A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 321

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 321 Crowley Hall

Tiffany, Bethanie, Terry, and Quyen had not been chatting for long regarding the Quidditch World Cup, when a feminine musical voice says, "Caro mio, there you are! I have simply been looking everywhere for you!"

The four of them turn to find a dark-haired beauty with long trailing tresses, liquid chocolate-colored like eyes, with a slight Sunkissed tint to her skin, Emalia Vespucci, the older sister of Vasco Vespucci. If Bethanie was a considered a great beauty, Emalia would be equal both in grace and beauty. And not only did the young lady not lose out on physical endowments, in fact, when in comparison, but Emalia's chest is also further endowed than that of Bethanie's.

"Emalia Vespucci, the older sister of Vasco of my betrothed," Tiffany quietly explained. "Emalia attends Beauxbatons rather than Hogwarts."

"Oui, mon cher," Emalia said with an enchanting smile that caused Terry's heart to suddenly beat out of turn. "Hogwarts though an excellent institution does not match up to the elegance of our Beauxbatons. Beauxbatons is truly an excellent finishing school for all wizarding ladies and gentlemen."

Tiffany eyes slightly narrow as Bethanie smiles placidly back, "As you say."

Quyen merely arches here brow and looks down upon the Italian born witch. "It is as my friend here said, it as you say, Miss Vespucci," Quyen condescendingly retorted. "For Beauxbatons may indeed be elegant, whereas Hogwarts is a venerable institution with thousands of years of renown. How can it possibly compare to a lesser in age magical institution?"

Emalia stiffens as Terry hides a smile at Quyen's words and tilts his head at her in approval. Who knew that gloomy Quyen had such a fiery spirit in her? Well, wasn't this day just full of surprises!

Tiffany's eyes uneasily glance around as she flashes her friends and Crowley an apologetic smile. With a sigh, Tiffany says, "I'm glad that we've all met, Emalia. But we should get going." Flashing her friends and Crowley one last apologetic glance, she intertwines her arms with that of her future sister-in-law and drags her away before Emalia can say anything else.

Emalia does not protest the actions of her younger brother's betrothed until they are far enough into the crowd that she says, "They were quite rude, Tiffany. You ought to be much more selective when electing your friends."

Tiffany stiffens for a moment before coldly saying, "The three individuals that you just insulted, Emalia are all members of the sacred twenty-eight families and one of them is the daughter of the current host, Quyen Crowley. You are lucky that they are my friends, or they would not be so forgiving." Though Tiffany tactfully omitted the fact that Crowley and she weren't actually friends.

Emalia's sensual lips press together in surprise before she anxiously chews her lips for a moment drawing unwanted attention to herself. Calming herself, she says, "In that case, my sincerest apologies towards you, my dear Tiffany, and your friends. You will convey, my apologies to them, won't you?"

"I will," Tiffany coolly replied, purposefully neglecting to mention just when she would do just that.

Deciding to quickly change the subject, Emalia says, "Mamma, and Babbo are both here as well as is my younger brother."

"I am aware," Tiffany drily muttered as she glanced over at the Vespucci couple in the distance speaking to another pureblood couple.

Patrizio and Vera Vespucci only had two children, their eldest child, Emalia, and their youngest child, Vasco. Patrizio Vespucci is dark-eyed with golden tanned skin. He is rather handsome and charming just like the Italian men tend to be. While his wife, Vera is a tranquil beauty with light-colored hair and fair skin. A rather handsome Italian wizarding couple.

Tiffany's eyes wander away to come to rest on the dark-eyed but light-haired, fair Vasco Vespucci. She stiffens in surprise at seeing a rather lovely girl standing next to him. The girl is unknown to Tiffany but said the female had fine, bronze-colored, velvety hair sweeping down her back. The girl can be seen laughing in the distance that reveals lovely dimples and sparkling olive-colored eyes.

"And who is that with Vasco, Emalia?" Tiffany politely asked. "I do not recognize her."

Emalia glances over and chuckles as if in reply. "That is only Carina, she is in my year and a classmate from Beauxbatons. Her parents are busy, and she wished to attend the Quidditch World Cup. She's been staying at our villa ever since the start of summer."

"I see," Tiffany observed, before turning to Emalia. "Is it serious?"

Emalia chuckles and waves her hand dismissively. "Mamma and Babbo will never permit that the marriage contract between the Topsy and Vespucci family to be so easily broken. It is merely a summer fling, Tiffany. There is absolutely nothing for you to further concern yourself about."

"Of course," Tiffany crisply said as she felt her heart sink further into her chest.

She had always known that the chances of her Vasco falling in love were slim to none, but still, it hurt to see the last of her hope shatter to pieces. Ever since, there outings to Hogsmeade during their third year, she had known that they were far too different to ever be anything more beyond an amicable partnership in their marriage. And with that knowledge, she had slowly been accustoming herself to the thought that Vasco would certainly follow in his father's footsteps and have mistresses on the side.

Taking a deep breath, Tiffany shoves away her emotions. She was already quite lucky in marrying someone her own age and that would treat her reasonably well. She wasn't a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff with her head stuck in the clouds dreaming of true love. She was a Slytherin, and she knew a good bargain when she saw one. After all, there were always worse fates to be had such as marrying a wizard-like Thorfinn Rowle. Woe the poor girl that had to marry the cruel, brutal bastard for only one fate awaited that girl, a painful death.

Tiffany puts on a face on a confident, but a faint smile on her face. "I have long been under the impression and understanding that Vasco intends to follow in your father's footsteps," Tiffany firmly said. "However, that being said, I will not welcome any bastard child into my marriage, and I will divorce him should that occur, taking my dowry and my children with me!"

Emalia lets out a gasp as she puts her silky-smooth hand to her ample chest aghast. "Non!" Emalia exclaimed utterly appalled. "It is simply not done in our family! For all of our father's many trespasses, he has never allowed his seed to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e any wench, who is not his wife, my mother. And neither will Vasco, he has been taught better!"

"Good then we are of an understanding," Tiffany said, before changing the subject. "Now tell me, Emalia, has anyone caught your eye yet?"

Emalia's sensual lips turn into a breathtaking smile stealing the breath of many potential suitors in the ballroom, who had been not very subtly peaking at her. "There are a few," Emalia admitted. "But Babbo is hoping that one of the sons of the sacred twenty-eight families offers for my hand in marriage."

Tiffany slowly nods her head and says, "Well, some are already married, but there are plenty that remain unmarried both youths and those already graduated. I could introduce a few to you, Emalia, if you are interested?"

"I would be most delighted, Tiffany," Emalia most eagerly purred.

This was after all one of the reasons why her father had arranged for the marriage contract between her younger brother and that of Tiffany Topsy. The Topsy's had a most excellent social position in wizarding society, and their daughter, Tiffany was a second-generational member of the sacred twenty-eight families as her mother had been a Selwyn before marriage. It was the perfect marriage bid for them, which in turn would open doors for Emalia.

Without further ado, Tiffany began to introduce Emalia to potential marriage candidates. Tiffany knew that Emalia was using her, but she didn't have it in her to set her up with someone like Thorfinn Rowle, she was not that cruel. And for better or for worse, Emalia would be her sister-in-law. It would be better for her own future that Emalia marries well.