A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 281

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 281 Ministers Oval Office

The next day, the entire wizarding world was abuzz as they read in the Daily Prophet about the attack during the Malfoy wedding. All anyone could do was tsk-tsk as there were even three pureblood deaths. Those of Abraxas Malfoy, Sirsa Prince, and of a mere fourteen-year-old boy, T. Rosier. More than anything this has filled the masses with unease especially the death of the boy as the masses wonder, if any of their children are safe anymore?!

With the Quidditch World Cup just around the corner, this was an unprecedented scandal as the secretary of the Ministry of Magic gave out a statement on behalf of the Minister of Magic Jenkins. The Secretary of the Ministry of Magic stated that this was a single time occurrence and that the Auror department was fully looking into the tragic even. Of course, a certain blond reporter with jewel-studded glasses pointedly declared that the same skull mark that had been cast over the small muggle town of Caithness were one and the same as that cast over the tragic Malfoy party.

The Press Ministry Secretary sternly said that it was an ongoing investigation at the time and that more information would later be released to the press. Naturally, Rita Skeeter wouldn't take that lying down and much later, a beetle buzzed and fluttered its way inside the Ministry of Magic. It was her newly mastered animagus form, which was most useful when digging out dirt. Clinging from wizarding hats to robes, Rita Skeeter slowly made her way through the first floor to the Ministry of Magic's innermost chambers.

The beetle excitedly buzzed as her curly antennas twitched in excitement. There were gleaming freckles around the beetle's eyes signifying her pair of rhinestone glasses. The beetle eagerly made her way inside as the Minister of Magic's receptionist, a thin, prudish witch pulled the door open and brought in a stack of papers. The beetle quietly buzzed in and came to rest on a bookcase.

The usually ornate Minister of Magic's was rather plain for the current Minister of Magic, Eugenia Jenkins. The office was filled with bookshelves full of neat, orderly books. There was a feminine touch here and there such as a potted plant or the landscape painting on the wall. But beyond simple furnishings, Minister Eugenia Jenkins naturally showed her Ravenclaw tendencies placing knowledge above all else.

The stout female with thick bobbed hair sighs and glances up at her newly promoted undersecretary, Mrs. Prim. "Mrs. Prim, please have Ogden come up to see me at his earliest convenience," Minister Eugena Jenkins said as she signed and read the sheets before her.

"Ogden already sent a missive stating that he was on his way," Mrs. Prim firmly replied as she collected the signed sheets from off the Minister's desk.

"Oh good," Minister Jenkins said, before she reached into her desk for the Minister of Magic seal that only the Minister of Magic could use. Stamping several important doc.u.ments, Jenkins hands the rest of the needed doc.u.ments over to Mrs. Prim, before carefully putting the stamp away into the drawer that only the sworn in office Minister of Magic could open.

A soft knock is heard at the door as Minister Jenkins says, "Come in, Ogden and shut the door behind you."

The short, plump wizard with enormous thick glasses enters the office. Bob Ogden looked like he hadn't slept much last night, which he hadn't. Ogden's eyes sparkled most eerily as though a pent-up explosion was imminent. "Minister of Magic," Ogden politely said as the stout witch leaned back in her seat.

"When are the funerals to be held, Ogden?" Minister Jenkins asked. "I'd like to be present."

"The smaller funerals will be held later in the week, but the Malfoy funeral will be held in two days' time alongside that of the Rosier's," Ogden explained. "However, the Prince's will keep to tradition and hold their own private funeral on the Prince grounds. Only family members are to be invited and that only extends to close family members and Sirsa Prince was a sole child."

Ogden paused for a breath, before adding, "But I have been informed that the old Prince requested that his wife's cousins be allowed to attend, she was a Verninac prior to being married. He's requested that emergency portkeys be issued to the French cousins that they might be allowed to attend the funeral."

"Allow it," Minister Jenkins said. "And what of the prisoner?"

"He knows next to nothing," Ogden confessed. "But I do believe that he will be immediately sentenced to Azkaban by the emergency Wizengamot session that is being held later this morning."

"As it should be," Minister of Jenkins murmured as she rubbed her head. "Elections are at the end of his year, and my rival, Harold Minchum has been saying that this proves that I am much too soft for the office and unsuitable for the position in times of danger. Would he rather I suddenly make the unforgiving curses available to all Auror's? What will that accomplish but cause panic among the public!"

"However, this may end, Minister Jenkins, I can confidently say, that you've done a fine job," Ogden plainly stated.

"Thank you, Ogden," Minister Jenkins said with a faint smile. "Though, I have not summoned you here to here pleasantries. I'd like a report on the ongoing investigation."

"Yes, Minister," Ogden said as he straightened up. "We have indeed confirmed that is the same group that targeted the Malfoy Ball and the Malfoy Wedding. However, much like before, their tactics largely consist of raids. A most useful tactic for them and a rather large headache for the Auror Department."

Ogden wisely remained silent on the subject of Harold Minchum and did not add in his report, and instead says, "Though at least we were able to exclude the Wilkes married couple. Their son stunned them, before taking a hair from their head and their wedding invitations. The wife in particular is utterly devastated, but at least, they still have a younger son at home. However, the eldest son has been blood-disinherited, and he shall not be receiving any aid from them in secret, either now or in the future."

"I thought as much," Minister Jenkins rubbed her head. "Are there any clues this time around?"

"We are still looking into it, Minister as information is still coming in," Ogden replied,

purposefully leaving the detail of the dark mark on the prisoner's and some of the dead attackers' forearms. It was a vital clue that they would keep away from the public for now.

"Alright then," Minister Jenkins said as she glanced at the information reports on her desk. "With the World Quidditch Cup to be held just around the corner, we cannot allow for such an incident to occur again with the international wizarding world's eyes upon us. Increase the Auror rotations if need be and you have full permission to use all spells to ensure the protection of the international wizarding guests and our own during the World Quidditch Cup."

"Understood, Minister Jenkins," Ogden said, before turning to leave.

Ogden pauses and says, "And Minister given the circ.u.mstances the department will be renewing the spells for the Minister's office. I do believe some have begun to fade away including the animagus revelation spell."

"That is fine, I will be out of the office on the day of the funeral," Minister Jenkins said. "Ensure that is completed then."

The beetle clicks its pincers nervously and clicks a bit in relief. With a soft buzz, the beetle flutters away to land on the back robes of Ogden. Ogden leaves the office with a beetle, who then slowly makes her way out of the Ministry of Magic with a bag full of news. There was plenty of news about to pour out from Rita Skeeter and the world best be beware.