A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 278

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 278 Wilkes Family

The Head of the Auror Department, the rather short, plumb wizard, Bob Ogden sighed tiredly as he removed his enormous thick glasses for a moment and rubbed the exhaustion from his eyes. It was already mid-evening, and the Auror's were still interrogating witnesses and their single attacker being interrogated using Vertiaserum.

However, the preliminary reports indicated that said assailant knew next to nothing about further plans of said dark wizard group. But regardless of his capture, the prisoner proudly called himself a Death Eater doing his so-called, Dark Lord's work, also known as a Lord Voldemort. A rather strange name for a dark wizard to have if you asked him.

Ogden opens his eyes and slides his spectacles onto the bridge of his nose. Standing up, and gathering energy, his eyes sparkle once again with pent-up emotions. However, before he can begin to bellow again, a fledging Auror rushed forward. (Said fledging was a recent graduate from the Auror Academy and was still being trained with a more veteran Auror, before being assigned their permanent Auror partner.)

Ogden narrows his eyes and says, "What is it, Auror Meadows?"

The petite Auror, Dorcas Meadows was a pretty witch with tan skin and warm eyes. Her curly hair is pulled back in a high ponytail to keep her face clear of curly wisps. "Sir, I've been sent to inform you that your presence is required at the home of the Wilkes in question."

"Thank you, Auror Meadows," Ogden gratefully said as the bright young witch sent him a warm smile, before rushing off to fulfill her next duty with the energy and vitality that only the young seem to possess.

"I feel old," Ogden flatly said under his breath feeling his age in his bones. He, frankly, couldn't remember the last time he had such a bounce of energy in his footsteps. Maybe, it was time to start training a replacement and see about retiring to Surrey. His wife had been bringing up the same subject for the last three years. But first, he'd have to settle the present ongoing investigation on his dark wizard organization, before ever doing so. He wouldn't be able to put his mind at ease, otherwise.

Ogden nodded to several Auror's still on task, before apparating away. Ogden arrived at the iron gates of a walled manor and marches straight inside. The Wilkes manor has a bit of an Italian flair leftover from a long-ago ancestor. The architecture is superb with great marvel pillars and exquisite balconies.

Waiting at the front entrance of the Wilkes manor is the medium built figure of Auror Percius Clements. Over the last year, Auror Clements had lost most of his roundness including that in his face. The Auror would never be slender, but certainly not round nor plumb, just sturdy now.

Percius Clements nods to the Head of the Auror Department, and says, "Sir, I have interrogated the Wilkes couple and I am convinced of their innocence. They knew not of their son's terrible deceit nor gave their son leeway to create a polyjuice potion using their hair."

Ogden snorts unconvinced. "Auror Clements, I understand that you wish to give the Wilkes the benefit of the doubt since you are still friends with Secundus Wilkes. However, personal emotions and friendsh.i.p.s should never influence an ongoing investigation."

"I am aware, sir," Percius sighed. "That is exactly why I have requested your intervention. I do not wish for the Wilkes family to have to suffer another interrogation again, however, the public's outcry would be far worse. Thus, in this manner, should you find their testimony true by subjecting them to Vertiaserum, no one can argue that the investigation was biased nor that they were complicit of such a foul deed."

Ogden carefully eyes Auror Clements, before finally saying, "Very well, Auror Clements, I will take their official transcript, however, you have overstepped yourself. In exchange, you will be taking a new partner from the fledging's, they are deemed ready to receive their permanent partner. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir," Percius stiffly muttered as he moved aside to allow his superior officer inside.

Ogden sighs and puts out his hand onto Percius's shoulder. "I know that you have the best intentions at heart, Auror Clements," Ogden explained. "And as do I. Auror Vinovich will be gone almost a year now, and you are the team lead on a very important open investigation. You need a partner to aide you and keep your back safe."

"Yes, sir," Percius much more softly responded as Ogden squeezed Percius's shoulder in sympathy, before striding into the manor.

Ogden strides through the renaissance styled Wilkes Manor that had a bit more hint of color than most pureblood's homes in the Isles. However, it was all in impeccable taste. Why even the marble statues were magnificently made by famous sculptors, both magical and nonmagical.

