A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 286

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 286 Evans Family

Two days later, Rowan couldn't quite believe that she was standing in Cokeworth again. Albeit it was the nicer part of town, but still it was a place she'd never thought she'd ever see again. Much less end up in the company of her, Aunt Georgine!

"Keep up, Rowan!" Georgine cried out as she led them towards the Evans home. Severus eagerly scrambled ahead as he carried his valise in his hand. According to their grandfather, they needed fresh air. And as such they'd been sent to spend a few days with the Evans couple, who graciously accepted given the circ.u.mstances.

Rows of red-bricked homes with a small front yard in front of each of them filled with flowers, mostly roses and the like. Mr. Evans worked as a plant supervisor at one of the factories in the area. He earned a pretty penny and enough to move them to a nicer town, if not for his position at one of the nearby factories. But Mr. Evans was content with his lot as was his wife, Mrs. Evans, who was a stay at home wife that enjoyed teaching piano lessons for a bit of money.

Rowan watched some of the children ride their bikes down the street, while a pair of little girls played hopscotch. Sighing at the sweltering heat from the sidewalk and the gravel, she unhappily went forward as Georgine paused in front of a red brick house with petunias and lilies growing in the front yard. Marching up the cement steps, she knocks twice and waits for the door to be answered.

Mrs. Evans answers the door and blinks at seeing a rather tall, slender woman with bird-like winged hair. "Mrs. Evans?" Georgine asked as she glanced at her own clothes. She was wearing a dress that should still be in muggle style along with shoes and stocking. There should be nothing wrong with her apparel!

"Ah, why yes!" Mrs. Evans rather fl.u.s.tered answered as she patted her light-colored hair back in place.

"I am Georgine Prince, a pleasure to make your acquaintance Madam," Georgine politely said. "I was dropping the children off for a few days, I do believe my brother did write to you. And you did indeed assent?"

"Yes, yes, of course!" Mrs. Evans hastily replied.

"Excellent," Georgine Prince said as she pulled out a wad of money and placed it into Mrs. Evan's hand.

Mrs. Evan's eyes bulge at the roll of money unable to even protest as Georgine says, "I'm sure that you will want to take the children out to eat and other such activities. In which case, this should more than pay for everything. My brother and I do appreciate the favor given the short notice and the dreadful circ.u.mstances."

Mrs. Evans pulls her eyes away from the wad of money in her hand and gravely says, "I read the letter from Mr. Prince. He has been nothing but kind to us, please convey our sincere condolences for his and your sudden loss."

"I will, thank you," Georgine said, before turning around to see a rather cheerful Severus and dower looking, Rowan.

"Children, I expect for the two of you to behave yourself and not give the Evans family any trouble." Severus nods his head in agreement as Rowan makes no promises as she pointedly avoids her aunt's gaze.

"I'll be going then," Georgine said, before nodding once at Mrs. Evans and walking down the street. She'd apparate away a few blocks away, but that wouldn't happen for some time. In the meanwhile, she simply enjoyed the sun and the sound of children's laughter, not that she would ever admit it if asked.

"Please come in, dears," Mrs. Evan said as she shoved the wad of money into her apron pocket. Severus happily entered the small home that probably could easily fit in the same area that was their bedroom and bathroom combined. Rowan trailed after as she sighed in relief at feeling the cool air condition. At least she wouldn't die from the heat.

The small living room held a television, a couch, and two armchairs. There was a bookcase against one of the walls with an open half wall that connected to the kitchen. There were two other doors on the first floor, one that led to the guest bedroom with a tiny water closet, and another that led to the small laundry room.

"Lily!" Mrs. Evans called out. "Rowan and Severus are here!"

A loud squeal could be heard upstairs when footsteps can be heard as Lily appears around the top of the banister. "You're here!" Lily excitedly said as Severus smiled up at her. Lily pulled Severus into a hug causing Severus to turn bright red as even Rowan allowed herself to be hugged for a moment.

"C'mon, I'll show you to your room, Severus!" Lily said as she pulled Severus after her. "You're bunking with me, Rowan!" Lily cried out, before pulling Severus into the guest bedroom.

"Lily's room?" Rowan asked Mrs. Evans.

"It'll be the first room, dear," Mrs. Evans replied. "Right across from Lily's is Petunia's and ours is at the end of the hallway."

"Thank you," Rowan said, before climbing up the stairs and staring down the hallway. At least there was a bathroom upstairs as she stepped into Lily's room and froze. She'd forgotten it was the 70's. There was a floral wall with a warm blossom colored bed covering with ruffled ends. The carpet wasn't thick at least, but still, there were posters of boys on the wall.

Snickering Rowan put down her case on the bed and said the names out loud.

"Cristopher Knight from the Brady-Bunch. Brady Williams from the Brady-Bunch. Really, she's got a thing for the Brady-Bunch boys. David Cassidy from the Partridge-Family. I mean, if she's going for hot guys, why not Robert Redford? He's a total hunk right now."

Rowan sighed over Lily's lack of taste in men, before glancing at the rest of Lily's room. There is a large wardrobe and closet. A white bookcase, study desk, and a small dollhouse in the corner of the bedroom. Walking over to the bookcase, she frowns at not finding anything she'd really like to read. Maybe with the bookcase downstairs, she'd get lucky.