A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 344

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 344 Jail Break

A tired dark-haired man with dark eyeshadows with even more gaunt cheeks than before coughs loudly as the shaking doesn't stop for many minutes now. Alphard Black looked as though he should be clearly resting in bed and yet here, he was working in the department of personnel files. That or least take a walk in the sunlight as he looked like death paled over.

Alphard hands shook with latent tremors until at least he ceased to shake. Rather weak, he sat up in his seat and stared at the three files before him. He had combed over the three files of Burke, Gamp, and Shafiq hundreds of times to no avail.

There was simply not a single least bit of clue that screamed at him from any one of them. He'd tried to subtly check with other department members beyond gentle prods but found nothing. Any further, he knew would kill him that much was for certain. No, he'd have to ask someone who attended with all three of them but who?

Alphard is deep in thought for a moment, before the obvious answer appears in his mind. Without any further thought, he carefully writes a single two worded message as was their usual means of communication only adding a third word, the name of the requested guest to attend. Sliding the letter into his robes to later be sent via owl, he tiredly returns to what he was doing. For he still had a job to do. And what little pride he had left was in a job well done.


"Lights Out!" Shouted, a prison guard as the lights went out in the prison.

In the dim darkness through the tiny barred window streaks of pale moonlight slip inside. Standing in the moonlight a prisoner staring rather solemn into the night sky. It'd been just over four years since he'd been in prison.

The lack of alcohol and sobering up had done Tobias Snape much good. His midnight-black indigo colored eyes were clear and sharp free of any substance. His once waxy yellow skin was healthy-looking with a bit of a tan from working on the prison grounds during the summer months.

Tobias Snape in short looked far better now at forty-six years of age then he had in the last ten years. Ever since, three years ago, he'd been writing letters every week to his twins, but he'd never had the guts to send them. What could he possibly say to them that would excuse his past cruel actions against them and their mother?

But the truth of the matter was that no matter how many times he apologized he would never ever make up for what he had done. He'd destroyed every bit of his children's childhood with his own two hands. And for that simple fact, he more than deserved to be here in prison.

A weary snort escapes from Tobias as he closes his eyes as he recalls his twin's faces. They'd be fourteen now going on fifteen come January. They'd bound to be tall like him, but thin like their mother.

No doubt his boy was just as snarky as ever. Sadly enough, his boy had inherited a bit of a cruel streak from him. But his girl was smart with dark, watchful eyes. She was never loud about anything preferring to hide her emotions behind a mask of silence. No, she'd have made sure to keep an eye on his boy's fiery temper much as she'd done in primary.

A swell of pride fills his chest as he recalls the wee mite of his girl having returned after beating up several 6th years. Aye, she'd always been strong that one. And she would continue to be without a doubt for many years to come.

Turning away from the moonlit window, Tobias returns to the bottom bunk as his cellmate snores from the top bunk. Laying on his back he stares at the bunk above him when he hears the gentle clack of footsteps. Turning he sees one of the guards leading two hooded figures down the hallway. Instinctively he recognizes the thin wooden stick in their hands as wands. His wife used to have one of those before he snapped it.

"Thank you for leading the way," a cold male voice mockingly said, before his wand flashed and the guard fainted onto the ground.

"At least you didn't kill the guard this time, Dolohov" drily said, said the other male figure.

"I already apologized Lestrange," Antonin Dolohov snapped as he pointed his wand at the locked cell door. "Alohomora!" The door unlocks with a soft click as Tobias instantly sits up and warily stares at the two hooded wizards.

"So, you're Tobias Snape?" Dolohov sneered as his hood fell off. The tall, dark, broad-shouldered man with a vicious gaze. "You're not much to look at. But I suppose good old gloomy Eileen Prince must have seen something in you."

"Enough Dolohov," Rodolphus Lestrange warningly chided him. Tall, thin, and dark, Rodolphus's gaze had only grown colder with his only brother's death. "We were sent by the Dark Lord to acquire that which he sought."

Dolohov sneers and says, "Mr. Snape, did either of your children present any unusual symptoms such as the speaking to snakes?

Tobias's gaze grows wary at hearing two unknown wizards asking about his children. Quickly thinking, he slowly answers, "They performed bits of magic when they were very young. But their mother said it was normal for-. For wizarding children."

"Are you certain, Mr. Snape?" Dolohov flashed a cold wolfish grin. "If not, we'll have to return, and not as nice as this time around."

"I'm certain," Tobias confidently answered for he had not lied. But worry crawled inside of him. Were his children in danger?!

"Then good evening, Mr. Snape," Rodolphus said as he waited for Dolohov to obliviate the muggle man.

"Avada Kedavra!" Dolohov shrieked as Rodolphus reacted much too late. A green flash filled the room as Tobias Snape flopped onto his back without knowing why he'd even been killed. His blank soulless midnight black indigo eyes stared at the bunk ceiling still in shock and utter surprise.

"What have you done?!" Rodolphus hissed as he grabbed Dolohov by the collar. "What if the Dark Lord had use for him later on?! But more importantly, you fool the ministry will know that we were here! They aren't as many fools as you would think. And this man for better or for worse was once Reginald Prince's son-in-law!"

Dolohov flings Rodolphus' hands-off his robes as a dark laugh fills the cell. "And what of it, Lestrange? I certainly do not fear the Ministry of Magic, do you?"

"Have you gone mad, Dolohov?" Rodolphus said as his wand glinted in the moonlight.

"No, but I grow weary of running these little errands," Dolohov coldly said. "And I will have my fair share of blood." A loud snore causes them to glance over to notice that his muggle cellmate was still sound asleep and snoring.

"Let's go, before the guard's disappearance is noticed," Rodolphus snapped, before striding away in anger. Dolohov merely whistles a haunting happy melody as they make their way back outside of the prison. But not before Dolohov casts the dark mark over the prison, before apparating away.

The unconscious form of the guard was found twenty minutes later and as was the corpse of Tobias Snape. Immediately the prison went into a lockdown as the search of the killer began. Not long after those in charge notified the government and soon the Auror's were called in to erase memories and take care of the murder.