A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 296

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 296 Disclosures

Rowan and Severus blink to find themselves on the green grassy lawn instead of 7th Meadow Lane. Seeing the twins puzzled look Georgine says, "Your grandfather was worried about anything happening to the two of you if we kept apparating in the forest. With the aid of Sir Knight Prince, he adjusted the wards for the Prince heirs to be able to directly apparate and from disparate from the front lawns."

"Well that's convenient," Rowan remarked as Georgine's lips twitched into a faint smile.

"Come along, your grandfather is eagerly awaiting the both of you inside," Georgine said as she led them across the green lawns. "He needs to have a private word with both of you in the study."

"Uh-oh," Severus said causing both Georgine and Rowan to stare at him.

Severus sheepishly glances away and says, "I might have taken a few of grandfathers' books out of the study."

"Though that does merit punishment that is not the reason for your summons," Georgine drily said knowing full well that her brother loved his precious books.

The great front doors open as Dawn still a bit red-eyed says, "Dawn welcomes Miss Georgine, and the young master and mistress. Please let Dawn take your travel bags for the Master has requested the young master mistress's presence."

"Thank you, Dawn," Both Severus and Rowan said in unison as Dawn took their bags with a smile and popped away.

Georgine left the two of them in the hallway as she said over her shoulder, "Don't worry, Reginald won't bite. Probably." With lips twitching with mirth she turned the corner and retreated to her own personal quarters for the day. She needed a nap and shouldn't have woken so early.

The two of them enter their grandfather's study to find his study as usual. Open books are strewn across the room with an assortment of potions, which Severus and Reginald were both working on.

In the corner of the room is a neat pile of books, which Rowan has claimed as her own. Seeing their grandfather calmly waiting for them with his hands rest on his stomach caused them to stare. Something must be wrong as grandfather never greeted them like this.

Glancing up, Reginald says, "How was your breath of fresh air? I hope that you enjoyed yourselves at the Evans home."

"It was nice," Severus confessed as he wryly took a seat across their grandfather.

"And you, Rowan?"

"I enjoyed the sounds of the town," Rowan softly said. "I hadn't realized how much I missed them."

Reginald slowly nods his head and says, "I'm sure you're both curious as to why I have summoned you."

Seeing Severus wince and Rowan remains still as Reginald says, "I have a family secret to confess that which the entire wizarding world is now aware of." And so, Reginald explains the truth behind the Prince family and that of their ancestry.

Severus sputters in shock except for Rowan causing Reginald to say, "You don't seem to be in shock."

"James Potter sent Lily a copy of the Daily Prophet this morning," Rowan plainly explained. "There's not much to be shocked about."

Severus chokes and points at Rowan. "And why didn't you say anything?"

Flashing a wolfish smile, Rowan replies, "Because you didn't ask."

Severus begins to flush in anger as Rowan says, "I was also told that we carry the blood of Godric Gryffindor and Helga Hufflepuff through our muggle father. I suppose he's actually a squib, isn't he grandfather?"

Severus whirls around to stare at his grandfather as Reginald slowly nods his head. "Yes, he is a squib descended via the maternal lines from Godric Gryffindor and through the paternal lines from Helga Hufflepuff."

Reginald doesn't ask the obvious question while Severus is in the room as Severus shouts, "Does everyone keep secrets from me?!"

"It's only human nature, Severus, don't be so ignorant," Rowan chastised him.

Severus opens and closes his mouth, before saying, "I'm going for a walk!" And slamming the door behind him as he stomps out of the study.

"Well, that went well," Rowan honestly commented given Severus's temperament.

"And how did you learn that, Rowan?" Reginald finally asked.

"A snake told me," Rowan answered back.

"A snake?"


"What kind of snake?"

"A very long-lived snake."

"At Hogwarts?"


Reginald's eyes widen as he connects the pieces together. "Don't tell me that the rumors about the Chamber of Secrets are real after all?!"

"It was," Rowan sheepishly confessed without glancing at her grandfather.

"Was it a Basilisk?" Reginald pointedly hissed as he leaned forward instantly making the connection in his mind.

"It's dead now."

"What were you thinking? You could have died!"

Rowan doesn't react as Reginald says, "The Basilisk skin that was you all along? That's why the goblins invited you to the auction!"

