A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 394

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 394 Bah Humbug

With the start of February, the sun began to shine weakly on Hogwarts again. The mood inside the castle immediately grew a bit more hopeful and brighter. In charms, Rowan yawned as she practiced summoning charms on a cushion. It'd be easy-peasy if not for the terrible aim of some of her classmates. Nasty accidents tend to occur when the incorrect objects are sent flying across the classroom like for example, Professor Flitwick for instance. The class wasn't even halfway over and Slytherin was already down by forty points.

"How are you doing that?" Terry complained as he watched Rowan and Severus neatly complete their charms without too much trouble.

"Sheer talent," Rowan and Severus replied in unison with an identical smug expression on both of their faces, which caused Terry to scowl at them in reply.

"I shouldn't have even asked," Terry grumpily muttered to himself, while with a rather resigned expression on his face Professor Flitwick whizzed past them to land on top of a large cabinet.

"So, what are you going to do for Valentine's day, Rowan?" Terry asked as he finally summoned his cushion.

Severus chokes and sends his cushion into poor Professor Flitwick, who was climbing off of the large counter. At least Professor Flitwick fell onto the extra cushion on the floor, when he fell off the cabinet and onto his back. Rowan visible winced in sympathy as Professor Flitwick lay there dazed on the floor. Thankfully his back had been turned and he hadn't just seen who the culprit responsible was.

Stealthily Severus summons his cushion as he glares at Rowan. He still hadn't forgiven her for dating Barret Boone. "You're going to get him something?" Severus growled.

"Probably," Rowan said with a shrug. "I'm still thinking on it."

Terry narrows his eyes into slits and says, "Rowan, you know, I sometimes get the feeling that you're only dating him for his looks. The poor guy obviously likes you and you're just trying to maintain a shallow relationship! Boys have feelings too!"

Rowan just gapes at Terry for a minute, before sheepishly saying, "Fine, I'll get him something nice."

Terry huffs and mutters, something about shallow people under his breath, before returning to summoning his cushion. Sadly, this time around, Terry's knocks into Professor Flitwick who was getting up. Professor Flitwick at this point decides to wisely remain on the floor until the class was over.

That wasn't the only time, Rowan was asked as multiple times during the following days leading up to said day, she was asked on the subject. Rowan gave stiff responses until finally fed up she ignored the question. In the end, she decided to give him one of her books that she wasn't in need of anymore. He was a Ravenclaw, he was by nature inclined to like books.

Valentine's day arrived with the usual fanfare as couples exchanged kisses or gifts. Rowan easily caught Barret Boone outside of the Great Hall and wordlessly handed him the wrapped gift. Barret, in turn, gave her a knee-weakening smile and handed her a box of a variety of chocolate bars from Honeydukes. In thanks, she leaned up and gave him a peck on the cheek, before dashing into the Great Hall for breakfast.

Those watching from inside the Great Hall gave her wolf whistles as Rowan sat down. The tips of her ears were pink as she hurriedly piled strawberry crepes and strawberry heart-shaped French Toast onto her plate. Not the strawberry waffles though, she didn't like waffles to begin with as something about the syrup filling those little squares made her queasy. Pouring syrup onto her French Toast, she began to eat.

Rowan with a blank face watched the love festivities all around her. Bethanie and Regulus were cutting up each other's food and every now and then feeding each other a bite. Terry and Silvia are rather red-faced and unable to look at each other. But underneath the table, the two of them shyly hold hands as they eat breakfast.

And they weren't the only ones as Quyen Crowley was all smiles have received tiny bluebell flowers from Pettigrew and a small box filled with chocolates that he had personally made for her. For all intent and purposes, the two of them were very much in love to the shock of everyone else. As the two of them were the last romantic pair that anyone would have ever put together.

On the other hand, Tiffany had a fake smile on her face despite having received a gorgeous bouquet of red roses and a strongly scented perfume bottle from Vasco. Unfortunately, neither of the gifts was to her taste. He'd gotten his girl's preferences mixed up again.

Although what did cause Rowan to be slightly cheerful about the entire situation is seeing the open despair on the faces of Severus and James. Apparently, Lily had gotten flowers and candy from her Yule date. Served the pair of idiots right for not making the first move.

It wasn't even dinner and Rowan was already sick of the day. With a sigh, she happily fled away until her next class. But of course, it didn't get any better as it was Mermish with Professor Dumbledore. She must have been quite the sight with a perpetual scowl on her face, but she wasn't the only as Severus had one as his face as well from jealousy.

Albus Dumbledore chuckled as he saw the faces of his two apprentices. "What's wrong? Did the love of your lives, not accept your heartfelt gifts?" Both Severus and Rowan give him a snarl causing him to laugh even more.

"I suppose not," Dumbledore said with mirth as he wiped a tear from his eye. "Well, given that it is a day of love, how about we have some fun? Would both of you like to help me send cupids all around the school?"

The look on their faces said it all, "Go die in a ditch, old man!"

Taking that as a firm, NO, Dumbledore instead says, "In that case, why not try some traditional love rituals for luck? It's tradition, you know."

Severus instantly looks interested as Rowan drily answers, "No, thanks, I'll pass. I'll be working on Mermish, thank you very much."

While Severus eagerly scurries over and listens to Dumbledore on how to win one's own true love, Rowan happily finishes up her Mermish homework. The Second Task was coming up and she still had her own details to finalize. And no, she was not going to steal gillyweed. How very much clich of her part to do so.