A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 371

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 371 371 Reform

The tide of whispered voices died down as the court scribe, Tiberius McLaggen rises to his feet. "The Wizengamot has heard the Minister of Magic, Eugenia Jenkins proposal for reforms and laws. The Wizengamot will now discuss and question Minister Jenkins further, the court is yours," Tiberius loudly proclaimed, before sitting back down.

The courtroom is utter silent before the tall, powerfully built figure of Albert Runcorn in his gravelly voice says, "Your proposal Minister of Magic Jenkins, although altruistic in nature is unfeasible. Suppose the Wizengamot does approve the proposal to create this A.P.D. of yours, where will we find the resources to train said new law enforcement employees?"

There is a burst of an agreement as Runcorn continues, "And as for the rest of it, they are muggles and we cannot break the state of secrecy!"

There are various nods in agreement until Minister Jenkins holds her head high as she meets the cold, bearded face of Albert Runcorn. "We have several retired Auror's that are more than willing to be the training officers for the new members that will form the A.P.D. And regarding your second question, Runcorn, these muggles are already aware of the magical wizarding world. I am not asking that the state of secrecy be broken but rather requesting that it includes Muquibs and formally recognizes them as belonging to our world due to the consequences of their being introduced to a magical disease."

"Well, I for one think it's a fine idea," the old wizard, Elphias Doge loudly said earning a scowl of intense dislike from Runcorn. "The wizarding world has been talking for ages about having a primary school to universally educate our children. However, there's never been a feasible plan until now. And it's not as though the Minister of Magic is taking a parent's right to hire private tutors for their children or to no longer be taught at home, but merely giving wizarding parents an alternate.

There are more nods of agreement in the crowd at his words in relief and understanding. The Minister of Magic was not forcing the purebloods to send their children to these schools but offering education to the wizarding masses. It was not something that would be forced upon them.

Seeing the changing expressions of the crowd in the courtroom, Runcorn icy eyes narrow as he pensively touches his black beard. Runcorn did not like the Minister of Magic's proposals nor agree with them. But he could see the way the tide was coming in for the moment, and he'd be buried in the sand if he did not retreat.

The journalists expect the powerful speaker, Albert Runcorn to speak again, but he does not to their utter disappointment. However, they are not disappointed, when the elderly, Madam Marchbanks says, "Your ideas are all good and well, Minister Jenkins. But can you guarantee with absolute certainty that if your Muquibs are included as part of the Wizarding Secrecy Act that they will keep our secret?" The reporters hungrily lean forward expecting the response.

"Yes, they will," Minister Jenkins confidently said. "They have agreed if necessary, to swear an unbreakable vow. However, that being said provisions will have to be carefully made as any potential future children will be considered muquibs as well and will be educated as part of our world as they will most likely be inheriting their parent's animagus ability to transform into wolves at will."

Madam Marchbanks slowly nods her head. "Very well, that will be acceptable."

An elderly pureblood Wizengamot member coughs and says, "Minister of Magic, you have spoken of these muquibs of yours teaching our children. How can we know for certain they shall not pollute their young minds with muggle filth?" There is a rush of whispers at his words.

Minister Jenkins does not rise to the bait and calmly says, "The Muquibs will teach subjects such as arithmetic, geography, etc. However, as I've stated before, our formerly cursed brethren have agreed to teach other important wizarding subjects such as proper etiquette, wizard traditions, wizard history and more. The entire purpose of primary education is to teach our children of the world that exists beyond our own and to preserve the traditions that are our own."

The elderly pureblood Wizengamot sniffed in reply but did not speak up again. Wizengamot members continue to rise and sit down until no one has any more questions. The reporters are rather disappointed at seeing the lack of a fiery spectacle. Still, the journalists were still full of hope for more drama as the most important part was next, the voting.

Tiberius McLaggen rises to his feet once again and says, "The Wizengamot has deliberated the subjects and now it is time to vote. Chief Warlock Albus Dumbledore will lead the voting."

Rising to his feet, Chief Warlock Albus Dumbledore's eyes have a twinkle to them as he solemnly says, "We have heard many arguments today, but it is time to vote on said measures. On November 27th, 1973, Minister of Magic Eugenia Jenkins proposed the first following motion; that a new law enforcement force is to be created and primarily to be composed of Animagus to patrol and handle lower-level crime. Said, department will immediately be created and commence training as of the 1st of December to be put into effect immediately upon basic completion of training. These employees are required to remain within the department under contract for two years, before asking to be transferred elsewhere or pursue another avenue of their choice."

"All Wizengamot members in favor please raise your hand."

Scores of hands go up as the court clerk counts them.

"All those opposed?" Dumbledore asked as dozens of hands went into the air. Strangely enough, Albert Runcorn cast his vote neither in favor nor in disfavor. He had absented himself from casting a vote.

Tiberius McLaggen loudly clears his throat and says, "The Majority of the Wizengamot have cast their votes in favor the motion is passed."

Minister Jenkins keeps herself from smiling as she knew that this was only the first of the motions passed. The first battle had been won, but the war was far from over.

Dumbledore loudly says, "Minister of Jenkins has proposed an a.d.u.l.t education for our formerly afflicted wizarding brethren sixteen years of age and up, and to those that were not afforded the chance in life. In addition, the Ministry of Magic will cover further education for any A.P.D. employees and to pay for their mastery in their choice of career. Notwithstanding said Ministry employee will be under contract for five years upon having completed said mastery in the area of their mastery and after which said employee may choose to remain or go elsewhere."

"All Wizengamot members in favor please raise your hand."

Tiberius quickly counts the votes, before Dumbledore asked, "All those opposed?" Dozens of hands go up again, but much less than before. Much like Runcorn several members absented themselves as there was no further point in voting against the motion.

Tiberius McLaggen flashed a quick smile, before saying, "The Majority of the Wizengamot have cast their votes in favor and the motion is passed." The journalists eagerly hold their breath as they knew that the next motion is where the real action would be at.

"Minister Jenkins has proposed that the 1692 International Statute of Wizarding society be amended to include Muquibs. These individuals are all muggles, who were formerly afflicted with the magical disease known as Werewolfism. Now cured, these individuals cannot return to muggle society nor be excluded from our own as they still retain the animagus ability to transform into wolves. They can no longer be considered merely muggles and as such will are considered to belong to the wizarding world much like Squibs, "Dumbledore said. "All Wizengamot members in favor please raise your hand."

Hands slowly go up one by one, but it will be close as Tiberius McLaggen slowly counts them. Suddenly, a dozen hands go up causing Tiberius to pause in counting in his confusion. But most importantly, these were some of the staunchest pureblood supporters of all time. Why in Merlin's name had they voted in favor of the motion?

Elsewhere on the courtroom stands, Reginald Prince's lips twitch in grim satisfaction and nodded his head at the Wizengamot members who'd obediently raised their hands at his glare. He'd have a word with them later, but he would be lenient. After all, they had obeyed his request in the end.