A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 391

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 391 Order Of Merlin

The usually ornate Minister of Magic's is still plain as usual despite having successfully been reelected as Minister of Magic. The inc.u.mbent Minister Eugene Jenkins office is filled with bookshelves filled with neat, orderly shelved books. There was a feminine touch here and there such as a potted plant or the landscape painting hanging on the wall. But beyond simple furnishings, Minister Eugenia Jenkins naturally showed her Ravenclaw tendencies by placing knowledge above all else.

At present the stout witch with thick bobbed hair kept glancing at the clock. Minister Eugenia Jenkins was well aware exactly to whom she owed everything too, Reginald Prince. Not only had the purebloods and the wizarding masses surged around him, but the Slytherins were shocking the masses as well.

For one of their own, Alphard Black had heroically spied and died for the wizarding world on Christmas Day. Black was to be awarded postmortem a medal of the Second Order of Merlin. Reginald Prince personally would be doing the honors as well as presenting the rest of the medals including the First Order of Merlin to Damocles Belby.

Minister Jenkins is awoken out of her revive to see the fireplace turn green as a tall, thin, stern silver-haired man emerged. Reginald Prince looked as impeccable as ever as he walked forward. "Good Evening, Minister Jenkins, I hope you are well," Reginald said. "And congratulations on winning the election and remaining the current Minister of Magic."

"Thank you for belated congratulations, Sir Prince," Minister Jenkins politely answered. "I must also thank you for agreeing to presenting these medals tonight."

"It will be my upmost honor," Reginald sincerely said.

Minister Jenkins nods her head and says, "I am aware that you've been somewhat worried this year since your granddaughter was made to participate in the Triwizard Tournament this year."

"The issue has already been addressed and her brother will be suitably punished over the summer break," Reginald cryptically answered refusing to speak more on the subject.

"I understand," Minister Jenkins quickly replied getting the hint. "If it is any consolation, I have been personally reassured that there she will be in no danger."

"Is that so?" Reginald frostily said. "I read about the dragon used for the first task, Minister Jenkins. And believe me, I do not feel worry-free whatsoever."

"Understood," Minister Jenkins hurriedly said understanding that the subject was now completely off-limits. "If you would please follow me, Sir Prince, I'd be honored."

"Lead the way, Minister," Reginald firmly said as he followed after the much shorter witch.

The minute they stepped out of her office; Minister Jenkins guards moved around them as they made their way to the lift that takes them to the main lobby where the ceremony was to take place. The reporters, guests, and those to be honored were already waiting in attendance.

Those to be receiving medals were sitting in the first row including a stern dark-haired woman with gray eyes, Walburga Black. She'd be receiving a medal in place of her deceased brother, Alphard Black since her father was severely ill, possibly near death. It was rumored that Pollux Black would not live to see summer. And Walburga wasn't sure if to hope that indeed be the case as he was all the family she had left as her two younger brothers and mother were dead.

Those seated at her side were the first four former werewolves now cured, Twizzle, Banks, Smythe, and Glackin. The four of them would be receiving the medal of the Third Order of Merlin for their bravery in contributing to a medical magical miracle. At the very end of the row was the sharp figure of Damocles Belby in emerald robes to receive the First Order of Merlin.

The cameras suddenly began to flash as the Minister of Magic stepped onto the stage with Reginald Prince. The tall, stern silver-haired man possessed an aura few men of his age could possess. It was one that was no less strong than that of Albus Dumbledore, who was universally acknowledged to be the strongest wizard of the present days. But then again, neither the Prince nor Dumbledore had ever gone up to bat. There was no telling if that truly would be the case if they ever crossed wands.

Minister Jenkins steps in front of the podium with a magical old-style megaphone. "Welcome Wizards and Witches," Minister Jenkins said as the room feel silent. "I am pleased to see you all present at this solemn occasion where we award the Order of Merlin to our most valiant members of wizarding society." The crowd applauds as the cameras go off in dizzy bright blasts.

Blinking the spots out of her eyes, Minister Jenkins says, "Here at my side, I have Reginald Prince, a direct descendant of Merlin Ambrosius himself. Today, Reginald Prince will be doing the honors that his forefather began so very long ago." The crowd applauds once again as the photographers blast them with flashes of lights.

"First up, we have Twizzle, Banks, Smythe, and Glackin," Minister Jenkin said. "It is with great pride that I award them the Order of Merlin of the Third Order." The crowd applauds and cheers as the beaming men walk up to the stage to receive their medals. They shake the Minister of Magic's hand, before having Reginald Prince solemnly place the medals on their necks. The crowd cheer, before the four men go back to sit down.

