A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 289

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 289 Conclave

Reginald Prince's dark eyes scanned those assembled and nodded his head. "Thank you for accepting our invitation," Reginald said as the crowd slowly bowed their heads back. "For those that are in mourning like we are, we thank you for still attending despite the recent loss."

"I have not invited you all for pleasantries, but for a declaration of War. I ask that we unite and clasp hands firmly in these troubled times," Reginald's eyes coldly raked over the crowd.

"For thousands of years there has been an unspoken code among us Purebloods to never attack even the worst of enemies during weddings nor at funerals. They are considered solemn and sacred occasions and yet our purest of traditions have been trampled upon by some of our own who claim to follow a so-called, Lord Voldemort."

There is a still hush over the crowd, but especially those that are aware of Lord Voldemort. The previous sympathizers such as the Rosier's and them, and the secret order members. "I am not asking that we rise up and fight, but rather we turn over any traitors to the proper authorities," Reginald matter-of-factly stated to the relief of many.

"And also, to dissuade any of you who think of joining this self-titled Dark Lord," Reginald brusquely said to the shame of several of those present. "I know that several of you must be in contact or even know of this so-called, dark Lord. I also know that several of you are even still tempted to follow him given that he is revealed that he is Salazar's heir. Indeed, I can even confirm that he indeed is a parselmouth."

A gasp goes through the crowd as Reginald firmly squashes any doubters. "But Salazar Slytherin is not only parselmouth to have been more as in during the 16th century for there is also, Paracelsus, a genius medical healer, and alchemist. However, he was in no manner whatsoever related to Salazar Slytherin and yet he was born with the gift. Regardless of what house we belong to we are all purebloods and should know better than to trust such a claim without proof.

If he truly is Salazar's heir, why does he frolic in the shadows, why not proudly announce his claim? And most importantly why commit such foul deeds? Most of us would have willingly sided with him and yet his actions prove otherwise. I do not believe this man could ever be the rightful heir of Salazar Slytherin as we the Prince's are."

There is a breathless silence as Reginald flashes a cold wolfish grin. "I know that it seems almost maddening and rather outlandish to make such a claim, but we are. Unlike some wizarding families, we can trace our family all the way back to the Roman's, when our ancestors first came to this land as legionnaires. Oh, yes, the Princes can trace our lineage for more than the past three thousand years."

Turning to his sister, Reginald says, "Georgine, if you would please."

Georgine pulls out a shrunken tapestry roll, before beginning to unfold the long roll. Even shrunken the roll made its way across a third of the ballroom. The instant the enlarging spell was cast the tapestry crossed the full length of the ballroom and then begun to curl around, before ending at the feet of the one the guests.

There is an incredulous silence as Reginald walks down halfway to the tapestry and raises it in the air. "Before we were Prince's, we were once called, Hassan's."

The crowd gasps at the Prince's openly acknowledging that they were descendants of the Percussor's. Even if there were other descendants still living none of them would ever claim to be a descendant of the assassination wizarding clans that had once existed and had been destroyed by the founders.

"But our forefather, Salazar Slytherin came to love our foremother, Lamia. As such a pact was made, we swore never to kill for coin again, but circ.u.mstances that they were caused the two to separate. Lamia and those remaining of our family fled to Gaul also known as France nowadays. There she bore him a son, Salazar Prince, named after his father and his clan. For he was the clan's last male heir, their prince. As such we changed our names from then on to Prince to recall our ancestor's sacrifice and so we have remained as Prince's ever since then," Reginald said as he gently dropped the tapestry onto the ground.

"And unlike the so-called heir of Slytherin, we the Prince's can provide adequate proof," Reginald said as he gestured for Tadbey to come forth. The purebloods are much too shocked at this point that seeing a house elf in black mourning clothes didn't seem like anything strange at all.

Reginald reverently opened the heavily enchanted wooden box that only the Prince head could open. Inside the small wooden chest were two items, a silver dagger, and a gold pendant. With care, Reginald removed the silver dagger encrusted with emerald gemstones in the figure of a snake that went across the handle.

Holding the silver, goblin forged dagger in the air, Reginald says, "This belonged to our forefather Salazar Slytherin and since then for to us to keep." This was all true, however, it had been given as payment rather than an heirloom. But some things were best left unsaid.

Reginald walked over to Arcturus Black much to the surprise that knew them for the two of them had an antagonizing relationship. "You've seen more artifacts than I can count, Arcturus Black. Is this true or not?" Reginald asked as he carefully placed the silver dagger into Arcturus shaking hands.

Arcturus' hands shook as he studied the dagger and found the still perfectly carved shinning curved letters on the dagger, Salazar Slytherin. Pouring a bit of magic into the dagger, he can still feel the way it was forged and who it was given too.

Arcturus lets out a gasp of wonder, "It is real! It is Salazar Slytherins dagger!" There is a rush of whispers as Arcturus reverently hands the dagger to the elder Mulciber at his side, who seemed to be in shock.

Reginald returns to the box and grabs the golden pendant from the box. "And like the first Prince, his wife, Magia was special in her own right. For she was the child of Merlin Ambrosius himself." Reginald held the glittering pendant in the air before the transfixed crowd. Walking over to Arcturus once more, he handed over the gold pendant as well.

Arcturus reverently took the golden pendant, before with a trembling voice saying, "It is indeed Merlin Ambrosius's." That heirloom too was passed onto another pureblood who reverently took the golden pendant.