A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 373

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 373 373 Timothy

That evening every single newspaper edition went out with screaming titles such as: "Unanimous Wizengamot Vote!" "Progressive Ministry Acts, what's next?!" "Education Reform!" "Muquibs, who are they, and what you need to now!" And various other titles that spoke of the various reforms, amendments, and new laws to be put into place.

In an old, worn, but comfy home, the grizzled silver-haired former werewolf, Heskel roughly clears his throat as he reads the entire Daily Prophet from front to back. Heskel's hands shake as he tries to contain his emotional state. Quickly blinking his eyes dry, he carefully folds the paper in half, and makes his way to the kitchen.

The small kitchen is filled is packed with children, teens, and various young a.d.u.l.ts all sitting down at the groaning dinner table. The scent of food fills the air as the cook, a sixteen-year-old youth with vicious claw-like scars across his faces removes a casserole from the oven.

Timothy smiles at the old former werewolf, who had happily taken their entire pack in without a word of protest. "You're just in time, Heskel," Timothy said. "I was about to call you, but dinner's ready to be served."

"I want to talk to all of you, before we eat," Heskel solemnly said causing everyone in the kitchen to warily glance at him.

Timothy carefully puts down the hot pan on the middle of the table and removes the oven gloves from his hands. "What's wrong?" Timothy asked in worry. "I know that money's been rather tight, despite us older ones finding jobs to care for the young ones."

"It's not that," Heskel said gesturing for Timothy to take a seat.

"Very well," Timothy slowly said as he sat down and waited for Heskel to speak.

A wide grin slowly appears on Heskel's face as he says, "I have wonderful news concerning all your futures."

"You're not going to split us up and send us away are you, Heskel?" Cried out a ten-year-old girl named, Lucy

The ten-year-old girl frantically clutched the hand of an eleven-year-old girl, Martha sitting at her side. Both girls were not blood-related but had been abandoned by their families not long after having been bitten. The two girls were taken in by Grayback, but even then, the two girls saw each other as sisters and did everything together.

"No, no, it's nothing like that," Heskel gruffly said. "All of you are my cubs now, and I protect what's mine." Lucy and Martha sighed in relief as they still clung to each other still afraid of what Heskel had to say.

Heskel held out the paper to Timothy to read as the older ones crammed around to peek over his shoulder. "The Ministry of Magic is not only offering us jobs within the Ministry but education for all a.d.u.l.ts and for the children!"

"School?" Eagerly asked, a clean, combed twelve-year-old boy named, Jeremy.

"Yes, Jeremy," Heskel solemnly answered. "The schools will open next year for children ages five until they attend Hogwarts."

The glow in Jeremy's eyes dies down as he whimpered, "But I'm already eleven nearly turning twelve."

Heskel grins at him and says, "I know, you'll be going to Hogwarts, my boy."

"Hogwarts!" Jeremy exclaimed in disbelief along with a chorus of others.

"Aye, the Ministry has deemed it that anyone possessing magic belong the age of fifteen can still attend Hogwarts," Heskel explained. "There are about of conditions, but ya'll can still go."

Jeremy's eyes sparkle like the brightest stars as he can't believe the joyous news. He can also attend Hogwarts with his brothers and sisters! However, he quickly glanced over at a nine-year-old with glossy hair and a button nose.

"But what about Cody?" Jeremy asked as the room grew quiet. Cody was an orphan muggle child that was bitten and had been taken in by Ophelia. He had no one except for them, they were his family.

"It's okay," Cody quietly said. "I've got no magic except for still being able to turn into a wolf, because of the nature of magical curse despite having already been cured."

Seeing the glow fading from the other children's eyes, Heskel says, "That's alrighty now, people like Cody have been classified as Muquibs. Meaning, they are able to be employed within the wizarding world including the Ministry of Magic."

"But, but, what about school?!" Cody asked. "I can't get a job, I'm still too little!"

"Ah, well, I didn't get to finish explaining," Heskel replied good-naturedly. "The new schools will also afford higher education to squibs and Muquibs until you're grown. You'll get schooling just like everyone else."

"I can go to school too!" Cody loudly shouted in excitement as everyone else joined in their laughter.

Timothy finally looked up from the paper and said, "We can all get wands now, Heskel."

"Aye, lad," Heskel huskily choked. "We all can except for Cody here."

Earning a giggle from Cody. "Maybe, but I can still turn into a wolf and that's more magic than any other muggle can do."

"That is certainly is true lad," Heskel said. "Now let's all sit down to eat, the food's getting cold."

"Well, it's all your fault, Heskel," said a young woman with a crooked nose named Sadie.

"Brat," Heskel said earning a wide grin from the young woman and bursts of laughter from the rest of them.

The older girls begin to serve the meal, they carefully feed the younger children before serving themselves. Heskel ensures that all his pups are already eating when he finally serves himself a plate of food. Heskel takes a large forkful of casserole, "It's mighty tasty, Timothy. You've turned into a fine cook and have come a long way from being burning dinner."

Timothy flushed in embarrassment. "Well, at least, I can cook, old man. Your cooking leaves much desired for, why even the little ones can cook better!"

Heskel choked at Timothy's words earning cries of laugher from everyone at the table. Sadie wrinkled her crooked nose in tease and said, "Why even the littlest one, Reuben, who's only seven can make a pot of soup!"

Heskel sputtered even more indignantly as the seven-year-old in question with wiry hair jumps to his feet. "I can make sandwiches, a pot of tasty soup, and even dessert!" Reuben proudly exclaimed earning bursts of delighted laughter from his family.

"It's a conspiracy," Heskel bitterly grumbled. "Everyone's out to get this poor, tired, old wolf."

"Does that mean, that you'll happily accept our matchmaking attempts?" Sadie sassily asked causing Heskel to choke on his food and pound on his chest followed by a chorus of laughter.

Heskel attempted to glare at the older girl, who innocently batted her eyes at him. "I've no use for a woman to be underfoot," Heskel stiffly said. "I've survived this long without one, and I don't plan on getting one now."

"Says you," Timothy loudly said. "Why you were eating out of tin cans for every meal, Heskel, don't you dare deny it! If that's surviving, well, then maybe, you need a wife for your own good, Heskel."

Heskel even more fl.u.s.tered is unable to think of a comeback as he tries to scowl at them only earning giggles instead. "Brats the whole lot of you," Heskel indignantly said. "I'll be eating in the solitary, peaceful confinement of my room."

With great pride, the elderly grizzled man marched out of the kitchen with a plateful of food. Bursts of laughter and jests follow Heskel out of the kitchen as a wide grin slowly appeared on his face. He'd deny it even until death, but he loved those darn brats even when they were trying to get under his skin, and maybe especially then. They were his family now and he theirs. He'd never been happier, and he'd not trade his present life for all the riches in the world. And that was a fact.