A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 320

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 320 Crowley Hall

Tiffany and Bethanie had not been chatting for long, when Tiffany gasped loudly, before quickly closing her mouth shut with a snap. Bethanie's head darts around for her eyes to widen in shock, but better at controlling herself, she manages to keep herself from openly gaping at the sight. For there in front of them is a very familiar floppy-haired boy with delicate features, and bright hazel eyes, Terry Greengrass, escorting the unbelievable figure of Quyen Crowley.

Both girls don't know what to make of the incredible scene before them as Tiffany's eyes darken with anger, while Bethanie's eyes turn a tad cold. Though it wasn't spoken about, both girls had the strong inkling that Silvia and Terry had tentative feelings for each other. And yet here was Terry betraying Silvia with someone who Terry knew that they plainly disliked!

Terry doesn't fail to notice the expressions of the two girls and rolls his eyes at them in exasperation. Bethanie is a bit mollified by Terry's expression, but Tiffany isn't as she folds her arms over chest and waits for Terry to explain himself to them once he comes to a halt before them. Quyen Crowley's expression did not change much beyond her typical glower, but her hand betrayed her feelings to Terry as she wrapped her hand more tightly around the crook of his arm.

The two of them came to a stop as Terry flashes them a cheeky grin. Despite looking a tad effeminate due to his delicate features and slenderness, he'd begun to look a smidgeon more like a man thanks to his Adam's apple that was beginning to bulge as his voice began to deepen.

"I have a confession to make," Terry solemnly said. "I'm madly in love with, Crowley here, we're going to elope after tonight's soiree."

All three girls visibly choke at his unbelievable statement as Terry flashed them a cheeky grin. "Of course not," Terry loftily said as he gently patted Crowley's hand once in reassurance. "I was just saving Crowley here from Thorfinn Rowle's unwanted advances."

Quyen flushes a dark pink as her eyes dart around in panic unsure of what to do or say now. She'd never been in such a situation before and wasn't quite sure of what to do. It wasn't as though she was the prettiest girl here, and no other boy had ever troubled to harass her before. That is until her parent's announced her dowry, and all of a sudden males were suddenly bursting out of the woodwork; mostly branches or pureblood families like the Rowle's, who were members of the sacred twenty-eight, but were in dire need of a large dowry to replenish their dwindling fortunes.

On the other hand, Tiffany and Bethanie's expressions turn icy cold at the mention of the said male wizard. Thorfinn Rowle, a pureblood, and a member of the sacred twenty-eight families was a troublesome old foe to most girls. The blond, pasty white, huge, muscled youth did not take a simple no for an answer. He disrespectful and impatient and had even been known to backhand others into silence when annoyed or in disagreement.

Thankfully, the cruel, violent youth attended Durmstrang and would be only a fifth year in the upcoming school term. Otherwise, Thorfinn Rowle without a doubt would have used his wand indiscriminately be against man, woman, or child. And pity the poor fool, who got in his way once he reached the age of majority.

Bethanie nods her head at Terry and says, "That was very kind and brave of you, Terry."

Terry's eyes fill with a glint of anger and some other unspoken emotion. "No one should ever force themselves onto another," Terry almost growled, "And that includes Crowley."

All three girls visibly startle at the ferocity behind Terry's statement. Quyen, a tad embarrassed now has splotchy pink on her cheeks now. "Regardless of your intentions, Greengrass," Quyen said in embarrassment. "I am still grateful for your actions."

"It was no trouble at all, Crowley," Terry solemnly retorts. "And I will gladly do so again if need be."

Quyen flushes an even darker pink as she stutters, "It's fine, Greengrass!"

Terry merely nods his head as Tiffany unfolds her arms from her chest. "In that case, you did the correct and proper thing to do, Terry," Tiffany gravely said. "And despite our differences, not even Crowley should be subjected to such a vile brute."

"Indeed," Bethanie solemnly muttered in complete agreement. She all too well understood the fear of suddenly being cornered by an unwanted male suitor. It was only thanks to her friends and other guests taking pity on her that saved her from such unwanted advances.

Quyen's flush cools a bit at their words as she carefully studies the two girls to determine the sincerity of their words. Despite their obvious dislike for each other, the two girls seemed to be rather sincere with their words. Unsure of what to say back, Quyen merely settles for nodding her head back in gratitude for their sincere words.

But before the conversation can continue, a rather dull, a harsh female voice says, "Why there you are Quyen! I've been looking all over for you!" The female cooed as if they were lifelong friends when they were most certainly were not!

The four of them turn to see a rather dour-faced young woman, Euphemia Rowle. Euphemia Rowle was the older sister of Thorfinn Rowle, and was only a year older than, Lucius Malfoy. She had been quite dismayed to learn when Lucius Malfoy wed Narcissa Black as she'd had her cap set on him.

The thick-waisted witch in a blueish dress swiftly approaches them with a sickly smile on her pasty face. Euphemia Rowle's blond hair is pulled into a coil with a large black feather sticking out from the top. Despite having cobalt colored eyes, her eyes are cruel with a hidden viciousness to them.

Euphemia Rowle proudly comes to a stop before them and in a fake sweet voice says, "Come along, Quyen, dear. Thorfinn was most dismayed when he saw that you were stolen away." Euphemia shot Terry Greengrass a rather nasty look with a barely contained sneer.

Before Quyen can reply, Bethanie smiles quite prettily at Euphemia and intertwines her arms with that of Quyen Crowley. "I do apologize for my friend's actions," Bethanie smoothly said. "However, I asked Terry to be a dear heart and escort Quyen over to me. We've much to catch up, you understand, right, Miss Rowle?"

Euphemia thinly curls her lips into a false smile, before stiffly saying, "Very well, then, Fawley. However, when you're done conversing Quyen, please come over to chat."

Quyen lips merely twitch in response, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with the witch. Euphemia whirled away with an angry frown on her face and storms past the other guests back to her brother. The guest in the way swiftly moved out of her way due to the girth of her skirt or to her glowering face.

Watching Euphemia Rowle go, Quyen idly remarks, "I never thought to see the day, where I'd find myself thankful to you, Fawley."

"Neither did I," Bethanie admitted causing Tiffany to giggle and Terry to snort.

Quyen cracks a rather shy, but tad awkward smile that showed her teeth. It wasn't as though the four of them had started out as enemies, but for one reason or another, Crowley and Tiffany, Bethanie, and Terry had grown to dislike each other. And maybe, just maybe it was time to put aside some of their animosity. They'd surely never be good friends, but they might be fine with acting as friendly acquaintances on occasion.