A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 339

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 339 Two New Courses

The next day, Rowan and Severus were a bit excited and full of mixed feelings for their new courses, Ancient Studies and Alchemy. Despite being stared at for being two of the youngest apprentices in Hogwarts history and being Salazar Slytherin's heirs, they were largely left alone. Not that the other students in the other houses didn't whisper or point at them during meals or in the hallways, and in shared classrooms, but despite the pointing and hushed whispers, they were largely left alone for the very same reasons.

After breakfast they headed up to the sixth-floor classroom A, the same classroom in which Ancient Runes was held. "I wonder if the Ancient Studies teacher is Professor Babbling," Rowan wondered out loud as they took a seat.

"She's your Ancient Runes professor isn't she, Rowan?" Severus asked as he began to pull out his things.

"Yes, but she didn't mention anything yesterday," Rowan muttered out loud with a frown. Not long after the three 6th year Ravenclaws from yesterday appeared in the doorway. Rowan nods at them, before leaning over to whisper their introductions to Severus.

As the minutes trickled by it did not seem as there would be any other students beyond the five of them. At last, the professor sweeps in dark blue robes with golden intricate designs on the upper bodice and sleeves. The witch was curved, olive-skinned with kohl-lined eyes. Her honey-colored eyes popped out that much more as a soft smile was formed by her plump lips. Her dark hair had tiny woven golden beaded tassels that gently swayed as she moved and musically tinkled together.

"Welcome to Ancient Studies," the witch said in a husky accented voice. Her voice though a tad rough was intoxicating like a finely aged wine. "My name is Professor Salah." Not even bothering with introductions she begins to pull out things from her bag with a wave of her wand.

"Today we will begin learning about the first runes of power," Professor Salah said as she pointed to the amulets now strewn on the table. "Not only Egyptian wizards, but many ancient wizarding societies across the world carried amulets, either enchanted or having had an ancient rune carved into them. However, for all intent in purposes, we will begin by starting with the ancient hieroglyphs of Egypt."

Professor Salah began to write them on the wall as Rowan and Severus diligently began to jot down the symbols. If it was any consolation this was no harder than Ancient Runes. And unlike Severus, she didn't need to start from scratch. The class itself went by rather fast before it was over.

Gathering their things, Rowan and Severus trotted back down to the 1st floor. There they searched for the Alchemy classroom and finally found it as was in a corridor they typically never went through. The classroom was dark windowless and resembled the dungeons but unlike Slughorn's dungeons. The walls are bare as an adjacent locked storage closest holds all the ingredients. The worktables towards the back of the classroom at present are bare except for the shinning instruments.

Taking a seat, Severus excitedly twitches in his seat as Rowan hopes that the professor isn't Slughorn. Ever since yesterday, Professor Slughorn had been trying to speak to one of them in private. No doubt to invite them to his Slug Club as official members now that they were now persons of renown to know. She'd rather serve detention before setting another foot at one of his dinner parties. But knowing Severus he'd accept as long as Lily was invited, which she had been.

The minutes trickle by and no one beyond else appears until at last, the door opens to reveal a short man. His silver hair was parted slightly at the side to the right in a distinguished German part. His sideburns were neatly trimmed as the pale wizard speaks in a German-accented voice, "Velcome to the sacred art of Alchemy. I am Professor Boas. I expect di two of you to behave."

"Now den, ve shall begin vith the basics," Professor Boas said as he began to write on the board. "Alchemy iz concerned vith three primary subjects. The transmutation of metal to gold, the elixir of eternal life, and the creation of a panacea dat vill cure all diseases. Our now tragically deceased, esteemed colleague, Nicholas Flamel conquered two of da alchemist's greatest goals. Vith the creation of di philosophers stone in turn creating metal into gold and producing the elixir of life."

Turning to face them, Professor Boas continues, "Now I have been told by Professor Dumbledore dat Herr Prince vishes to be a Potions Master. And dat Frulien Prince vishes to specialize in di side branch of Spagyric, no?" Seeing them both nod, Professor Boas smacks his lips in delight.

"Good, very good. In dat case, ve shall begin immediately!" Professor Boas excitedly declared as he rushed to the working tables. "The both of you have already passed your exams and know da basics, ya. Ve shall begin by concocting the basics of alchemy! Come, come!" Professor Boas gestured to them as the storage closet door flew open with a slam.

Ingredients quickly began to fly out as Rowan's eyes brightened as she studied the formula before them. This was much more her style as it was a mixture of herbology, chemistry, potion-making, and transmutation being the final result. Yes, she was fairly certain that she might actually enjoy Alchemy.

Rowan and Severus quickly get to work as Professor Boas excitedly watched them both perform the simple alchemy without instructions beyond that which was written in the textbook. Professor Boas babbles in excitement, "Brilliant! Genius!" Both Rowan and Severus ignore the excited antics of Professor Boas to solely concentrate on their work.

By the time the end of the class bell rings, Rowan and Severus had Professor Boas drooling over them. With breathless excitement, he stared at the finished product a simple medical concoction, but one that most first-time alchemists took many tries to achieve. And yet the twins had achieved it in just a single try.

"Iz two of you are vonderful!" Professor Boas beamed. "Please merely study di next section. It will be my honor to vitness da two of you will perform di formula in our next class."

Rowan and Severus exchange glances, but they weren't going to say no. One less homework for them to do was just fine by them. The two of them quickly waved goodbye and head over to their next class, DADA. But unlike the previous times before this year, the two of them would be with the Gryffindor's. Not that Severus minded, but Rowan did, especially anything that might involve a marauder pointing their wand at her.