"And that is precisely, why I didn't say anything," Rowan said with a tired sigh. "You would have stopped me, grandfather. And it needed to be done."

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Reginald says, "I assume that you destroyed the Basilisk so that this Lord Vold-."

"Don't say his name!" Rowan hissed causing Reginald to pause. "He has a rather nasty spell triggered to those that say his name. His real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle, a half-blood. Call him Riddle instead."

"Riddle?" Reginald muttered as he furrowed his brows. "Where have I heard that name before?" Reginald's eyes widen in shock as he recalls the name. "Not the Gaunt muggle murderer?"

"Precisely," Rowan drily said.

"So, he's been a monster ever since then," Reginald mused out loud. "And let me make an educated guess that girl that died, Myrtle Warren is somehow related to him as the Basilisk must have killed her."

"Correct yet again," Rowan lightly applauded her grandfather.

"Dear Merlin," Reginald said as he rubbed his face. "Is this what you have Moody and them doing all this time?"

"I can't say," Rowan said. "For the strands of fate will change even more."

"Then I won't ask again," Reginald clarified as he glanced at Rowan. "So, did you at least get a pretty galleon from the goblins?"

"After a 15% commission, I earned 1,814,738 galleons and one knut," Rowan grinned causing Reginald to let out a soft whistle.

"Well, it would seem that I no longer have to provide any pocket money for you," Reginald teased at seeing the sudden gloomy expression on Rowan's face.

After a moment, Rowan finally seems to make up her mind. "Grandfather, I was told by someone that I have Gellert Grindelwald's eyes. My eyes are like that of my muggle father, is there any truth to that?"

Seeing Reginald unable to respond, Rowan's eyes widen as she slowly says, "You're afraid," not able to believe the utter stillness in his eyes.

"I am afraid for you," Reginald tightly said. "You already carry three founder lines and the heritage of the Prince's. And all those are already heavy burdens to bear but even more so with their gifts included. And you, child, unlike your brother, already possess two of their gifts. And I fear that you may have inherited something of Gellert Grindelwald as well."

"How in Merlin's name is that possible?!" Rowan bluntly said, before carefully adding, "I thought that he did not have much interest in witches or muggle women, if the speculation is to be believed?"

"That I don't know. But what I do know is that his bloodline appeared three generations ago. Whether from regular means or not, I do not know."

There is a pause until Rowan asks, "Are you afraid that I and Severus will turn dark?"

"That is a concern, but no, that is not my main concern."

"Then what is?"

"Wizards commonly begin to come into their power at age fifteen until they are finished by their 7th year. But I've already felt your power begin to crackle and ever since your grandmother's death as has your brother's. I fear that with the both of you already coming in so early into your powers that you may harm yourself or others in a moment of weakness, rage."

Rowan is silent for a moment unable to dispute the truth of her grandfather's words. "Then what should we do?"

"I would have originally wanted to wait until after your fourth year," Reginald sadly said. "But I fear that we must make post haste. I called in a favor and both of you will take the C.S.A.E., the comprehension student apprenticeship exam before the month of July is up. I will see both of you apprenticed before the summer is up."

"I would like to argue and say that we don't have much time," Rowan tiredly said. "But with Severus being emotional as he is. I fear that you are right, and this is the best choice for us.

Though I must admit I am still a bit mad at you. I would have liked to have known that Sir Knight Prince was a parselmouth as well."

"It wasn't my secret to tell," Reginald said as Rowan frowned, but nodded her head in understanding.

"Shall I be the one to inform Severus, or will you?"

"No sense in worrying him even more. I'll just have him practice potions with me and pretend to test him on them."

"I suppose that will have to do."

"It will."

Rowan nodded, before rising to her feet. "Thank you, grandfather, for not asking."

Reginald rises from his seat and bends down. He places a gentle kiss on the top of her forehead. "I won't be a cause for burden," Reginald said, before patting her gently on the head.

Reginald watches his granddaughter go with heavy eyes as he finally slumps back into his seat. This needed to work or else he feared what would occur upon their return to Hogwarts. There would be many who would seek ally with them, but an equal many who would hate them upon sight.

And all it would take was a single incident to doom them both. With that endeavor in mind, he quickly set out items, before summoning Dawn to bring Severus back down. Even if Severus hated him for the rest of the year. He would do what was best for them.