A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 273

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 273 Malfoy Wedding

The crowd seats themselves again, while the Bride and Groom face each other beneath a flower arch enchanted with flowers that slowly open and close in continuous bloom. The wedding tent grows utterly silent as an old wizened wizard official says, "We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two souls much like in times of old."

The old wizard pauses as he takes out four colored gems and reverently places them on the altar. It was to honor the old ways of ages past. In an old unspoken tongue, he says,

"May the heavens bear witness to this sacred ritual and carry its message to all lands. May the sun warm their hearts, and its ever-burning fire fuel their desire for each other. May the water provide for them from its bounty and comfort their souls with their sounds. And may the land lend its strength to reveal its mysteries."

The crowd is rather solemn as they understand the power of this old vow. The old wizard turns to the bridge and groom. "Speak the ritual vows."

Lucius Malfoy, all fair and handsome in all his glory, says, in the ancient tongue,

"Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.

I give ye my Body, that we Two might be One.

I give ye my Spirit, 'til our Life shall be Done."

Narcissa flushes prettily and gently answers back,

"You cannot possess me for I belong to myself

but while we both wish it, I give you that which is mine to give.

You can not command me, for I am a free person,

but I shall serve you in those ways you require,

and the honeycomb will taste that much sweeter coming from my hand."

The old wizard official beams faintly at the bride and groom. "Then by the power invested in me, I declare you both bonded for life." The old wizened wizard official pointed his wand high over the couple's heads as a shower of silver stars fell upon them, spiraling around their intertwined figures. The guests cheered as the newly wedded couple shyly but rather passionately kissed before them.

On the front row of the groom's side, Abraxas immediately rose to his feet as did Reginald as his side, while Sirsa and Druella on the bride's side did the same. They both went to congratulate the couple as Rowan heard the faint rustle of movement behind her.

Slowly turning her head, out of the corner of her eyes, Rowan catches a strange and disturbing glimpse of Wilkes's parents slowly raising their wands and pointing them forward. The world seems to become rather still as if in slow motion green sparks fly out from one of the wand tips. There is a moment of silence, a long breath before a shout breaks the pause in time.

"Long live, Lord Voldemort! Salazar Slytherin's true heir!" A shrill voice cried out from amid the crowd.

Whirling her head back towards the altar at the front, Rowan's eyes widen at seeing a blast of green sparks strike Abraxas Malfoy, who had dived in front of his son to take the killing curse on his behalf. Lucius Malfoy let out a cry of shock and pain as he fell to his knees and caught the still-warm body of his father before it struck the ground.

Reginald Prince, on the other hand, had immediately returned fire sending a deadly curse of his own towards the wife of Wilkes Senior, the culprit responsible for the attack on Lucius Malfoy. A spray of deadly red sparks spirals through the air striking the intended target.

The polyjuiced figure of Rabastan Lestrange falls backward as in mid-fall the polyjuice transformation wears off and reveals his own true form. With a loud clatter, the body of Rabastan Lestrange bounces painfully onto the carpeted floor as a look of confusion, terror, and surprise can be seen on his face. But the tragic expression only lasts mere seconds as a ghastly pallor spreads across his entire body, while his eyes grow dull and lifeless.

Before the body of Rabastan Lestrange had even finished hitting the carpeted ground, the Polyjuiced father of Wilkes, Wilkes Senior maliciously returned fire with the killing curse not aimed at the bride, but rather at the figure standing next to her. An array of green sparks flashed forward as Wilkes Senior sneers knowing that the old Prince would never make it in time.

Without hesitation, Reginald returned fire again, but there was an odd expression on his face. The malicious expression on Wilkes Senior made him shiver with a feeling he had long forgotten, unease. But alas, just as the red sparks of Reginald's curse reached for the horribly grinning figure of Wilkes Senior, the figure of Wilkes senior abruptly vanished having apparated away just in the nick of time.

At the disappearance of Wilkes Senior as if in a signal, the more devious Death Eater's, who had already sent one or two attacks into the crowd wisely apparated away. Yet many of the Death Eater's are bloodthirsty fiends and take the opportunity to further attack the fleeing guests. Shrill screams can be heard as mothers and fathers tried to protect their children as they flee.

In the midst of the battle, a astray cutting hex slashes straight through the roof of the wedding tent and slicing the wedding tent open almost in half. Bright sunlight pours onto the wedding party, but despite the warmth of the sun pouring inside the tent many of the guests can only fill a bitter, awful chill.

A determined and rather fanatical Death Eater, despite the ongoing battle proudly raised his wand to the sky and screamed out, "Morsmorde!"

An unexpected heaviness and darkness are felt despite the sunny, sky blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds. The green sparks rise higher and higher into the sky. The green sparks exploded eerily into the sky like a dark, green mist. A sickly green, morbid, gaping skeleton appears in the sky screaming as a snake emerged from its mouth like a vile tongue.

There is a disconcerting stillness as some of the guests become transfixed by the haunting imagery, while the remaining Death Eater's seemed to gain a second wind. A barrage of curses intensifies itself as those present on either side of the battle finally ceased to use non-fatal spells and began to really for each other's throats. After all, purebloods tend to know the nastiest of spells.