A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 336

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 336 Announcement

Dumbledore opened his mouth to speak again as the Hall quieted once more. "Eager though I know all of you will be to bring the Triwizard cup to Hogwarts, the heads of the participating schools along the Ministry of Magic, have agreed to impose an age restriction on contenders this year.

Only students who are of age that is to say seventeen years or older will be allowed to put forward their names for consideration." More than a few older students seemed outraged given that their 17th birthdays fell later in the year. While the rest were rather disappointed at missing their chance to participate as the next one wouldn't be for five more years at least.

"This is a measure that we feel is necessary, given that the tournament tasks will still be difficult and dangerous, whatever precautions we take, and it is highly unlikely that students below sixth and seventh year will be able to cope with them. I will personally be ensuring that no underage student hoodwinks our impartial judge into making them Hogwarts champion." His light blue eyes twinkled brightly at that last part as he scans more than a few students faces at that remark. "I therefore beg you not to waste your time submitting yourself if you are under seventeen."

"The delegations for Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be arriving in October and remaining with us for the greater part of this year. I know that you will all extend every courtesy to our foreign guests while they are with us and will give your whole-hearted support to the Hogwarts champion when he or she is selected. And now, it is late, but please bear with me I have one last final important piece of information," Dumbledore said causing more than a few students to blink in surprise.

"It is with the greatest honor and pleasure to announce that after more than two hundred and fifty-years Hogwarts once more has two students who have successfully passed the apprenticeship exams during the summer holidays." The older students burst into whispers as the Ravenclaws peek at their own and to their utters dismay fail to find any glittering apprenticeship badges among them.

"Mr. and Miss Prince have both successfully passed the exam and as such have been apprenticed in the field of Potion Mastery and Spellcrafting to me," Dumbledore said as mouth flops open as heads all turn to stare in direction of the Slytherin table. Even the Slytherins eyes bulge at finally spotting the silver apprenticeship badges pinned to Rowan and Severus robes.

"However, you may find that due to their passing the equivalent of their N.E.W.T. exams they shall be missing from some of their regular classes and be participating in others higher levels courses not including being moved into other house class periods to accommodate their new schedule," Dumbledore calmly explained. "Please do not worry nor be alarmed as despite their apprenticeship status to myself, both of them will still be held accountable to the same rules as any other pupil would be."

The Ravenclaws seem to be an utter shock that it wasn't one of their own how managed to claim the apprenticeship. Even the older students seemed to be in shock at knowing that two mere four years had passed the equivalent of their N.E.W.T.'s While the younger one's minds are blown away trying to figure out how someone in their fourth year takes exams of that level and still manages to pass them.

Dumbledore beams at them and says, "Now it is time for bedtime! Chop, chop!" Tired and shocked the students begin to swarm as Rowan for once is quite grateful not to have to sing the horrible song.

On their way back to the Slytherin common room area, Rowan and Severus receive a lot of side-glances. Tiffany pouts and a bit hurt says, "How come you didn't tell us?" As she pointed to the silver badges on their chest.

"Because it's tradition," Bethanie smoothly answered. "Only the master can announce the news of their apprenticeship the two of them can't."

"Oh," Tiffany calmed down. "But still some warning would have been nice." Rowan and Severus's lips flicker into faint smiles, but they don't deem a reply.

Tiffany grins teasingly at Silvia and says, "And I'm surprised you managed to keep the secret under wraps with your father and all."

Silvia rolls her eyes and says, "Please father is a lawyer through and through. He'd never tell us anything that is supposed to be kept secret at the Ministry of Magic."

Before anyone can reply the new 5th-year female Prefect says, "The password is Glory. Now hurry up inside! The 1st years are coming!" The students stream inside as they each split into the gender assigned dorms, the boys to the left and the girls to the right.

The four girls head to new dorm that was assigned to them last year as they happily begin to undress. The dark-haired Silvia idly remarks, "Do you think that Terry and Severus will be moved again as they're the only two of them in their dorm with Rosier gone?"

Bethanie shakes her head causing her auburn wavy tresses to move. "More than likely a boy will be moved from another dorm so that there will be at least be three boys staying in one dorm room."

Tiffany bites her lips at noticing Rowan stiffen. Shaking her strawberry blond head, Tiffany says, "Aha! You've grown over the summer, Rowan!"

Rowan pauses to glance down to see that she had indeed and then shrugs. "I'm what an A cup, now? At best I'll be a B cup." Rowan paused to gesture in their direction. "And besides between Bethanie and you, Tiffany, the two of you will have Silvia and I more than covered."

The girls turn to stare at Bethanie who sure knew was already a C-cup and still growing. Tiffany, on the other hand, was a nice B-cup and would probably stop at a C-cup. Silvia shrugged as she finally put on her first training bra on over the summer. She'd be lucky if she reached an A-cup, before having her first child.

Bethanie's cheeks are rosy, but she was already used to this by now. Sniffing she primly says, "We best get to bed! We have classes tomorrow!" Silvia's dark grayish eyes roll as Tiffany merely pats her hair.

With a yawn, Rowan climbs into bed and doses the lights as their curtains close around them. It was remarkable how much the bed curtains had made last year. It allowed them to keep the warm air in while sleeping and the cold out. But more importantly, it kept the incident from her second year ever from repeating itself. And thusly so, the dorm was filled with soft snores and the sound of breathing as the girls dreamed and dream, they did.