A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 337

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 337 Stick

The fierce storm had blown itself out by the following morning. The ceiling of the Great Hall was still gloomy as heavy clouds of pewter gray swirled overhead. Rowan and Severus stared at their new course schedule. It would seem that for the most part, they'd still be in the same classes with their Slytherin classmates, excluding their new classes and the DADA class exchange. Unfortunately, from the looks of it, they'd be stuck with Gryffindor. Or at least, Severus was rather pleased about the sudden turn of events.

"So, what's your new schedule like?" Terry interrupted their thoughts.

Rowan handed over her schedule as Terry and the girls leaned over to stare at the piece of parchment. Tiffany tragically sighs and says, "At least I have still Pandora with me. But on the upside, I expect that you and Severus will help us study from now on, oh great study masters."

Severus snorts and with great dignity says, "We both have new courses in case you haven't noticed."

"Oh, I noticed," Tiffany impishly grinned. "I just elected not to." Severus flashes Tiffany a glare, but Tiffany merely sticks her tongue back out at him. Rather surly at this point, Severus huffs and goes back to eating his breakfast.

After breakfast, Severus and everyone else headed off to Herbology, while Rowan had a free period. Thinking it might one of her last times of peace after grabbing her things she walks out onto the grounds. The grounds were soaked and there was a strong wind, but she rather enjoyed the fierce breeze. Wisps of escaped tiny hairs fluttered against her face as she walked across the muddy grounds.

The inky black lake looked as though it had grown overnight as the sandy shallows were almost gone at the moment only as a very thin, wet sandy ring. She watched the black lake for some time when she heard noise behind her. Glancing back, she spots the large boarhound now fully grown, Fang. "Sit!" Rowan roars as she holds out her hand.

Fang tumbles to a stop and eagerly pants out her. Reaching into her pocket she pulls out a saved piece of bacon and tosses it the great big dog. Fang easily catches the treat as Rowan scratches behind his ears causing Fang to yip in joy.

"Hello Hagrid," Rowan said without glancing up at hearing large movements.

"How 're ya, Rowan?" Hagrid beamed at her from behind his bushy beard. "I 'eard ya and Severus are Professor Dumbledore's apprentices."

"Yes," Rowan replies and under her breath added, "unfortunately."

"Professor Dumbledore is the best," Hagrid breathed most happily. "The both of yer are sure to become great like him."

"Hm," Rowan replied, before bending down to toss a stick for Fang to chase. She hurled it as far as it could go sending Fang into the distance. Wiping her hands, she says, "I'll see you around, Hagrid."

"Tis nice to see ya, Rowan," Hagrid said. "Stop by for a cuppa soon."

"I will," Rowan replied, leaving before Fang came back. Behind her she could hear Hagrid gushing over Fang and tossing the stick for Fang to chase.

After gathering her things from the dungeons, Rowan was the first one up to Professor Babbling's classroom. She was reviewing some of the runes, when she glanced up to stare at the doorway. For a moment there she had the distinct impression she had been watched. Maybe, it'd be best to stick to the library during her free morning period.

A bit wary now, Rowan kept one eye on the door and her Ancient Runes textbooks. The class slowly began to trickle in as the round face of Andrew Abbot appears in the doorway. Slightly red-faced, Andrew says, "Rowan, I thought you'd abandoned me!"

"No, I only got an Acceptable in Ancient Runes," Rowan replied causing Andrew to choke. "I'd like to aim for an Excellent at least."

"Bloody overachievers," Andrew grumbles under his breath, before brightly saying, "Well at least I'm not alone in this class."

"I should hope not," Rowan said with a faint smile as she pulled out a small gift from her bag. "Here I got this for you."

Andrew curiously takes the small box and opens it. Inside is a powerful rune pendant causing Andrew to exclaim. "Is this what I think it is?"

"I owe you one from last year," Rowan truthfully said.

"Thanks, Rowan," Andrew flashed her a grin of utter delight. "But you didn't have too, it was just a favor between friends."

"I know, but I dislike being in anyone's debt," Rowan said as Andrew merely shook his head at his friend. But then again, that's always how she had been. And Slytherins disliked being beholden to no one. More so in this case given that Rowan was actually Salazar Slytherin's descendant.

"Is something wrong?" Rowan asked as she noticed Andrew staring at her.

"Hard to believe that you're Salazar Slytherin and Merlin's descendant," Andrew chuckled as he put his gift away.

"Yes, well, I'm not one for bragging," Rowan drily said as the room quieted down as the petite witch in dark blue robes sweeps into the room. Her crooked dark hat still matches her slightly crooked button nose. A tad pale with coffee-colored hair neatly pulled up with a startling pair of eyes, blue and brown.

Professor Babbling nods at the students before her and says, "I hope that none of you have forgotten last year's lessons. I know that one of you hasn't."

Rowan winces at being pointed out as Hortense Sicca can be heard muttering, "Teacher's pet."

Strangely enough, Quyen Crowley didn't add anything to the snarky remark and tactfully remained silent. But then again given the announcement by her grandfather over the summer, no few families had sternly warned their children to be polite to the Prince grandchildren. Especially those in Slytherin for obvious reasons.

"Please open your books!" Professor Babbling instructed as she wrote on the blackboard. Soon the only sound that could be heard was the sound of their doing as they were told. Overall, it proved to be a delightful class as Rowan found that thanks to her frantic studying over the summer, she'd improved much more on her fluency at reading and translating. At least something good came out of all that.