butterflies that glide through the crowd. Whispers of awe and delight can be heard from the crowd as they follow the path of the fluttering butterflies. Gasps can be heard as the bride enters the tent for the glittering butterflies to land on her wedding gown and transform into glittering gem embroidery.

Simply gorgeous in an ivory, cloud-like gown, Narcissa Black looks utterly stunning and aglow with love. Because no matter what anyone said, Narcissa and Lucius were truly in love. And the only existence that they could ever love more than themselves would be their son that would one day be born unto them. (And yes, they were cold, bias purebloods as they come, but they did indeed truly and rather fiercely love in their own way.)

At Narcissa's side is her rather worn looking mother, Druella Black, formally a Rosier. Despite the happy affair, Druella wore a violet-colored gown to signify she was still in mourning, but at least it wasn't black. Though there was a tiny smile on her face for she was truly happy for her youngest daughter, despite the unforeseen deaths of her husband and eldest daughter. Still, as of late, she'd begun to feel a bit softer towards her rebellious, middle daughter, Andromeda.

Andromeda had eloped with that no-good muggle-born wizard! But still, they'd sent her this past year a photograph of her first grandchild. A baby girl by the name of Nymphadora Tonks. According to the short letter the child had inherited the rare Rosier gene of becoming a Metamorphmagus.

And yet, Druella is reluctant to outstretch her hand and forgive her second born. She'd been dreadfully hurt at her daughter's actions, but she wanted to come to know this precious first grandchild. The imagined feeling of holding hold a baby in her arms again did wonders in smoothing Druella's grieving soul.

The guests stare past the Bride's mother and the bride, where several close friends or acquaintances of Narcissa are the bridesmaids. The guests nod in appreciation of the well-dressed bridesmaids, while the female guests return to studying the bride. Narcissa's hair is neatly pulled up into curls pinned back and decorated with tiny sparkling gems. Fixed firmly in her hair is a gorgeous goblin forged tiara, no doubt a family heirloom. With matching jewelry pieces, the bride most joyfully made her way up the aisle, while her mother separated at the front to take a seat next to Sirsa Prince.