A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 288

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 288 Conclave

Turning this way and that Orion Black quickly gave himself one last look in the mirror finding himself pleased with his appearance. Grabbing the invitation off the counter, he strolls downstairs with the Invitation securely in his jacket's pocket. His sons had been rather quiet since the Malfoy wedding that both he and Walburga had begun to worry. But then again, they had seen at least one person being murdered before their very eyes. It wasn't something he'd had ever wanted children to see, while they were still children, if not ever. No matter, what others might think of him, he did care for his two boys.

The dark-haired form of his wife, Walburga was waiting downstairs for him. Her gray eyes flashed as she checked his appearance to make sure that all was right. "Make sure to keep your ears and eyes open, Orion," Walburga not so subtly remarked.

"I will, Walburga," Orion said as he unconsciously patted his coat pocket. "I am more worried about the boys; they have not been eating very much at mealtimes."

"With the shock that they suffered is it any surprise?" Walburga huffed unable to hide the worry in her eyes.

"I think it might do them good to have some air before the World Quidditch Cup," Orion suggested. "Might we send them to spend some time with my sister, Lucretia and her husband, Ignatius Prewett? They do have a home in the countryside, and I think a bit of sun would do them both good."

"I will write to her later this very afternoon," Walburga steadily said as she gave her husband one last nod, before heading upstairs to do so.

Grabbing a bit of floo from a golden urn, Orion tosses the sparkling in the powder. The green flames roar as he steps forward and says, "Prince Family Manor." The Prince Family unchartable floo hearth had temporarily been opened, but only accessible by those with invitations. Otherwise, anyone else attempting to get in would receive a most nasty surprise including those under Polyjuice or in animagus forms.

Orion emerged into the great Prince hall and was surprised at the tastefully luxury. Nowhere near as ostentatious as the Malfoy manor, but certainly not simply furnished either. Why half of the items just in the mere hallway were worth a fortune. Not to mention, whatever else the manor held.

Orion blinks at seeing a house elf wearing a crisp sparkling white collared shirt with black clothes in mourning. Orion blinked again as he couldn't quite believe his eyes. To his even greater shock, the house elf reaches into his pocket and pulls out a golden pocket watch on a chain to glance down at the time.

"If you'll come with me this way, Mr. Black, I shall escort you to where the rest of the guests are presently located at," Tadbey crisply said as he put his watch away.

"You can't do that!" Orion flabbergasted said.

"Do what, sir?" Tadbey arched an eyebrow.

"This!" Orion squawked as he pointed at Tadbey up and down.

"I'm sorry, sir, but I'm afraid I don't understand," Tadbey drily remarked. "Perhaps, we aren't speaking the same English dialect. I do speak several other languages as well, would you like for me to answer in any one of those?"

Orion snaps his mouth with a loud snap as not to further embarrass himself. Though he wasn't sure, he could have sworn he detected a satisfied gleam in the strange house elf's eyes. "This way, sir," Tadbey said as he led the elegant dark-haired man with gray eyes to the ballroom, which was to hold the conclave.

Orion was much too in shock that he didn't really pay attention to the rest of the house. Had he, he'd have realized that the Prince manor easily was much more extravagant that the Malfoy manor. Not in tacky furnishings, but rather the worth of each item. It was certainly the acquirement of centuries of fine investments, if not of successful gambles, and trophies from won duels.

Orion blinks in surprise at spotting two more Black's in attendance. The gaunt figure of Alphard Black, his brother-in-law was sitting down in a seat across from the older figure of Arcturus Black, the 3rd, Orion's own father. The elder wizard was short and somewhat plump, looking very little like his son except for the similar arrogant features and cold gray eyes.

Notably missing was his father-in-law, Pollux Black. Apparently, the elder wizard was quite ill according to Walburga. It would seem that he'd taken Cygnus's death quite to heart and had only worsened upon learning of Alphard's worsening condition. According to the healers of St. Mungo, his brother-in-law would not live past two years more. His time was finally up so to speak.

Walking over to his father, Orion says, "Hello father and good day, Alphard."

Alphard nods his head back at him, while Arcturus sniffs and says, "I was most disappointed in you, Orion. Unlike the rest of us who fled, you unwisely remained behind. You are the head of your household. What would have happened if you had died?"

"I thought it was all under control father," Orion kept the irk out of his voice. "And it was as I am perfectly intact before you."

Arcturus lets out a loud sniff and ignores his son as he says, "I'll be heading over to talk to Mulciber." Arcturus pulled his wide girth from the chair and trotted over to the elder Mulciber Sr., the father of Damien Mulciber. Much like his son, he was quite attractive despite his older years. But unlike his son's golden hair, Mulciber Senior's golden hair had a few silver hairs.

Orion shakes his head and takes the empty vacant seat next to Alphard. "What is it about our father's, Alphard?" Orion huffed not really expecting a response.

"They're utter arses," Alphard deadpanned causing Orion to choke at the blunt statement.

Orion red-faced finally gains his breath back as Alphard says, "Well, I've spotted Stephen Flint and his brothers, Barty Crouch, several of the Greengrass males are present, the Prewett Brothers, Gideon, and Fabian, the Bones brothers are here including their father, the Nott's, Rosier's, Mulciber's, Fawley, Crowley, Avery, Goyle, Crabbe, Parkinson, Champlin, Macmillan, Boone, Adler, McLaggen, Podmore, McKinnon, and even the widowed, Augusta Longbottom and many more! It would seem that the old Prince really went all out."

Alphard paused to silently point out his nephew-in-law by marriage, Lucius Malfoy. The poor boy seemed rather pale as he stuck close to his mother-in-law, Druella Black, who was at the side of her Rosier cousins. All of them were all in black mourning the tragic losses from the wedding that seemed a lifetime ago but merely had been a few days ago.

Orion slowly nodded his head in the direction of Alphard's gesture, before turning to say, "Yes, but if you notice those invited were pureblood families who still keep the old ways."

"Yes, but the old Prince's grandchildren are half-bloods, and his heirs," Alphard retorted back. "Though he may side somewhat on the side of tradition, he most certainly is quite modern and open-minded for a wizard of his age."

"Touch," Orion acknowledged with a slight grimace.

The crowd quickly grows quiet as the ballroom doors swing open to reveal the tall, stern figure of Reginald Prince and walking beside him of the not quite as tall figure of Georgine Prince. Both of them of their figures were attention-grabbing. Not because of their height or because they were those holding the Conclave, but rather because of their presence. The Prince's certainly knew how to garner the attention of others, they always had.