A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 324

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 324 Tents

With a flick of his wand, Reginald set up the tent was a large white tent popped up. Since there was a morning mist and that it was still dark, he wasn't too worried about Mr. Roberts noticing a thing. With a pleased expression, Reginald motioned for them to enter as Rowan already expected the scene that waited her, but not quite the grand scale.

The main living room didn't look out of place from the Prince manor with only the fireplace missing. There was a connecting doorway to the kitchen and dining room. The dining room had crystal chandeliers, while the kitchen though largely empty had a sink and several cupboards with two full-length long ones.

Seeing the twin's wide-eyed expressions, Georgine says, "The cupboards are enchanted to remain cold or hot. Dawn packed the hot side with warm food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While the cool side contains cold drinks, and chilly deserts. The rest of the cupboards hold the silverware."

Rowan and Severus nod as they weren't surprised anymore. Of course, the tent would come with silverware. Why ever not at this point? After all, what is silverware in comparison to chandeliers?

Down the hallway there were six bedrooms, each bedroom had a large bed with just enough decorations to not be lavish, but not to be simply furnished either. But best of all, there was a washroom and toilet in each room. However according to Georgine the water for bathing would only be sufficient for one shower. So therefore, choose wisely, when to bathe.

Rowan and Severus had each chosen a room and dropped their bag thereon. Georgine and pointedly shut her door and said she was going back to sleep. Reginald was in the main sitting room under the chandelier reading a book taken from the bookshelf. Rowan was about to join in as well until Severus said, "It's already morning, grandfather! Can we please be allowed to look around for some of my friends?"

"Go on then," Reginald said as he glanced at the clock on the mantelpiece. "But try to not disturb those that are still sleeping." Severus didn't even reply as he dragged the rather reluctant form of Rowan out of the tent.

Now, with the sun newly rising and the mist lifting the were hundreds of tents stretching via the rows in every direction. Their fellow wizarding campers were starting to wake up. Of course, the first to stir were the little ones. A tiny wizard tot, no more than two happily stood outside a large Greek temple shaped tent and poked a spider in the grass, which was swelling slowly to the size of a dinner plate.

Rowan shivered with dread as the mother said, "Norman, how many times must I tell you? Don't TOUCH DADDY's wand!" The mother suddenly let out a loud scream as the giant spider swarmed towards the mother. Screaming, the mother killed the giant spider with her wand as the little boy burst into tears and said, "You smush spidey! You smush spidey!"

Further ahead, two little witches, barely older than Norman were riding toy broomsticks that rose only high enough for the girl's toes to skim above the dewy grass. "Dear Merlin, in broad daylights!" Shrieked a Ministry wizard that hurried towards them as he rushed towards the little girls and shouted into the tent for the parents to wake up.

Here and there a.d.u.l.t wizards and witches were emerging from their tents and starting to cook breakfast. Some, with furtive looks around them conjured fires with their wands; others were striking matches with dubious looks on their faces as though sure this couldn't work.

Several Asian wizards sat in serious conversation in Chinese robes as they roasted what looked like a giant quail over the firepit. Rowan stopped rather intrigued at listening in on the conversation to sadly be dragged away by Severus.

Further down there was a group of young-looking American witches who were gossiping about Nixon and the new muggle American President, Gerald Ford. Hanging from their tent opening was a star-spangled banner that read: THE SALEM WITCHES INSTITUTE.

Rowan almost stopped to have a discussion with the witches to what they thought about Vietnam to only be dragged away by Severus again. It was a shame that Severus knew nothing of American politics and had no interest in them. But then again unless it was related to Lily, Severus's interests were minimal at best.

At one point, they even spotted a man wearing a woman's sleeping gown to only be chased down by an almost in tears ministry member. At this juncture in time, Severus wisely decides to head back. To Rowan's displeasure, the American witches were gone as well as the lovely three Chinese wizards. They were either inside their tents or out exploring much as they had been.

Sadly, they only spotted two people that they knew, Pandora and Xeno, who were holding hands as they strolled between the tents. Rowan and Severus didn't even attempt to gain their attention as the two lovebirds were obviously lost in each other's eyes. One word: hormones, what more can be said?

On that note, Rowan with obvious interest spots a couple of cute youths walking around. Slightly tan with dark or light hair with a mix of dark and bright eyes, Brazilians were rather nice to look at. Severus must have noticed her leering gaze because he most forcefully dragged her quickly past them.

Rowan sighed in disappointment and said, "I regret not having applied to transfer to Castelobruxo. What lovely delights there reside in the depths of an exotic paradise."

"Castel-what?" Severus said with a frown, not at all pleased with Rowan's previous comment.

"Castelobruxo," Rowan rolled her eyes. "It's nearly as old as Hogwarts and that subject is still actually up for debate. Nevertheless, though there is an active exchange program between Hogwarts and Ilvermorny. Hogwarts and Castelobruxo had an exchange student program in the past. It's a wonderous place to study with a primary emphasis on careers in Magizoology or Herbology. Potions is a close third given the exotic number of plants that are found in the region."

"Huh," Severus muttered sounding rather intrigued. Shaking his head as if to remind himself of Lily, he says, "It's still not better than Hogwarts."

"Only because Lily's there," Rowan muttered under her breath as Severus flashed her a suspicious glance, while Rowan innocently looked back. Severus wasn't the least bit convinced, but he knew better than to ask again. He'd only end up as the loser.