A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 314

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 314 Master

Seeing the twin's silence, Dumbledore quickly changed the subject as his blue eyes turned to gaze at the younger lad. "And you, Severus?" He asked.

Severus licks his suddenly dry lips and says, "I'd like to drop Astronomy, Divination, History of Magic, and Potions."

"I thought as much," Dumbledore sagely nods. "I've taken the liberty to add several new courses to both of your schedules."

Rowan and Severus blink in confusion as he continues, "The both of you will be taking, Alchemy, Ancient Studies, and Mermish with myself of course."

Rowan and Severus pale even further for two very different reasons. Rowan because she knew she wasn't very good with magical languages. Why she only just passed Ancient Runes! And was still in the process of learning, Gobbledegook, which was difficult enough as it was! Mermish was bound to give her a raging headache!

On the other hand, Severus was rather pleased with the idea of Alchemy, but he was not fascinated at all with the idea of Mermish nor Ancient Studies. He had no interest in either subject whatsoever. And he was already learning Gobbledegook. What need did he have to learn Mermish, when he was a land-dwelling wizard?

"Now that we've discussed an important part," Dumbledore said. "Let us move on to discussing that which you wish to become or learn. I understand that your emphasis will be Potions, Severus with a side emphasis in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Spell crafting."

"Yes, -Professor," Severus paused not sure what to call the Headmaster anymore.

"The both of you may call me, Dumbledore in private and Professor Dumbledore in public," Dumbledore said as his eyes twinkled at having noticed the hesitation.

"Yes-, Dumbledore," Severus slowly said. "I'd like to work on creating new potions and cures to previously thought impossible to cure illnesses."

Dumbledore nods as he turns to eye, Rowan. "And you, Rowan?"

"I'd like to work on spell craft and theorization which pertain to various spell fields and are applicable to multiple fields. And given my natural talent in Herbology, I will also specialize in a side branch of alchemy usually ignored, Spagyric," Rowan confidently answered.

"And just what would you both like to cure?" Dumbledore pointedly asked.

"I'd like to cure the blight which all squibs have," Rowan staunchly replied.

Dumbledore looks a bit surprised and says, "And why do you think that is?"

"Squibs can see magic unlike muggles," Rowan replied. "Therefore, the problem does not lie in their lack of magic, but rather that their magic core either never fully formed or never properly connected. In which case, I think it may be possible to cure them."

"An interesting premise," Dumbledore said, before turning to Severus. "And you, Severus?"

"I'd like to take a crack at creating a cure for dark magic injuries and other such diseases," Severus proudly stated. "I think that if Rowan works on theory, while I work on the potion's side of things as a team, we'll go on to do great things."

"I must admit I'm impressed,' Dumbledore said as he leaned back in his seat. "You both are actuely aware of exactly where your own strengths and weaknesses lie. And where one fails the other will cover and fill in the gap. If what you say is true, then I am confident the both of you might just very well create a new age in the world of medicine."

"Thank you-," Rowan and Severus paused as they carefully added, "-Dumbledore."

"I can see that the two of you will keep on my toes," Dumbledore chuckled as Severus and Rowan had the grace to look a bit embarrassed. Rowan's ears turned slightly pink, while a pink flush began to creep up Severus's face.

"I've already filed the needed paperwork with the Ministry and the traces on both of your wands will be removed once the school term starts," Dumbledore said as he rose to feet with that perpetual twinkle in his eye. "And given that this will be your last summer being free of an apprenticeship, I thought we best wait until the start of the term. As of next summer, I'll have the both of you working on a project or two during the summer."

"Yes, Dumbledore," Rowan and Severus replied much more easily this time.

Dumbledore nods and says, "In that case, I'll be on my way. The both of you should be getting your booklist shortly as per usual with the added changes. I'll see both of you on September 1st. And please do give my sincerest thanks to your grandfather and aunt."

"Goodbye, Professor Dumbledore," Rowan and Severus answered out of habit earning themselves a chuckle from Dumbledore as he floo'd away to the Three Broomsticks.

Rowan and Severus are both silent for mere moment until Severus says, "I can see what you meant about using all our luck. Do you think if he finds out that I am, a you know what, that he'll kill me?"

"Probably bury you somewhere and make it look like an accident," Rowan muttered. "That or pack you off to Azkaban."

Severus turns to glare at Rowan. "I swear that if I'm ever going down, I'll sing like a canary. And trust me, you'll be right there alongside me."

"Says you," Rowan sniffed. "I'm a Slytherin, I've always got a backup plan."

Severus rolled his eyes as he pulled the door open to find Reginald and Aunt Georgine there. Suddenly Severus desperately hopes they didn't hear his prior comment. Because if they did, he'd be so dead. Instead, Reginald pulls him into a proud hug as Aunt Georgine strides into the study and gives a Rowan brief hug.

Both of them turn to stare at Severus, who was red-faced and struggling to escape Reginald's grasp. Pretending as though she hadn't seen anything, Georgine asks, "Now that you're apprenticed the Headmaster show us your apprenticeship badges." After all, it was somewhat uncommon that a pureblood ever attempts an apprenticeship. Most were content to mingle in politics and live off their wealth.

Rowan pulls out the silver badge as Georgine's eyes widen at feeling the power steaming off the badge. "Oh, yes, he put in quite the effort in the protection spells," Georgine muttered. "My eyes are almost watering at his magic signature engraved into the badge. The Professor's magic is still just as powerful as ever."

"How very nice of him," Rowan sarcastically said as Georgine snorted in understanding as a fuming Severus finally escaped out of his grandfather's grasp.

"I'm leaving!" Severus loudly announced before stomping away.

The three of them watch him go as Georgine idly remarks, "He's quite Gryffindorish at times."

"Mm," Rowan hummed in agreement. A terrible fault of her brother's. But worst of all was how he wore his heart on his sleeve. And for a Slytherin that is a no-no.