A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 338

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 338 Classes Of The First Day

It wasn't a lie to say that Rowan was looking most forward to her Advanced Arithmancy class. With a skip in her step, she rushed upstairs and cautiously peeked into the classroom. She knew that Advanced Arithmancy had another arithmancy class prior to hers, but she just wanted to be sure. Happily taking a seat she pulls out her quill and parchment as she waits for the first students to arrive all whom would be 6th years.

The first two to come in through the door paused as they recognized each other for being from Slytherin. The hard-faced boy, Parsley Parkinson makes a face, while last year's Prefect, Darcy Travers nods his chocolate-colored head at Rowan. The two boys move towards the middle back to have a seat. The scholarly looking youth with pink lips and pale skin, Travers sits down next to his best friend, Parkinson.

The next figure to enter the classroom is a glossy russet haired young woman with big doe eyes. Rowan instantly recognized the sixth-year girl as being from Hufflepuff and even knew her name, Matilda Madley. Not because of anything she had done, but rather because she was obviously endowed in all the right places. She'd heard enough l.u.s.tful whispers in the common room area to know that plenty of the boys openly fancied Madley for her rather luscious body.

Matilda Madley nods at Rowan and takes a seat the next seat over. Not close, but close enough that if she needed to move. That at least she could move to sit next to a girl.

Three sixth-year male Ravenclaws enter the classroom together, the first one had short hair and eager eyes. While the second had long hair pulled back neatly with properly ironed robes. The last boy Rowan recognized as the Ravenclaw Team Captain, Barrett Boone. Ash brown hair, silver eyes, and a lazy grin, he was a rather nice sight for sore eyes.

The three boys didn't much pay attention to the classroom as they walked over and took a seat in the middle. With only a few minutes left, Rowan thought that might be the last of the students until in bursts in a round-faced young woman with short hair, Alice Yates, the future Mrs. Longbottom. Beaming, she instantly gravitates the empty seat between Rowan and Matilda Madley.

"Great, we girls should stick together," Alice happily said causing Matilda to smile back and Rowan to contemplate moving a seat over.

A witch with long, thin black hair sweeps in. Fair-skinned, Professor Vector wore her usual red robes with matching pointed hat. "Welcome to Advanced Arithmancy," Professor Vector said with a pleased grin. "I am sure that some of us are unfamiliar to each other and given our surprise apprentice of this year, please let us all briefly introduce ourselves."

Professor Vector pointedly stares at the Hufflepuff six-year until the doe-eyed girl jumps to her feet. "Matilda Madley," she said before sitting back down.

The Gryffindor happily rises to her feet and says, "Alice Yates."

"Rowan Prince," Rowan drily said, before sitting back down.

From behind the two Slytherin boys can be heard saying, "Parsley Parkinson." "Darcy Travers."

Glancing to stare at the Ravenclaws, Rowan waits for the two unknown Ravenclaws to introduce themselves.

The short-haired 6th year with bright eyes says, "Brandon Ackerley."

The neat Ravenclaw with Prefect robes says, "Cadmus Quirke."

Turning back, Rowan doesn't pay attention to Boone as she already knew who he was.

Professor Vector nods in approval and says, "I'm sure that the eight of you will become accustomed to each other during the next two years."

Turning around she begins to write formulas for them to calculate the numbers of others. "Many times, we will not only be required to calculate for ourselves for others. Please plug in the numbers into the formulas. The homework is to show all your work on all of the formulas and turn them in with an accompanying essay explaining the significance of the calculation."

Rowan happily dives in and begins to do the calculations. By the time the classroom period was over, she'd finished the calculations and was working on her essay. Rowan politely said goodbye to Alice Yates and Matilda Madley, before heading to the headmaster's office. They had an apprenticeship class today with Professor Dumbledore.

Rowan made her to a corridor with an ugly gargoyle and waited for Severus. Sometime after, Severus finally arrived as Rowan said, "Took you long enough. And you didn't even have a class, but a free period instead."

Severus glares at Rowan but is too out of breath to think of a reply. Rowan smirks and turns to the gargoyle, "Caramel Sticks."

The gargoyle moves with a loud screech as the wall split in two to reveal a spiral moving staircase. Severus gapes as Rowan drags him onto the stairs as they rush upward, while the wall slams shut behind them. Whirling higher and higher, at last, they come to a stop at the very top where a gleaming oak door awaits with a brass knocker in the shape of a griffin.

Rowan knocks as Severus brushes Rowan's hand aside and straightens out his clothes. "Come in you two, I have been expecting you," Albus Dumbledore confidently announced.

Rowan enters first followed by Severus who just gapes at the office of the Headmaster. It was a large, circular room full of funny little noises. A number of curious silver instruments stood on spindle-legged tables, whirring and emitting little puffs of smoke. The walls were covered with portraits of old headmasters and headmistresses, all of whom were snoozing gently in their frames at the late hour. There was also an enormous, claw-footed desk, and, sitting on a shelf behind it, a shabby, tattered wizard's hat the Sorting Hat.

Standing on a gold perch is a handsome bird with bright red and gold plumage, Fawkes, the phoenix. Fawkes calmly observes them with gleaming inquisitive eyes. Fawkes lets out a soft musical cry as if in greeting.

Dumbledore's blue eyes twinkle from behind his half-moon spectacles as he says, "Please have a seat." Rowan and Severus do as they are told as he asks, "Lemon drops, anyone?" Both Rowan and Severus politely refuse as he sadly puts the tin can away.

"And how has the first day been going?" Dumbledore asked as he clasped his hands to rest against his desk.

"No stranger than usual," Rowan replied as Severus nodded his head in agreement.

"Good, I was worried since it was your first day, but it seems that everything is neatly falling into order just as I expected. Now then, as you know the both of you will begin learning Mermish with me on Friday afternoons. But in the meantime, I request that you at least begin to formalize yourself with the basics. Both of you should have purchased the required textbooks."

"Yes, Dumbledore," Rowan and Severus said having taken to mind how he wished to be greeted in private.

Dumbledore nods his head sagely as both Rowan and Severus remain silent. Unlike Gryffindor children, who tend to be energetic, while Slytherin children tended to be rather stoic. They often watched, before acting and the two of them were doing the same thing to him right now. Rather subtly he prodded their minds to find that they both had strong mental defenses, but Severus's far superior to that of his twin sister.

"In that case, I am pleased," Dumbledore said. "Now run along to dinner. I'm sure both of you are tired and hungry given that it is the first day." With a faint smile on his face, he watched his two apprentices run out.

Shaking his head, Dumbledore returned to his present paperwork. The board wasn't always as forgiving as one would think. And especially now so given that the Triwizard Tournament was to be held at Hogwarts. All the proper wards must be up to ensure the safety of the children and guests.