A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 368

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 368 368 Reform

The Minister of Magic's, Eugenia Jenkins office is still simply decorated. Her office is filled with even more bookshelves that are filled with even more neatly shelved books. Beyond that, there are only a few feminine traces found with her office still ringing true to her Ravenclaw roots.

The stout witch with thick bobbed hair reviews the set of laws and reforms, before her one last time. Minister Eugenia Jenkins knew that this was her last opportunity to revise before standing in front of the assembled Wizengamot. It would be an all or nothing gamble, there would be no middle ground.

A knock at her door caused Minister Jenkins to glance up. "Yes?" She inquired.

The door opens to reveal her newly appointed undersecretary Mrs. Prim, a very proper, stern witch. "It's time, Minister," Mrs. Prim promptly said.

Twitching her lips in a frown, Mrs. Prim unhappily adds, "And the Head of the Auror Department, Ogden, wishes to have a private word, before the Minister heads down to the assembly, Minister Jenkins."

"Thank you, Prim," Minister Jenkins replied. "But a short conversation with Ogden won't make me late. Allow him to enter my office."

"Yes, Minister," Mrs. Prim replied, before shooting Ogden a glare for daring to throw the Minister of Magic off schedule and stomping past him.

The short, plumb wizard with enormous thick glasses hurriedly entered her office and shut the door behind him. Bob Ogden's eyes look intently worried as he says, "Minister Jenkins, please cease to consider this. I understand your desire to pass a law to correct the errors of the past, but not with elections nearly upon us. There is no guarantee that the reforms and laws will even pass! We will not only lose, but the pureblood vote will surely swing will in Harold Minchum's favor!"

"Have faith in me, Ogden," Minister Jenkins steadily replied as she shrunk her notes and placed them into her robes. "My ally won't fail me."

"Ally?" Ogden stammered. "Who?"

He didn't mean to pry, but with elections only a few days away on December 1st the position of Minister of Magic hung in the balance. The vote count would take place the next day, and with the results to be announced on December 3rd! If Minister Jenkins won, she'd continue her post as before, however, if she lost, the New Minister of Magic Harold Minchum would be sworn in on January 1st to take the Minister of Magic post.

Minister Jenkins ignores the inquiring gaze of Ogden and faintly smiles in reply, keeping her closely guarded secret to her chest. She believed that Reginald Prince would come through for her to win the upcoming election, and she trusted in his promise. And though Prince had promised to aide her with her law reforms, but only for would a price. She just didn't know what that was yet.

Seeing that it was futile in attempting to change the Minister of Magic's mind, Ogden says, "In that case, please allow me to escort you down, Minister Jenkins."

"Thank you, Ogden," Minister Jenkins said. "You're a loyal friend, and though I appreciate your sincere concern, I really must go."

Ogden reluctantly nods his head, before opening the door and escorting out. Immediately, her regularly assigned Auror's walk-in back of her allowing Ogden to cover the front out of respect.

They quickly made time as they descended down into the dungeons of the Ministry of Magic. The air is bleak and forbidding. There are no pictures on the walls and no decorations at all.

Photographers shiver as they stand and wait on other side of the stone halls forbidden from taking pictures inside the courtroom. The photographers wisely do not take images of the Minister of Magic at seeing, who was leading her.

Ogden sends a threating glare at the photographers who quickly glance away. He carefully opens a pair of doors to reveal a series of rows of benches, rising in all levels around the room. The seats are positioned so that the viewers may have a clear view of the individual that will be standing before them. The only area not filled by the populace is the center area that holds the already seated Wizengamot.

The journalists are silent except for the sound of writing as they have been prohibited from speaking at the risk of being kicked out. Everyone else in the stands is someone of importance, either in the past or present. One such figure is surrounded by a wide array of figures, Reginald Prince.

Minster Jenkins catches the eye of the powerful, lean wizard. Reginald Prince slowly nods his head at her as if saying, "I've completed my end of the deal, the rest is up to you."

Respectfully returning the nod, Minister Jenkins walks forward until she is standing in the center of the floor. The doors loudly shut behind her as the only sound heard is the sound of Bob Ogden putting on their official robes and taking his seat on the Wizengamot. Taking a deep breath, she cautiously studies the already seated Wizengamot.

There sitting at the front and presiding is the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Albus Dumbledore. His long silvery hair and beard are neatly tucked into his belt. His plum robes have engraved silver letter-W on them signaling he serves as a member of the Wizengamot. His blue eyes sparkle with energy from behind half-moon spectacles sitting on his long, crooked nose.

Sitting at his side is an elderly figure much older than even Chief Warlock, Madam Professor Griselda Marchbanks. On the other side of Chief Warlock Dumbledore sits Tiberius Ogden, a distant relation of Bob Ogden, the present head of the Auror Department. In the rows that follow the figures of others can be seen such as Elphias Doge, Bob Ogden, Albert Runcorn, and many other prominent Wizengamont members. The entirety of the Wizengamot has assembled to hear the Minister of Magic speak.

In the corner of the room is a wiry blond court scribe. Fair-skinned with broad shoulders and a pair of spectacles; Tiberius McLaggen flashed the Minister of Magic a brief smile as if wishing her luck. Nodding her nod at the clerk in thanks, she motions for Tiberius McLaggen to begin.

Rising to his feet, Tiberius McLaggen loudly says, "It is November 27th, 1973. Under the direction of Chief Warlock, Albus Dumbledore, the entirety of the Wizengamot has gathered to hear the request of the current elected Minister of Magic, Eugenia Jenkins, who has called upon the Wizengamot to amend past and present laws in current effect. And if need be to create new laws in accompaniment which must be passed with a majority of Wizengamot members in an agreement or the motion will fail. Are there any objections to the Minister of Magic's right to speak?"

There is a heavy silence as no one speaks up with an objection or protest. Despite the many whispers and rumors, no one was certain which topic the Minister of Magic would attempt to rectify. It was certainly to be an interesting Wizengamot session.

"I duly record that no objections have been voiced," Tiberius McLaggen gravely declared. "It is with great honor and solemnity that I turn over the right to speak to the current elected Minister of Magic, Eugenia Jenkins."

Hundreds of heads turn in her direction as Minister of Magic, Eugenia takes a deep breath, before straightening up to speak. It was now or never.