A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 333

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 333 Disappearance

The tall, thin figure of a hooded man can be seen at the edge of the gloomy forest. The moon was still rising as the days were still long and the nights short. The dark owl lets out a screech as it lands on a nearby branch intently staring at him with great yellow eyes. "Shh, it's me, Crow," the man coolly said. "Have you got something for me from Sparrow?"

The bird lets out a screech and sticks out its leg. The gloved figure carefully removes the tiny rolled-up parchment scroll. The man carefully reads the message before wordlessly burning the scroll. Scattering the ashes to the wind with his gloved hands, he softly says, "It has become far too dangerous for crows and sparrows to meet. Do not return. I will send word, when I can."

The black owl lets out an annoyed hoot, but leaps off its branch, before flying away into the night. The hooded man quickly walks into the shadows and fades away. Not long after the youthful figure of a dark, curly-haired young man can be seen, S.R. Wilkes emerging from the woods and making his across the Carrow estate.

Those standing guard at the gates nod their heads at him, but Wilkes ignores them with robes sweeping behind him. Waiting within the front hall, the pudgy, stocky figures of the Carrow siblings can be seen. The stocky young witch with stubby fingers lets out a high-pitched giggle at seeing him. "Hello Wilkes," Alecto Carrow breathlessly said, her stubby fingers intertwining in her hair.

Wilkes does not react at Alecto Carrow's not very subtle romantic cues. Who in their right mind would ever consider marrying Alecto Carrow? Not even the most desperate of men would ever pick her!

At her side, the doughy face and tiny eyes of Amycus Carrow can be seen eagerly watching the pair. Amycus Carrow was attempting to play matchmaker. He nervously rubs the area of his missing finger and says, "Er, Wilkes, why not have dinner with us?"

Wilkes paused mid-step and turns to stare at them. "I've other errands to run for the Dark Lord, another time perhaps," Wilkes lied, before brushing past them.

"Yes, of course!" Both siblings replied eagerly. Despite being several years older than Wilkes that did little to detour Alecto. She had her eyes set on her man and she'd not let him go quite so easily. And neither would her brother, Amycus wanted Wilkes as his brother-in-law.

The sniffing perpetual red-eyed, puff faced widow Empusa Snyde could nosily be seen blowing her nose in the hallway. Empusa loudly sniffs and wails, "Ah, my poor Snyde, would have loved this!"

Clearing his throat rather loudly, Wilkes says, "Empusa have you any missives for me?"

Empusa wipes her nose and nasally says, "Yes. The Dark Lord says to continue with the project at hand. He says, you have a natural talent for necromancy and are to aid him in the continued creation of the Inferi. The muggle vagrant population is perfect for use as none will notice their disappearance."

"I will endeavor not to disappoint the Dark Lord," Wilkes bowed his head, before moving past her. Once more the wails behind him begin again as Empusa lets out a cry and her trademark remark about her poor Snyde.

Wilkes nods at passing figures including Antonin Dolohov, who merely sneers at him, before brushing past him. Wilkes ignores the arrogant dark-haired man as he was a very powerful wizard. It would be best not to further antagonize the dark wizard for the moment until he was certain Dolohov could cleanly be dwelt with, with no further trace being led back to him. A project for another day.

Wilkes opens the doors to the Carrow library. It had been dusty when he first entered the library, but since then the Carrow house elf had begun to clean the place as well. Though small when in comparison to others, it was a treasure trove of the dark arts. There were many a volume that no longer existed in this world, but here the knowledge was still preserved and thriving.

Wilkes paused at seeing the tall, thin, dark-haired figure before him. A cold ice-like aura permeated all around the dark-haired, sharp-faced man, Rodolphus Lestrange. "I did not know the Dark Lord had given you the right of entry, Lestrange," Wilkes softly said.

Rodolphus Lestrange closes his book with a snap and raises his bone-chilling gaze. "I do not see how that is any of your concern, Wilkes. Are you my nanny to care about my every whereabout?"

"I merely aim to protect the Dark Lord's interests," Wilkes said through narrowed eyes, but his gentle smile on his face does not disappear.

"Is that so?" Rodolphus said as a cold smirk appeared on his face. "I did not know the Dark Lord had gained a mother nor much less a wife. But I suppose the Dark Lord could have other such interests."

In emphasis, Rodolphus runs his eyes slowly up and down Wilkes's figure. "I suppose you'd be acceptable when it came to those kinds of things. Young and attractive, I can see why the Dark Lord would fall for your charms, Wilkes. Personally, though I always believed it'd be Pyrites. But I suppose in this case youth wins over experience in the end."

"How dare you, Lestrange!" Wilkes roared. "There is no such disgusting relationship between the Dark Lord and me!"

"Ah, well," Rodolphus said as he put the book away into the folds of his robes. "Then do not stick your nose where it is unwanted, Wilkes. Whether the Dark Lord has or has not given his permission is none of your concern, boy."

Wilkes clenched his wand in hand as Rodolphus sneers and brushes past him. Rodolphus suddenly paused to brush off a green pine stem from Wilkes's shoulder. "And I am the one being so vehemently chided?" Rodolphus's mused out loud. "What would the Dark Lord think of your little walks, Wilkes? You wouldn't happen to be a spy, now would you, Wilkes?"

Wilkes's face contorts with rage as Rodolphus did not miss the annoyance nor the flicker in Wilkes's eyes. Rodolphus did not betray himself as he said, "Good evening, Wilkes. Don't let the bed bugs bite," before sweeping out of the library.

Wilkes's eyes narrow into slits the doors close shut behind Lestrange. He'd need to kill Lestrange when the time came, but Dolohov was much more of an immediate threat. It was a shame that Bellatrix had died otherwise Rodolphus would be remarkably malleable and easy to manipulate. But for the moment, he had more urgent things to take care of.

Turning away, Wilkes walks over to the bookshelf and finds that which he sought. It was not a book on necromancy, but rather on ancient wards. Yes, it would prove most useful in time. But for the moment, he'd learn all that he could.