A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 293

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 293 Gringotts Meeting

Hastily glancing up at the clock, Grok to his utter relief sees that it is only three minutes until nine. Rushing to his feet, Grok says, "I best open the fireplace, the Minister will be flooing in any second." Casting some goblin magic on the hearth the mental bars slid away allowing for someone to floo in for only the Head Goblin was allowed to change the settings on the fireplace.

And it was a good thing too as Grok had only just sat back down in his chair when the flames turned green. From the fireplace emerged a stout witch with thick bobbed hair. The Minister of Magic Eugenia Jenkins wore crisp gray robes as she sharply glanced at both males. "Greetings to you both," Minister Jenkins said.

"Please have a seat Minister of Magic," Grok gestured for the Minister to take the remaining empty seat.

"Thank you," Minister Jenkins said as she walked around the desk and sat down in the empty chair. Turning to study the tall, stern profile of Reginald Prince, she says, "I must admit the announcement in the Daily Prophet shocked the masses including the Ministry."

"We the Prince's would have preferred to remain in anonymity as we have for all these thousands of years," Reginald replied. "But the matter of my wife's death and the two others at the hands of a so-called fanatical group that claims to follow a descendant of Salazar Slytherin absolutely infuriates me! We the descendants of Salazar Slytherin may be many things much like our own ancestor was. But we are not monsters that would attack innocent women and children!"

"I understand and appreciate the digression in all these past years," Minister Jenkins. "But why have you requested my coming here, Prince? Are you announcing your attempt at a coup?"

Reginald snorts and says, "I hate people as it is. I'd probably condemn everyone to be hung at the gallows or at the guillotine within days."

Minister Jenkins and Grok chuckle as Reginald Prince was known for his dislike of others. Lips still twitching with mirth, Minister Jenkins says, "Then what is that you seek to do, Prince?"

"I seek protection for my family," Reginald said to the surprise of Grok and Minister Jenkins. "In another era, perhaps, we would have been fine as you say attempting a coup. But though there are many that would follow us, there are many more who despise Salazar Slytherin are equally and us for being his descendants. I do not seek power, but I will use it to protect my own."

Minister Jenkins leans back and frowns. "Then what exactly is that you are offering, Prince?"

"I offer the purebloods votes on your side for certain topics and the guarantee that they will side with you for the upcoming election in December," Reginald said as Minister Jenkins and Grok stared at him with wide eyes. "Your opponent Harold Minchum might be the minister that we need in hard times, but I fear that he would make a mess of everything.

No, I still think you are the best choice, though I might suggest that you allow your Auror's more force for the time being. If there is indeed a fanatical group attempting to overthrow the Ministry and the wizarding world as we know it. Then their attacks should increase in the nearby future and we cannot have our Auror's dying because they attempt to non-lethal spells first.

I can assure you as someone who fought in the past, and I can assure you that these radicals will not hesitate to use lethal spells. And you will lose good men and women all because you, Minister do not wish to be seen as an abusive Minister. But if you remain soft-hearted as you are now, you will lose the election Minister. The people want to feel safe and secure and you are not offering them that, Minister."

"Then I am to understand, Prince, that you will not allow the purebloods to overthrow the Ministry and will convince them to side with me?" Minister Jenkins asked awaiting the final confirmation.

"Correct," Reginald said. "And it would be hypocritical of me to do otherwise as my grandchildren and heirs are half-bloods themselves."

"Yes, the descendants of Salazar Slytherin are half-bloods," Minister Jenkins nodded. "That little tidbit did much to ease the hearts of those in working in the Ministry. And as did the revelation of Merlin being your ancestor as well given that he was the strongest wizard in recorded history and a stout muggle supporter."

Minister Jenkins eyes Reginald Prince for a moment, before extending her hand for a handshake. "Aye, Prince, I think that we will get along just nicely."

"It will be an honor, Minister Jenkins," Reginald said as he firmly shook her hand.

Minister Jenkins nods her head and says, "I do believe that is all gentlemen, in that case I will take my leave."

"A moment, please," Reginald said. "I have a favor to ask Minister."

Minister Jenkins furrows her brows as suspicion fills her gaze. "Yes, Prince?"

"I am worried about my grandchildren," Reginald confessed as Minister Jenkins slowly nodded her head. "I wish to request that they be allowed to take the C.S.A.E., the Comprehension Student Apprenticeship Exam in July. I am aware that that normally students don't attempt it until next year at the earliest. But I would like to see them both apprenticed by the end of summer to Albus Dumbledore.

In the meanwhile, please remove their trace upon their being for them to be able to practice their magic for the exam. However, not on their wands please until it is confirmed that they have indeed passed the exam. I want to make certain they won't be tempted to cast spells otherwise. In the meantime, my sister and my wand should suffice for them to practice with."

Minister Jenkins eyes brighten in understanding as she says, "You wish to give them the protection of the Chief Warlock and that of the people, don't you, Prince?"

"Yes, Minister," Reginald confessed. "I'm afraid as they are both in Slytherin that is all that the masses will see despite our being descendants of Merlin as well. Not only that but I wish to redeem our house as well. We Slytherins are many things, but we are not all dark wizards, nor have we produced as many the masses seem to think. But that is all that the masses seem to see or think of us."

Minister Jenkins slowly nods her head and says, "Now, this I can do. I'll have my receptionist; Mrs. Prim start on it right away."

"Thank you, Minister," Reginald gratefully said.

"It will be my pleasure, Prince," Minister Jenkins said as she smiled at him, before striding over to the fireplace. "It is always a pleasure gentleman," she said again, before tossing floo powder into the flames and saying, "Minister of Magic's office." With a green roar, she was gone leaving the two males behind.

With a confident step, Minister Jenkins emerged into her book-filled office. Calling out she says, "Mrs. Prim if you would come in, I have an assignment for you!" Minister Jenkins hides a smile as she takes a seat at her desk. Things were starting to look up and come along rather nicely. And if that was the case, she'd take the advice of the old Prince. After all, she was one in most need of his services, not the other way around.