A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 369

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 369 369 Reform

On the public viewing bench's reporters stand poised with their quills ready in hand to take notes. Among them is a certain blond, pesky reporter with rhinestone glasses and crimson painted claws. Rita Skeeter does not pay any attention to the solemnity of the courtroom as she takes careful scans the courtroom taking note of those present and their expressions. She shivers at spotting the figure of Reginald Prince, and quickly moves past him. Tragically, he is surrounded by the most interesting of figures, the widow Augusta Longbottom, the Head of the Bones family, the Flint's, Orion Black, the Head of one of the Greengrass branches, Barty Crouch, and other such powerful pureblood families.

"My fellow, Wizengamot members, and the witches and wizards of the wizarding world," Minister of Magic Eugenia Jenkins confidently began. "It is with great solemnity and sincerity that I stand before you this day."

Pausing for emphasis, Minister Jenkins continues, "In these past few months, we have witnessed a great many of events. But more importantly a miracle, which we would have never thought to witness with our very own eyes nor see to come to pass in our own lifetimes. I speak of the kind and magnanimous actions of Potion Master Belby, who have wrought a cure for our fellow magical brothers and sisters, who have been so sorely affected by this terrible, vicious plague."

Slowly turning to gaze around the room Minister Jenkins resolutely says, "I and everyone in this courtroom have heard the terrible tales of woe that our brothers and sisters have told, but worst of all the suffering of mere innocent children." There is a feeling of sympathy at her words at various expressions soften, while those wiser and far more wary simply narrow their eyes to listen far more closely than they had been prior to that last statement.

"However, despite this cure, our fellow brothers and sisters, and their children now face the terrible struggles of poverty and lack of a basic magical education," Minister Jenkins boldly declared causing more than a few faces to narrow on the Wizengamot. The knut had finally dropped.

Minister Jenkins lips twitch in a wry smile. "I see that many of your faces are now filled with concern. And I understand your fears, you are all wondering if I mean to alleviate these members of our society, how will we pay for it? But more importantly will we tax the rest of wizarding society even further to support such an idealistic view?" Various murmurs and grunts can be heard throughout the courtroom in fierce agreement of her words.

"That is exactly why I am here before you this day," Minister Jenkins steadfastly pronounced. "Please first allow me to explain myself, before any protests or any further questions are asked."

Seeing the courtroom remaining silent, Minister Jenkins staunchly said, "I propose the creation of a new law enforcement department that will be known as the Animagus Police Department, nicknamed the A.P.D. Said new enforcement officers will be registered Animagus individuals and there task will be to alleviate the burdens of our presently overtasked Auror Department. Like our Muggle counterparts, the A.P.D. will concentrate on policing the streets and handling small crimes and incidents. Leaving our academy-trained Auror's to handle the more serious cases."

There is a burst of whispers as heads slowly begin to nod in understanding. If Auror's were in charge of the more serious cases and didn't have to deal with drunks and pranksters, the Auror department would move like a rapidly moving Graphorn, unstoppable.

"And since, the Ministry of Magic, suddenly has a large influx of registered Animagus wizards and witches already trained to disappear into the crowds and are at ease with the general populace, the Ministry of Magic need only provide a year training period in regards to basic magic," Minister Jenkins confidently said.

"Which brings us to my next motion, the Reformation Education Act," Minister Jenkins slowly said as many eyes grew wide at her sudden proposal. "Our now cured members of society are in urgent need of receiving a magical education. As such, I propose this.

To all a.d.u.l.t members of wizarding society, whether cursed or not, the Ministry of Magic will off offer a free basic magical education. All applicants must be registered and must complete the course or else, said individual must repay the Ministry of Magic in full for the years' worth of education. However, there are exceptions, I am certain that will come up such as an illness or other unknown variables. As long as said individual provides proof of said unexpected situation, said a.d.u.l.t may temporarily put said education lessons on hold."

"That being said, there are many a.d.u.l.ts in society, who wish to better themselves and simply never had an opportunity," Minister Jenkins explained. "As such, there is a contingency for such an event. Those wishing to further their education, but cannot pay for such means will have the option to enroll as a member of the A.P.D. These individuals will be paid for their time like any other employee within the Ministry of Magic and after a period of three years may apply to the Auror department or receive a letter of recommendation to any education service of their choice.

This second batch of individuals may choose to pursue a more advanced education may elect to remain working at the A.P.D. to pay for said mastery in their subject of choice. And if the wages of the said employees are not enough to cover said education, the Ministry of Magic will cover said education, however, said employee will be required to work for the Ministry of Magic for a period of five years in the field of their mastery."

Several department heads present to brighten up at those words. The Ministry of Magic's largest problem wasn't finding talent but finding enough hands to cover all the positions that were needed. With such a plan in place, there would be sufficient veteran employees to train new Ministry members rather than be so severely understaffed. But more importantly, the departments that were in dire of new blood could directly recruit from a fellow Ministry of Magic department and be ensured, they'd have employees for at least five years' time.

One such department was the interpreter department; translation spells could be only used for so long and only a variety of doc.u.ments. Highly secure doc.u.ments, ancient or any number of doc.u.ments required translators to physically translate said doc.u.ments. It was one of the most overworked and understaffed departments within the Ministry of Magic.