A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 319

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 319 Crowley Hall

Once inside the ballroom, Bogdan easily spots the figure of Villem Selwyn among the crowd. Following her husband's gaze, Lysithea spots the wizard. Pursing her lips, Lysithea murmurs, "Do not forget to turn him down tonight, dearest. We are pursuing greater prey, and if you accept a small quarry now, we will lose the potential to hook a whale."

"The Topsy's have confirmed our doubts," Bogdan mused. "And though Selwyn is a good catch at the moment, the Blacks are a far better one."

"See to that is indeed the case," Lysithea hummed, before her fan abruptly paused, before fluttering again. "And dearest, I do not care for your current mistress."

Bogdan makes a wry face and says, "You have never been jealous in all the years that I've known you, wife. Why start now?"

Lysithea rolls her eyes and points her fan in the southwest direction. "The trollop is over there in the corner currently attempting to seduce the son of the Wilmer's."

"What?!" Bogdan hissed with rage head whirled around in the direction his wife had gestured at with her fan.

Bogdan cheeks tighten with rage at being so obviously and so very publicly cuckolded. "Get rid of her," Lysithea said with a finality that suggested that she was not referring to merely cutting away the harlot's money strings, but rather the life ones as well.

A rather tender loving smile appears on Bogdan's face as he gently takes his wife's silky, soft hand and places it a kiss on it. "I shall gladly do as my lady, bids," Bogdan sincerely swore.

Lysithea feels a bit of heat spring up inside of her at the intensity of her husband's gaze. Merely because she and Bogdan did not always their marriage bed, did not imply that they did not enjoy each other's company. After all, conceiving, her three children had never been a chore, but rather a pleasurable one.

With lips full of promise, Lysithea leans up to place a seductive kiss on her husband's lips. Before her husband can reciprocate, she pulls back and whispers, "Later," before sashaying away.

Bogdan licks his lips hungrily but turns his mind to the task at hand. He had a loose string to clip away. And the sooner, he did so, the sooner, he could receive his prize.


Tiffany's parents had smoothly made their way into the crowd, while Tiffany without any hesitation dragged Bethanie and Esmond towards the tables filled with food, (that really should be called snacks instead). Tiffany finally releases her captives and begins to fill a plate filled with tiny watercress sandwiches, and other such tidbits. Finished, she hands the plates to Esmond, while Spurgeon takes the opportunity to strategically excuse himself and go find a friend.

Esmond quickly takes the offered food and begins to eat leaving Tiffany and Bethanie to catch up. Tiffany's eyes surprisingly linger over Bethanie's face, where the glamour has been cast. Bethanie sees the growing curiosity, and suspicions in Tiffany's eyes and quickly changes the subject. "Please tell your mother that I am sincerely grateful for her mentioning that Severus and Rowan are our friends."

Tiffany blinks in surprise. "It'd by pleasure," Tiffany slowly said with a thoughtful look in her eyes. "But let me guess, you just happened to mention to those wretches that you call parents that you are friends with Severus and Rowan, and now, they want you to continue to cultivate said closeness?!"

Bethanie makes a wry face and says, "Do you think that Rowan and Severus will be annoyed with me?"

Tiffany slowly shakes her head. "I think they'd understand, I think."

Bethanie nods her head and glances around with a bit of a frown. "To be honest, I'm surprised you're even here. I thought you were off in France, and where's Silvia?"

Tiffany shrugs and says, "Papa had to return early to take care of some business, and so instead Mama and I will entertain ourselves and head over to Baths to stay at Madam Lavu's Beauty Salon for relaxation and beauty treatments. And as for Silvia-."

Tiffany paused and furrowed her brows for a moment, before recalling the correct tidbit of information. "Ah, yes, something about them having to visit family up north on the continent. A cousin of some sort finally had a baby, and the entire Flint family is away congratulating the older couple."

"Poor Silvia," Bethanie muttered. "She so wanted to watch the Quidditch World Cup."

"She should be back in time," Tiffany mused. "Her father is needed at the Ministry."

Tiffany's eyes widen as she mutters, "Oh my."

"What?" Bethanie asked, before turning in the direction of Tiffany's gaze.

Standing a bit apart from the crowd is a curly-haired woman with light hair that had become silver overnight, and a dark-haired man with dark eyes, Mr. and Mrs. Wilkes. The couple was being ostracized after the tragic Malfoy wedding. Most of those present did not believe that the couple was innocent and had known what their son had been doing. But worst of all, the second son of the Wilkes, the same age as Esmond was being ignored by all of the children present.

Bethanie sees Esmond timidly tug on her arm causing to glance down at him. Esmond quietly asks, "Can Silviu and I still stay friends, Bethanie?"

Bethanie looks over at the quiet trodden boy, who faintly resembled his older brother. Silviu Wilkes shared the same dark hair and dark eyes as his elder brother, but that is where the resemblance ended. Where Wilkes had curly hair and a bright personality, Silviu is much more of a quiet nature like Esmond.

"Well, I don't see, why not," Bethanie finally relented at the pleading gaze of her younger brother. "He's not to blame for his brother's actions nor more than are his parents."

Esmond's face brightened up before dimming back down. "But Spurgeon's best friend is Cosmin, and Silviu's, older brother killed him!"

"Then that is his older brother's fault, not Silviu's," Bethanie firmly declared. "And if, Spurgeon or anyone else protests, come tell me."

Esmond happily puts down his plate and wanders over to Silviu. Silviu's face lights up as he glances up at his parents for permission. The Wilkes couple nods their head as the two boys happy scamper off to a corner of the ballroom to play.

Tiffany watches the two boys wander off and mutters, "Well, at least the Rosier's aren't here or else, I think you might have been made a liar, Bethanie."

Bethanie shakes her head and says, "I'd argue that the Prince's wouldn't like it, and the Rosier's wouldn't protest such a statement. Just watch me."

"If you say so," Tiffany muttered under her breath, not the least bit convinced. Quickly the conversation turned to more cheerful topics as they observed the flow of the party.

However, elsewhere the figure of Bogdan Fawley escorted a rather pale-faced witch outside of the hall. If anyone noticed no one paid much attention to the licentious witch failing to return with Bogdan Fawley, and mysteriously failing to ever appear again at social gatherings. It was a rather common event that no one would ever be curious enough to ask why. After all, who hadn't swatted an annoying fly or two in their time?