A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 374

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 374 374 Coven

The wizarding world was all abuzz regarding the news well into evening discussing the future ramifications of said changes in the law, reforms, and amendments. They were not the only ones as even goblins were considering whether it would be prudent or possible to hire muquibs and squibs now?

Financially wise, they had been looking for suitable muggle partners to which work within the muggle economy but hadn't found anyone trustworthy. Muquibs had very good reasons for distrusting of wizards and naturally would make excellent partners as they were natives to the muggle world and would provide the perfect front. And if Muquibs were willing to work with squibs, the goblins would greatly be able to increase their financial portfolios. It was a win-win situation for them all.

Elsewhere in Great Britain to the dark shadows of woods still untouched, a gothic styled citadel lays directly in the middle of the woods sticking out like a sore thumb. The gothic-styled palace is large, elegant, and incredibly lavish, it was heavily fortified. It had been built to remain hidden in the world by sorcery from humans and wizards alike. And so, it had remained for hundreds of years.

The area was covered by a dense cloud cover as various fancy carriages pulled by winged steeds flew through the air. However, the instant the sun fully went down beyond the dark horizon, dozens of bats could be seen flying through the air towards the castle in the woods. Down below, the lesser vampire's hired as servants in dark livery wait for the higher-ranked vampire to arrive.

One by one, bats land on the ground to transform into pale, gaunt dark-haired men and women. There are a few exceptions, but very few of those arriving possess lighter colored hair. All those arriving are mid-rank vampires of better pedigrees thanks to their blood sires. Finally, the last of these vampires enter, before the flying carriages pull forth and land on the long gravel road.

The large winged horses are mostly black as they snort and their red eyes glow in the night. The trained carriage drivers, all low-ranked vampires carefully drive the carriages forth for they each carry high-ranked vampires. The first of the carriages arrive at the entrance of the castle, before coming to a halt.

The lower-ranked vampires straighten up upon seeing the crest upon the carriage. The carriage driver silently leaps from the driver's seat to the ground. "My liege, we have arrived," the coach driver solemnly said, before pulling the carriage door wide open.

From inside emerged a pale, gaunt vampire. The elderly vampire had long silver hair and soulless black eyes. Without acknowledging even, the presence of his carriage driver, the elderly vampire makes his way up the marble steps.

The lower-ranking vampires in livery all bow and say, "Greetings Pontifex Luther."

The elder vampire named; Luther does not acknowledge their greeting. Rather as if speaking into thin air, the vampire says, "Bring up a bottle of the 1912 elf-wine. If I must wait, I shall do so in comfort," Luther demanded, before striding up the stone steps.

One lower-ranking vampire rushed off to obey, while the rest remained behind to greet the still arriving high-ranking vampires. A steady line of carriages continued to pull up until the last carriage comes to a halt at the front entrance. The carriage driver pulls the door open to reveal, a beautiful pale, seductress. The high-ranking vampire was rather young and still retained her beauty.

With painted bright red lips, the curved female vampire wearing a tight, silk black dress purred, "Have the rest of the Pontifex's arrived?"

"Yes, Pontifex Victoria," replied one of the lower-ranked vampires with a deep bow. "The rest of the Pontifex's are waiting inside."

Victoria's lips twitch back in a coy smile, before sashaying up the marble steps. Good, she liked to make an entrance, her beauty must be appreciated by all those that saw her.

Victoria's entrance made quite the spectacle as she arrogantly raised her head and ignored the l.u.s.tful stares of the mid-ranked vampires. Among them is a younger, tall emaciated man with dark shadows under his eyes. Smirking, Victoria approaches the vampire and says, "Sangunini, how good to see you tonight. You look quite terrible are you not getting enough to eat? If not, I can always be charitable and send one of my own, your way."

"There is no need, Pontifex Victoria," Sanguini stiffly declined the invitation. Pontifex Victoria had a reputation for being a literal maneater. And he'd prefer not to become her latest catch.

"Too bad," Victoria purred as she licked her lips suggestively. "Perhaps, another time, Sanguini. After all, we have nothing but time."

Sanguini did not reply having chosen to ignore her words, but still politely bowed lest she takes offense. He was vastly aware that he only a mid-ranking vampire while Pontifex Victoria was a high-ranking vampire. And while she could force the issue, he would prefer not to ask his sire's sire to intervene. His sire's sire though a high-ranking vampire would intervene for a price, and it would not be light. And he would greatly prefer not to have to resort to such drastic measures in the first place.

Victoria hummed to herself in private, "He'll be mine, sooner or later."

Licking her lips as if already imagining her prize, Victoria proudly struts down the hall and slams open the doors to the summit hall. Dozens of heads turn towards her mostly old decrepit heads, with a few still middle-aged, but with her being the only vampire amid them.

"My, my, Hecate, you get older every time, I see you," Victoria snickered loudly as she took her seat and the doors magically closed shut behind her.

The female vampire in question, Hecate has a formidable air about her. Her silver hair is pulled tightly in a coil with nary a hair out of place. With a frigid disposition about her, Hecate says, "And yet every time, we meet Victoria, it would appear that your whorish ways have impossibly grown again. It would seem that a whore is still a whore, despite being turned."

Victoria hissed and bared her fangs in anger at the older female vampire. With her nail's lengthening, Victoria is about to do something rash, when a male voice says, "Must we do this every single time? I have better things to do like enjoy this vintage 1912 elf-wine than listen to you ladies debate the same argument over and over again."

Both female vampires turn to glare at Luther, who merely takes another sip of his glass in reply. Both female vampires turn to glare at each other, before settling back down in their seats. There would be plenty of time to cuss each other out later, there was a serious business at hand to be taken care of.