"It is with great sadness and admiration that I present the postmortem medal to Alphard Black," Minister Jenkins said as the crowd is rather sober. "He was one of our own, a brave man who knew that he would die for his act of courage in the face of evil. And he did just that and for that Alphard Black is awarded the Order of Merlin in the Second Order."

The crowd all stands up to cheer and clap as Walburga Black blinks the moisture out of her eyes as she solemnly goes up to receive the medal. Minister Jenkins gives her a kind nod as Reginald Prince solemnly hands the medal case to her. He tilts his head at her in a tiny bow as she does the same.

The crowd cheers all the way until Walburga Black takes her seat again. She stares at the shiny silver medal with mixed feeling as she recalls her younger brother's sacrifice. He was so very brave, but still very much dead. And though she'd known all these years he'd perish from his illness; she'd never resigned herself to that fact of life.

"And with the greatest of honor, I present Master Damocles Belby, the Order of Merlin of the First Order for inventing and finding the cure for Werewolfism," Minister Jenkins said as the crowd roared, and the applause rang like drums.

Shouting over the crowd, Minister Jenkins says, "Master Belby had not only found a cure for a dreadful curse that affected the entire known wizarding world. But affected even the wizarding world at all levels. Thanks to him not only has the wizarding world expanded but the Minister of Magic and many other places have branched out. And most of all changed the lives of our once lost and cursed brethren to allow them to live among us once more!"

The crowd goes wild as Master Belby coolly sweeps up to the stage, where he shakes the Minister of Magic's hand and temporary poses for a single shot. Reverently he walks over to Reginald Prince, who places the medal over his head. Damocles softly whispers, "I still owe you, Sir Prince. Please feel free to call in the life debt at any time." Reginald does not react beyond a head nod.

The crowd screams as lights flash as Master Belby returns to his seat. Minister Jenkins says, "Please remember the sacrifice of those that are here and those that have come here before us. For we are all here thanks to their sacrifices."

The crowd politely claps as she adds, "I am honored that all of you are in attendance. And please stay to chat for a bit with our honored receivers."

The reporters surge forward to surround the various members as do the guests. The Minister of Magic Eugenia Jenkins nods to Reginald Prince, who nods back. Minister Jenkins goes off to mingle with the crowd as Reginald's eyes the Floo exit stations. He knew he had to stay for a bit, but still, the whole affair was a tedious headache. He'd rather be home in his study or playing a wizarding chess match against Georgine.

Aa blond-haired witch with tight blond curls in scarlet robes suddenly appears before him. She has a crocodile handbag, red sharp claw-like nails, and a square jaw. The woman flashes a crocodile-like smile at him as she says, "Rita Skeeter, a reporter for the Daily Prophet, Mr. Prince."

"I am aware of your identity, Miss Skeeter," Reginald coldly said recalling the note his lovely granddaughter had sent him. Yes, this woman was quite troublesome. Thankfully, his granddaughter has also explained that she was pretending to date the young man Barrett Boone. She didn't explain why but Reginald reached the solemn conclusion that she was being bothered by other boys. As long as she was protected and safe that was all that truly mattered to him. But if Boone had any other nefarious designs on his granddaughter, he would permanently ensure his removal.

"Mr. Prince, I was wondering if I could have your input on the relationship of you granddaughter and that of Barrett Bonne. Apparently the two of them are dating is this considered your approval on their future marriage?" Rita Skeeter excitedly asked as she held her acid green quill in hand.

A cold smile flashes across Reginald Prince's face that would have sent many a lesser man running. But sadly enough, Rita Skeeter lacked the survival instincts to notice. Leaning forward he says, "May I tell you a secret, Miss Skeeter?"

"Why yes of course!" Rita Skeeter eagerly said as she leaned forward.

"A beetle should know its place lest it is trampled underfoot," Reginald chillingly whispered. Skeeter pales as she flinches and almost trips in her hasty to get away.

Pointing to one of the Ministry of Magic members, Reginald kindly says, "Why I do believe that is a member of the Animagus Registration Office. And I do believe it is my duty to inform you that it is a crime to remain unregistered, Miss Skeeter. As I do recall that it is an offense punishable by up to twelve years in Azkaban."

Skeeter's entire body shakes as Reginald flashes her a white sharp-toothed grin. "Good evening, Miss Skeeter. It was a pleasure speaking to you this evening," Reginald said leaving Rita Skeeter quaking in her high heels. If tonight taught her one thing it was that the Prince's were to be d*am well be left alone!