A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 309

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 309 C.s.a.e.

On the following day, the written exams for Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and Transfiguration were taken. Tuesday passed in an exhausting blur much like the day before only this time around there was not a midnight exam. And to Rowan's and Severus's great delight, they slept the entire night and woke up refreshed the next day.

After breakfast, Madam Marchbanks did not have them immediately taken to the classroom. Instead, she spoke to them in their bedroom, "Each of you has a written exam remaining, but as they are in two different subjects the exams will be given at a later date. As such, instead, this morning, we will begin on practical exams. The first two exams will be with Master Linnaeus for Potions and Herbology."

Madam Marchbanks paused as if waiting for them to ask questions. Seeing that neither of the twins seemed puzzled, she adds, "Make sure to bring your wands."

Rowan and Severus don't move as they have their wands already with them. Nodding her head in satisfaction, Madam Marchbanks leads them out of the room and back to the classroom. However, the classroom had been transformed as there were ingredients on a potions shelf and two cauldrons ready for their use along with the needed utensils.

The solemn Potions Master, Master Linnaeus is waiting for them. "Miss Prince, you will concoct the Draught of the Living Death without the formula. And for you, Mr. Prince, Felix Felicis. I expect both of you to showcase your skills," Master Linnaeus sternly ordered.

Rowan for one perked up as the Draught of the Living Death did not require a single living ingredient and was technically considered a poison. Feeling as though luck was finally on her side, she happily walked over to the ingredient cupboard and began to pull out the main ingredients that she would need, wormwood, root of asphodel, sloth brain, sopophorus bean's.

With a skip in her step, Rowan lit the flames under her cauldron with her wand. She'd only just cut up, five Sopophourus Bean's with the edge of a silver = blade when the door burst open as one of the newest members of the Improper Use of Magic burst in. Both Rowan and Severus turned around to stare at the beaming figure in the doorway.

A short squat young woman resembling a large pale toad stood in the doorway. She had a broad, flabby face, a wide, slack mouth, and a little neck. Her eyes were bulging and slightly pouchy, while pinned in her mousy brown hair is a black velvet bow. She wore a green tween outfit with a fuzzy pink cardigan on top that made her look that much more like a toad.

In a simpering high-pitched voice, Dolores Umbridge holds out a letter in her stubby fingers that are covered in gaudy old rings, and triumphantly begins to read,

"To Mr. and Miss Prince,

We have received intelligence that the both of you performed a fire casting charm at exactly twelve minutes past nine this morning. The severity of the breach of the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery within the offices the-."

"And who might you be?" Madam Marchbanks, who'd been sitting in the corner stood up with narrowed eyes.

Umbridge did not like being interrupted at all. With a simpering sweet smile, Umbridge says, "Why Madam Marchbanks, I am simply performing my duty as a member of the Improper Use of Magic."

"The Prince children are to be excused given that they are presently take the C.S.A.E examination," Madam Marchbanks coldly said as she memorized the face of the annoying chit before her.

"However, according to Article 21 of the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery, the Prince children will still be held liable as the Improper Use of Magic Department was not duly informed in on time," Umbridge said in a poisoned honey voice.

Madam Marchbanks wasn't one to be taken lightly as she barks, "Who is your superior, Miss-?"

"I am Miss Umbridge, and my superior is Mr. Spry. But I can assure you, Madam Marchbanks, that my superior will say the same thing," Umbridge said with a great deal of satisfaction.

However, before Madam Marchbanks could react, a breathless figure rushed inside. The man had his hair parted exactly in the middle to both sides. The wizard panting said, "My apologies Madam Marchbanks, I forgot to apply the exemption for the Prince children prior to their examination.

I was duly informed and given the direct seal of approval from the Minister of Magic to do so. I apologize for Umbridge's actions as she was still new. Please forgive her for her over-enthusiasm for the job," Mr. Spry nervously said.

A gleam of triumphant can be seen in Madam Marchbank's eyes as she says, "Do take care of it, Mr. Spry. You are lucky it was the only start of the exam because if their final performance had affected because of your Miss Umbridge, I'd be calling for your head next."

"Yes, Madam Marchbanks," Mr. Spry hastily said, before dragging a gobsmacked Umbridge out of the door. As the door slammed shut behind them, Mr. Spry began to shout at Umbridge out the top of his voice. Umbridge could be heard futilely trying to defend herself to no avail. She was in deep doo-doo so to speak and she knew it.

Rowan snickers and sincerely hopes that gets Umbridge demoted. Because if anyone deserved to lose their job it was Umbridge. That woman was a literal witch in the worst possible way of the definition of the word.

Master Linnaeus coughs and says, "Now that is over, please return back to your exam."

"Yes, Master Linnaeus," Rowan and Severus said, before returning to their exam.

With Rowan and Severus back to work, Master Linnaeus shared a glance with Madam Marchbanks. Someone had it out for the Prince family despite their most recent revelation. Why else would a mere lackey be paying such close attention to the Prince children? But better yet, who and why?