A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 308

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 308 C.s.a.e.

Rowan and Severus's wands were instructed to put their wands away, before taking a seat at two desks. They were each given anti-cheating quills and told that the first written exam would be on History of Magic. And after a quick glance, the twins realized that this written exam was more of multiple questions or replying with the correct answer rather than being in an essay format.

The two of them quickly got to work and tried their best to remember everything they had studied even if that seemed like an impossible feat at the same time. History of Magic contained vast information and they had only had roughly a month and a half to prepare. However, there were portions on the exam where they had to simply just guess or write semi-detailed answers as they couldn't recall the entire relevant or obscure pertaining details for the said historical event. Needless to say, neither, Rowan nor Severus were pleased as they'd always been able to give their best on an exam.

Finally, roughly after two hours, Rowan and Severus finished with a loud groan of relief. Master Strauss, the proctor for the exam chuckled at seeing their exhausted faces. "I'm sure that the both of you would like a break now, before your next exam. We'll have a bit of tea before Master Linnaeus has you take the Potions written exam."

"Thank you," the twins with great relief, while Master Linnaeus, who had been the witness snorted in annoyance. However, Master Strauss jovially winked at them and also subtly pointed out the restroom door that was connected to the classroom for them to use.

After a fifteen-minute break, Master Linnaeus had them go back to work. Not very surprisingly, this portion of the exam was a cinch for Severus, who flew through the exam and finished first. Rowan took much longer to finish and was greeted by Severus's smug face smirking at her. Rowan, in turn, sneered back at him vowing to get back at her twin.

Before the next written exam could be given by Master Linnaeus, there was a knock on the door. The single clerk from the C.S.A.E office is a middle-aged woman with neatly cropped hair peeks her head inside the classroom. "It is lunchtime," the clerk quickly announced.

Master Linnaeus frowns, but says, "Very well, bring in their lunch."

The clerk quickly steps inside with a tray filled with two bowls of creamy potato soup, two slices of bread, and two cranberry scones are brought in. The clerk carefully places the trays onto each desk without spilling a single drop of soup. "Please merely place the trays outside of the door, I'll come back and collect them in a bit," the clerk mumbled, before scurrying away and closing the door behind her.

Starving Rowan and Severus happily dug in and devoured every single crumb of their meal. And if they were honest, the meal simply tasted divine. But then again, they were starving, and food always tastes better that way.

The instant they were done, Master Linnaeus had them taking the Herbology written exam. Rowan happily made her way through this exam, while Severus struggled a bit on some of the questions. With great delight, Rowan put down her quill and smugly waited for Severus. It took Severus some time to complete the exam and he fiercely scowled at her when he put down his quill. Rowan merely smirked back in petty revenge.

Feeling rather dizzy with a bit of a headache at this point, Rowan and Severus hope that they will get another break as Master Linnaeus collected their scrolls. As if right on cue, the cropped haired female clerk knocks on the door and says, "It is dinner time."

Master Linnaeus snorts and says, "The written exam portions are done for now. After dinner, the clerk will escort you to a secure area in which to rest at. I suggest the both of you nap as Madam Berk will have the both of you up at midnight to take the Astronomy exam portion." With a flourish, Master Linnaeus departs with Master Strauss, who had been the witness for Master Linnaeus smiles at them, before leaving the classroom.

After dinner, the middle-aged female clerk returns to the twins their small overnight bags. "Please follow me, this way examinees," the clerk directed them towards a nearby door just down the hall from where they were at.

The clerk unlocks the door with a great golden key and says, "There are two small, clean beds found inside. There is also a small adjacent bathroom including a small shower for use. The door will be locked from the outside to keep the examinees from wandering about. Are there any questions?"

Rowan and Severus tiredly shook their heads, before stepping inside. The room was dimly lit by candles and smelled a bit dusty as if not infrequent use, but the bedroom was clean even if it was devoid of any other furniture other than the two twin-sized beds propped up against the wall. With a loud click, the clerk firmly closed and locked the door behind him.

Too tired to talk, the two of them take turns using the bathroom, before climbing into bed and falling fast asleep. They must have slept the entire time, because they woke to a start when the door clicked open. Rowan and Severus groggily reached for their wands that were under their pillow as Madam Marchbanks said, "Madam Berk is waiting for the both of you, it's time. However, I'll give you both five minutes to wash your faces and wake up."

Rowan and Severus shuffled to the bathroom and washed their faces with cold water to wake up. The cold water did the right trick as they found themselves bright awake. Shivering at the cold, they followed after Madam Marchbanks back to their prior classroom.

Thanks to the Magical Maintenance department the classroom had been enchanted to show the night sky hanging overhead. Overall, the Astronomy exam wasn't so bad as it was basically them plotting the planets, stars, constellations, and said astrological movements. Memorizing the Astronomy textbook paid off as the two of them began to fill out the star sheets.

It was just after three in the morning when Rowan and Severus are finally done charting the required cosmos for the Astronomy exam. They are cold, tired, and their hands were aching from writing. They didn't even say thank you to Madam Marchbanks when she escorted them back to their room. Instead, the twins merely kicked off their shoes and climbed into bed, falling fast asleep with their clothes still on.