A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 361

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 361 361 Apologizes

It was after dinner the next night, when Severus awkwardly stood in front of Rowan waiting for her in an abandoned corridor. Unable to stare his twin sister in the face, he fidgets and tries to find something to occupy his hands with until he clenches a fistful of his robes in his hands. "Sorry," Severus mumbled quickly hoping to get it over and done with.

"What was that?" Rowan sharply snapped.

"I said, I was sorry," Severus croaked out loud. "I don't know what I was thinking, but I'm sorry. I didn't think anything would actually happen to you, Rowan." While his opal eyes shinned with the emotions of hope and despair.

Rowan takes a step toward him causing Severus to flinch as he awaits the slap that is long overdue. Instead he feels warm arms surround him and say, "Idiot. I was just waiting for you to say you were sorry."

Severus rapidly blinks his eyes in utter disbelief as he slumps against the Rowan in relief and joy. Clutching Rowan in a hug, he guiltily murmurs, "I'm so sorry, Rowan. I'm so sorry."

"I know," Rowan whispered in his ear causing him to hug her that much tighter than before.

They stand there for a minute or two enjoying the warmth of each other. They'd always been together ever since in the w.o.m.b. This had been the longest they'd ever been apart. And it clearly showed as they rarely hugged where anyone could see them.

Smoothing Severus across the back, Rowan finally draws back as Severus grumbles. Chuckling Rowan says, "You've always been a Gryffindor, when it comes to your heart, Sev."

"I am not!" Severus snapped as he flushed red. "I'm just relieved! That's all!"

"Of course," Rowan said with an amused smile. Gently reaching over she pinches the end of Severus's nose in jest and warning. "But just don't do that again, Severus. I don't think I have it in me to be so forgiving next time around."

"I won't," Severus solemnly vowed as he fully intended to keep the promise.

"Good," Rowan said as she gently tugs his arm and pulls him after her.

"Are you going to forgive, Terry?" Severus asked as they walked side by side.

"Oh, I already did," Rowan snickered. "I was just waiting for you to apologize. Terry did that a long time ago."

"Oh," Severus flushed even darker. He now felt, even more stupid than ever before. Why had he waited so long to say that he was sorry?

Rowan and Severus's separate once they arrive at the entrance of the Slytherin common room.

"Vindex." The wall slides open as the two of them enter the common room. At first glance, everyone can tell that things are patched up between both of them. Severus is smiling, while Rowan is her usual calm self of before. That was only confirmed when the two of them sat down to play wizarding chess with Terry.

Terry happily smiles in delight until Rowan says, "You do know that I'll be getting even with you both, don't you?"

"But didn't you forgive us already?" Terry fearfully stammered.

"I did, hence the reason why your corpses are laying somewhere in the Forbidden Forest," Rowan snickered. "And I'm a Slytherin. We forgive, but don't forget."

Terry lets out a curse word as he says, "Fine, but I better not end up in a dress."

"Goodness no, I already did that," Rowan replied earning startled looks from Terry and Severus.

Terry's eyes widen in slight horror in admiration as he says, "You! It was you, who committed that atrocity to Mulciber and Avery?!"

"I refuse to admit anything that might incriminate me," Rowan said as she glanced down at her nails. "But hypnotically speaking, they started it first and I was merely defending myself."

Terry opens and closes his mouth as Severus is puzzled for a moment until he recalls said even. With large eyes, Severus says, "Wait, the cross-dressing incident? That was you?!"

"As I said before, I admit to nothing," Rowan said as she ordered her pawn to take Terry's rook.

Severus and Terry don't know really what to say, but thankfully the girls arrived at that time to save them. Bethanie happily says, "Oh good, the three of you finally made up."

"Good," Silvia grunted as she took a seat on a couch next to them. "I hated Terry's moping all the time. He's annoying."

"Am not!" Terry protested.

"Are too," Silvia boldly proclaimed causing Terry to glance away first. Silvia smiled in satisfaction as she grabs this week's Witchy magazine from the small stand next to her.

"Well, I'm just glad everything's back to normal," Tiffany happily said. "These two were actually bothering me all week on what to buy you as gifts."

Terry and Severus further redden in mortification as Rowan gleefully says, "I have yet to receive a gift. Where are my apology gifts? I demand to receive them all!"

"Fine," Terry grumbled as he gave up the game he was losing by the way. Hauling Severus after him, the two of them disappear in the direction of the boy's common room.

"Thank Merlin," said, the curly-haired auburn roommate of Severus and Terry from the next table over. His blue eyes sparkle as Felton Graham says, "I was getting tired of hearing all their m.o.a.ning."

"Be quiet, Graham!" Bethanie chided him as she didn't like him. He stared far too much at her b.r.e.a.s.ts, the rotten pervert. One of these days one of the girls was going to hex his bullocks off. That or make him blind.

Terry and Severus returned not long after with sweets and books that Rowan had been wanting to buy. With a great big smile, Rowan says, "I am not above bribery. My revenge will swift and less painless than before."

"Should I be worried?" Terry drily asked. "Because it sounds that whatever you were planning from before might leave us with some mental scars."

Rowan merely flashes them an enigmatic grin, before happily claiming her gifts. She was a Slytherin for heaven's sake. They certainly didn't scoff at material gifts.