With Auror Clements trailing behind him, they arrive in the front guest parlor, where loud sniffs can be heard from Mrs. Wilkes. The light, curly-haired, Mrs. Wilkes hair is disarray in a most unusual as she always had her curled hair in a neat updo. Her coffee-colored eyes are rimmed red as she dabs at them in a futile attempt to keep them tear-free.

Sitting at her side is the pale figure of her husband, Secundus Wilkes. Mr. Wilkes, dark salt-peppered hair seems to have become silver overnight. His dark eyes are tear-free, but they seem empty, but so very stoic as if pride was the only thing keeping him from shattering into a dozen pieces.

Mr. Wilkes raises his wretched gaze from the floor and croaks, "Greetings, Ogden. It is a pity that our first real interaction would be under such awful circ.u.mstances like these."

"As am I," Ogden truthfully said as he removed a vial filled with a clear, odorless liquid that looked just like water. "I am sorry about this, but Auror Clements wishes to ensure that nothing else can be cast upon your already given testimonies."

"It is perfectly understandable," Mr. Wilkes quietly answered. "Percius and I have been friends ever since Hogwarts. And I know it will call into question the entire ongoing investigation and would not just cost me and my family's already tarnished reputation, but that of Percius as well."

"Will that hurt, mother and father?" A timid boy's voice suddenly interjected.

Ogden blinks and glances at the source to find a young boy roughly eight years old. The boy is dark-eyed like his mother with fine dark hair as his father. However, he has an almost waif-like nature due to his large doe-like eyes.

"No," Ogden gently said to the second son of the Wilkes. "Vertiaserum doesn't have any taste at all and will not hurt them."

"Thank you," the boy softly said. "May I stay for the conversation?"

Ogden is about to answer, no, when Mr. Wilkes interrupted by saying, "Allow him to remain, Ogden. There will be worse rumors going around and I do not wish for my second born to learn of the truth of his older brother via another. And I pray that he listens well and learns in order to not repeat his brother's foolish mistakes."

Ogden slowly says, "Very well-," Ogden paused not knowing the boy's name.

"I am Silviu Wilkes, sir," Silviu helpfully offered.

"Thank you," Ogden said, before adding, "However, you must remain absolutely silent during the entire duration of the questioning. Can you do that, Silviu?"

"Yes, sir," Silviu solemnly declared. Unlike his older brother, Silviu was of a quieter disposition. That is not to say he was not cunning or loud at times, but simply much more tranquil than his older brother ever had been.

Certain that the second born of the Wilkes would remain silent, Ogden uncorked the vial and gestured for Mrs. Wilkes to open her mouth. Mrs. Wilkes does as she is told as Ogden carefully only lets three drops fall onto her tongue, before doing the same to Mrs. Wilkes.

Carefully, corking the vial up, Ogden asks, "Will you both please state your names and describe the events that transpired this morning?" Sitting nearby is Auror Clements carefully transcribing the interrogation with quill and parchment. The only sound heard for a moment is the soft scratching of the quill against the parchment.

"I am Mercury Wilkes," Mrs. Wilkes replied. "I am the wife of Secundus Wilkes, and the mother of Spurius Roland Wilkes also known as S.R. Wilkes."

Following promptly after, Mr. Wilkes says, "I am Secundus Wilkes, the husband of Mercury Wilkes, and the once father of Spurius Roland Wilkes for that evil youth is no son of mine. He is of this very moment, from now forth and for all time, promptly stripped of his name, his inheritance, and his right to ever become the head of the Wilkes family. Spurius Roland Wilkes is forevermore banished from the Wilkes manor and all other properties, so mote be."

A whirl of powerful magic can suddenly be felt before it erupts outward and disperses. Magic itself would register the change and the blood magic of the Wilkes family would remove said figure from their records, and the ability to access anything that pertained to the Wilkes family. The most terrible fate that could befall any pureblood is to be considered less than null and be stripped of their rightful inheritance and name.

Ogden slowly nods his head in full understanding knowing that said actions could not be faked. To remove a child via blood magic ensured that said descendant could never be accepted nor ever be allowed to return nor claim the right of the Wilkes surname. Unlike regular disinheritances, blood disinheritances could never be undone. They were permanent for all eternity, and to only be enacted under the most stringent of circ.u.mstances, (as to do increased the odds of a family potentially dying out without enough descendants to maintain the family line alive).