A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 301

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 301 Hope Lupin

After some time, Lyall finally pulls back as Hope gasps in pleasure and embarrassment at being caught so every unaware. "Well, that's certainly new," Hope murmured in disbelief.

Fl.u.s.tered, she tugs her still loose hair back and tries to compose herself. Hope's cheeks are flushed rosy pink as she narrows her eyes again at her husband. "Lyall Lupin, have you been drinking fire whiskey with that old chum of yours Kettleburn?"

"No, my love," Lyall steadfastly answered. "I am just finding myself so very fortunate to be married to you and have you for my wife on this very fine morning."

Hope eyes her husband a bit dubiously, but he is able to meet her eyes without flinching. "Well, you certainly don't smell like you've been drinking," Hope finally admitted. "But where have you been?

And don't tell me you were at work, Lyall Lupin. I called, Thompson's wife on the landline and she said that you'd left on time with the rest of the ministry officials."

"I did, my love," Lyall beamed at her causing Hope to wonder if her husband was on some sort of magical or hallucinatory potion. She'd heard there'd been a raging epidemic as of late among middle-aged wizards. Something about having a mid-life crisis or that a great deal of Ministry officials at present are under a great deal of pressure with the upcoming Quidditch World Cup to be held that summer. Was it any wonder that they were resorting to illegal substances?!

Before Hope can ask more on the subject, Lyall takes her hands and carefully pulls her into the kitchen. Hope with skeptical eyes allows herself to be meekly led inside. She couldn't help but wonder if Lyall had been fired from his position at the Ministry of Magic. Or worse, could her worst fears be finally coming true? Had someone reported their son to the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures? And now, he'd be taken away!

"Have a seat love," Lyall said. "You'll wanted to be seated to hear the news."

Hope feels the air being pulled from her lungs in confirmation. Trying to not tremble nor show her great fright, Hope drily swallows and tries to show a stiff upper lip. "Well, what is it?"

"There's a cure, my love," Lyall whispered with joy as he knelt on the crumb filled kitchen floor. His wife blankly stared at him until he gently squeezed her hands to remind that he was waiting for her reply.

"A cure?" Hope murmured not quite understanding her husband's words


"A cure for werewolfism," Lyall uttered with elation.

"A cure," Hope whispered in utter disbelief as moisture began to appear in her eyes.

"Yes, my love," Lyall happily exclaimed. "That is why I was unable to come home last night as Master Belby was revealing the cure to the Minister of Magic Jenkins. And this morning, I was present at the news conference given by the Minister of Magic confirming the cure. Our son is finally safe, Hope."

Hope is silent as tears of utter joy wash down her face. Tears can also be seen pouring down Lyall's face as the couple foolishly grins at each other despite their tear-filled faces. Hope flings herself into her husband's arms as they desperately hug each other. Her husband doesn't even comment when she soaks his robes with her tears nor does she at finding the top of her head damp with her husband's tears.

Finally, after a good long cry of relief, Hope pulls back and dries her eyes with her sleeve. Lyall does much the same as he helps her back into his chair as knees let out a loud pop. A watery smile appears on Hope's face as she chuckles, "You're getting old, Lyall."

Lyall sniffs indignantly as he seats himself in one of the kitchen chairs. "I'll have you know, woman, I am quite young for a wizard."

Hope merely arches her brows in teasing gesture as she points at silver hairs at his brow. "Oh, my mistake, and what is that? Flour?" Hope sarcastically pointed out.

Lyall lips purse up in a pout as Hope winks roguishly at her husband, before coming more serious. "What must we do, Lyall to have Remus receive the cure?" Hope seriously asked. "I am sure that the Ministry of Magic will not give out the cure without some conditions."

"It's already been taken care of my love," Lyall warmly explained. "I have registered our son to receive the cure first thing this morning. The cure must be taken in three dosages every month on the night of the full moon, before the moon rises fully into the sky. And thorough our finances will be a tad snug to cover the three-potion treatment, it won't be anything that we can't afford."

"Wonderful," Hope said with such hope and optimism in her voice. "We must tell, Remus, Lyall."

"Is he still asleep?" Lyall asked much more somber.

"Yes, but I think, he would like to learn of this wonderful news as soon as possible," Hope sincerely suggested.

"Yes, I know he does," Lyall guiltily whispered. He knew it was because of him that his son had been cursed by that wretched beast, Greyback. But at least Auror Vinovich had killed Greyback before passing away. And for that, he'd forever be grateful to her.

Holding hands, the couple climbed up the stairs and entered the bedroom of their sleeping son. They each sat on the side of their son's bed as Lyall firmly, but gently shook their son awake. "Remus, son, please wake up. Your mother and I have something which to discuss with you."

Exhausted from rampaging all night long, Remus struggles to peel back his scratchy eyes. His voice is scratchy as he says, "Mum? Dad? What's going on?"

"Remus, we found a cure," Lyall loudly said as a glint of sheen could be seen in his eyes.

"A cure?" Lupin paused trying to think. His eyes slowly widen with joy and begin to fill with tears. "Please, dad. Please don't joke with me!"

"I'm not, son," Lyall hoarsely replied with eyes full of tears again. "It's all true. You can finally be free of this curse."

Remus throws himself into his parent's arms as they all noisily begin to weep as a family. The werewolfism that Remus had put an unspoken tension on their family for so many years. For his father, it was guilt. For his mother, her health. And for himself, the hope of any type of a future. And now, for the first time since he was a little boy. Remus knew that his childhood dream had finally come true. He was going to be cured. He was finally going to be free.