A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 357

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 357 October 31st

A light rain had started by midafternoon that stopped by the evening. By half-past five, Rowan, Severus, Terry and the girls were all seated together this time. The candlelit Great Hall was quickly filling up. The Goblet of Fire had been moved; it was now standing in front of Dumbledore's empty chair at the staff table.

Rowan eagerly kept an eye out for Hagrid waiting for the explosion to occur. And she didn't have to wait long, after the Durmstrang party arrived, Madam Maxima arrived with her students from Beauxbatons. Madam Maxima's olive cheeks were flushed pinks as she shyly peeked at the ruggedly attractive figure of Hagrid walking her side.

Jaws dropped as more than one girl suddenly felt their heart jump in their chest. Bethanie and Silvia were no exceptions as Tiffany squealed, "Is that Hagrid?"

"Yup," Rowan curled her lips into a smile. "He's quite rugged and attractive underneath it all."

"Gross, Rowan. Did I just hear you purr?" Terry winced as he made a face, while Severus looked rather shocked.

"What I've got eyes," Rowan innocently shrugged as many pairs of girl's eyes found they couldn't look away from the masculine sight. What can they say, sometimes a rugged man is what makes a girl's heartbeat faster than a bad boy? There's something very masculine, and attractive about a man who works outdoors.

Changing the subject, Terry says, "Well, you will never guess what my cousin, Apolline told me about Avery?"

They all turn to gaze at Terry with a bit of curiosity as he smirks and says, "Apparently Evan Avery despite only being roughly over a month at Beauxbatons was already engaged to a girl there!"

Terry dramatically paused earning their exasperation as Tiffany smacks Terry on his arm and snaps, "Well hurry and get on with it, Terry! It's juicy gossip, I will have you know that we all want to hear!"

Proudly tilting up his head, Terry says, "All I know is that the sixth-year girl seduced him, and she was pregnant by the second week of October. It's not that bad of a deal really, he's marrying a pureblood, and the girl is marrying old money. It was a win-win situation for the two of them."

There is a smirk on Silvia's face and a satisfied expression on the rest of their faces including that of Rowan's. A bit curious now, Rowan asks, "And where exactly are they going to do now?"

"Apparently, they will wed over Yule," Terry explained with a great of satisfaction. "The two of them will be privately tutored at the chateau of the French Avery branch there until their child is born. At which point, Avery will return to Beauxbatons to resume his education the following year, while his wife finishes her education at home."

They all have mixed expressions on their faces at Terry word's, but it wasn't unheard. It had happened in the past, and one of the best examples was that of Cygnus Black and Druella Rosier, while at Hogwarts. Not that the Black family ever talked about the scandalous subject, but Bellatrix had been born when her father was only thirteen years old after all.

Silvia loudly interrupts by saying, "Well I heard worse news from Cousin Laird about what Mulciber is up to at Durmstrang." They all grimace at the mere mention of Mulciber. He was even worse than Evans Avery.

They all stare at Silvia solemnly continues, "Mulciber tried to rough up a girl from Durmstrang." They all let out mixed gasps and hisses of indignation.

"Well, the girl's older brother a sixth year did not take that too kindly and got even. Not only was Mulciber sent to the infirmary for over a week, but afterward, he was completely ostracized. Why by the end of September long before the seventh years of Durmstrang left for Hogwarts, Mulciber was removed from Durmstrang by his father," Silvia said with a glimmer of anger. "He really should have been expelled, but Mulciber's father holds enough clout that even the Headmaster of Durmstrang wouldn't have an easy time of doing so."

"Sc.u.mbag!" Terry spat out in anger. "Of course, he'd go and try something like this again." Bethanie, Silvia, Tiffany, and Severus all stare in puzzlement at Terry, but he merely clamps his lips tightly together and does not make any further remarks.

"Worst of all, he's now being privately tutored at Mulciber Manor," Silvia gravely announced. "My only consolation is that Mulciber won't be returning to Hogwarts. And any other magical institution of any repute will take him after his latest antics and a near explosion. A word like that gets quickly around, and his father won't be able to save him this time around."

"Thank goodness for that," Bethanie said with a bit of relief. "Still, I pity any girl that crosses his path. Though at least with these two incidents behind him none of the magical families will be willing to marry their daughters to him, pureblood or not. He'll have a hard time finding a wife even a half-blood at that."

"A blackguard like him won't simply fade away quietly into the night," Rowan growled. "He'll surely target girls like muggleborn witches, squibs, or even female muggles."

There is a heavy pause filled with the bustling noise of the conversations ongoing through the Great Hall. There is a heavy expression on Rowan's face as if second-guessing herself. At the time, she had thought that the best possible solution was to force him to leave Hogwarts, but then again, maybe it would have been better if he had stayed. At least in that manner, Mulciber would have been under constant supervision. But it was too late now, what was done, was done; and even if she now was beginning to regret her actions, she couldn't go back and turn the clock, because time and time again had proven that time itself does not like to change, and there is always a price to pay for doing so.

Deciding to change the topic again, Bethanie says, "Well that being said, I have heard rumors that a famous tailor is planning to move to London from Paris."

"Who?" Tiffany and Terry eagerly exclaimed causing Silvia and Severus to roll their eyes at the fashion duo.

Rowan ignores the stream of conversation as she is lost in her pensive thoughts for a while. The only bitter solace that she had was that at least Evan Avery might possibly be saved from becoming a Death Eater. There was a very good chance of that actually, but still, it was left a sour taste in her mouth. Mulciber was back in Britain, and she feared that he wouldn't be so easy to take advantage of or much less be rid of now. No, Mulciber, was well on his way to becoming a thorn in her side.