A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 372

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 372 372 Reform

After a moment, Dumbledore asked, "All those opposed?" And a dozen of hands went into the air, but not enough to change the final vote.

A bit perplexed and in disbelief, Tiberius McLaggen says with a bit awe heard in his voice, "The Majority of the Wizengamot have cast their votes in favor the motion is passed."

The journalists in the stands are filled with disbelief. They could not believe that the motion had passed. Even Skeeter's mouth flops open for a bit before she hastily begins to jot down the reactions. Though she had the inkling that Reginald Prince had something to do with the matter. However, she could not prove it, but she'd keep an eye on the old Prince. He was bound to be a boundless source of gossip.

"In connection to the two prior motions, Minister Jenkins has proposed that the present office of the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts be expanded to incorporate Muquibs to better stand muggle artifacts and so forth. It is also proposed that Muquibs be permitted to teach, enter the Muggle Liaison department, and the transportation department. And notwithstanding even the A.P.D. as Muquibs classify are registered Animagus's. And should the need or opportunity arise be employed in other departments as well within the Ministry of Magic and in other parts of wizarding society as a whole?" Dumbledore proudly proclaimed.

"All Wizengamot members in favor please raise your hand."

Once again, when Tiberius McLaggen thought it was going to be a sure NO, the same pureblood Wizengamot member's hands from before went up. A bit dry-mouthed and idly he wondering if these Wizengamot members are possibly being blackmailed? Tiberius McLaggen finally said, "The Majority of the Wizengamot have cast their votes in favor the motion is passed."

Gasps of shock can be heard among the journalists. This was the most progressive the Wizengamot had ever been since the 1600 and 1700s, when debating about the protection of muggles. It was rather astonishing, to say the least.

Finally, the last motion is upon them. "Minister Jenkins has proposed that a universal education be afforded to all wizarding children, squibs, and future muquibs. As such, four primary schools will be created to ensure said education in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Britain. Various measures will be put in place including uniforms, safety, teaching staff, and transportation. The children in attendance will begin at the age of five until they attend Hogwarts. For our squibs, and muquibs, they shall continue to be educated there until they are a.d.u.l.ts. Said institutions will open their doors on the last week of August for the next year," Dumbledore proudly said.

"All Wizengamot members in favor please raise your hand."

However, this time around much like at the start plenty of hands go up without the aid or prodding of Reginald Prince. Tiberius's lips curl into a pleasant smile as he counts all the hands. Without having finished counting he already knew that the motion had passed.

Dumbledore is unable to stop himself from smiling as he says, "All those opposed?"

Tiberius McLaggen quickly finished counting as he said, "I am pleased to declare that the Majority of the Wizengamot have cast their votes in favor and the motion is passed."

Not even waiting for the courtroom to be dismissed cries of joy from the supporters fill the air as the undersecretary, Mrs. Prim breaks protocol and hugs the Minister. "You did it, Minister Jenkins!" Mrs. Prim cried out with tears in her eyes.

Minister Jenkins numbly nods her head unable to believe it as well. She knew that the education reforms and A.P.D would surely pass, but she wasn't certain about the Muquibs. And most of all she still couldn't believe her own ears and eyes.

Chief Warlock Dumbledore nodded his head at her with a wide grin as Tiberius McLaggen tried to get everyone to quiet down to no avail. Nodding her thanks to Dumbledore, Minister Jenkins turns to meet the opal eyes of Reginald Prince. Reginald Prince's lips twitch as if in congratulations as he tilts his head at for the resounding victory.

Minister Jenkins deeply nods back at him knowing full well, she could not have won without him. And as such, she owed him. There would be a reckoning between the two of them, but not right now and certainly not until after the election. They couldn't afford to be seen as allies at present. They couldn't afford to lose the element of surprise.

The instant Minister Jenkins emerges the photographers begin to crazily photos of her. She is bathed in hundreds of flashes, but she tries to look calm and not wince at the bright lights. Her assigned guards do their job of quickly, and rather firmly clearing a path for her back to her office, while Mrs. Prim, her undersecretary begins to give a press release in the hallway of the events that had just transpired in the courtroom.

Alone in her office, Minister Jenkins takes a deep breath, before a wide grin slowly crept across her face. She'd done it! But more importantly, maybe, this would finally get the Squibs off her back. She couldn't handle another riot!

In a mood to celebrate, Minister Jenkins reaches deep into her desk drawer and pops the cork off a champagne bottle. Taking out a shiny glass, she pours herself a generous amount of the vintage bubbly substance. About to take a sip, a quiet knock at her door caused her to alertly put her champagne glass down.

"Who is it?" Minister Jenkins warily asked as she slowly reached for her wand in her sleeve.

"A quick word, Minister," the cool voice of Reginald Prince could be heard through the door.

"Enter," Minister Jenkins said as she remained standing behind her desk.

The tall, slender figure of Reginald Prince appeared before her as he shut the door firmly behind him. "May I have a seat?" Reginald coolly asked.

Gesturing to the older wizard to have a seat across from her, Minister Jenkins slowly sits back into her seat. "Can I offer you a drink, Prince?"

"No," Reginald wrinkled his nose in distaste. "I do not care much for drinking, Minister."

Minister Jenkins slowly nods her head and says, "In that case, how can I help you, Prince?"

"I wish to verify that for the moment, there will be no other progressive proposals," Reginald crisply inquired. "I can only control the purebloods so much, and they will not side with us should such another occurrence come to be within such a short period of time."

"I understand," Minister Jenkins truthfully said. "I did not think I had it in me either, but yet here I am. Either way, I can assure you, Prince, I have no intention of passing any other laws or reforms for the time being or in the near future. The ones that already have come into existence will serve to keep me busy well into the future."

"Good," Reginald coolly murmured. "Then I have your word and I will be passing along this message with the utmost confidence to those that have sided with us?"

"You have my promise as Minister of Magic," Eugenia Jenkins steadily declared.

"Excellent," Reginald said as he rose to his feet. "Then I shall not tarry any longer with you."

"Of course," Minister Jenkins said in surprise, before hesitating. "And what of the cost?"

"In due time, Minister," Reginald matter-of-factly stated, while dubiously eyeing her drink. "However, I would not drink that if I were you, it's been poisoned."

"What?!" Minister Jenkins said in a panic as she hastily pulled out her wand and cast a spell on the champagne glass. To her utter shock and horror, the wine glass turned a sickly green in confirmation of Reginald Prince's words.

"But how!" Minister Jenkins said flabbergasted.

"The usual way, I am sure," Reginald calmly said. "Though given your expression, it would appear said bottle was purchased by yourself."

"Yes," Minister Jenkins stammered. "I purchased the bottle a year ago and made sure it was safe to drink at that time. No one knows about the bottle, not even my undersecretary, Mrs. Prim!"

"In that case, I would suggest increasing your security, Minister," Reginald coldly advised. "Someone is out to kill you and they very well nearly succeeded if not for my impromptu decision to speak to you."

"Yes," Minister Jenkins dully replied.

Seeing the Minister's shocked expression, Reginald carefully adds, "Goblins tend to make useful items to check for poison. It is costly, but I am sure that Grok Gringotts would ensure the speedy delivery of the said request, no later than this very evening."

"Thank you," Minister Jenkins quietly said.

"I would hate for all my time and effort to go to waste," Reginald matter-of-factly declared. "Good day, Minister," before turning around and quietly exiting as swiftly as he came.

Rubbing her aching head, Minister Jenkins tossed the entire champagne bottle and glass into the fireplace. Unable to believe it still, she slumped weakly back down into her chair. Someone was trying to kill her. And that someone could get into her oval office!