A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 395

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 395 Retrial

Inside a rather large, one-room cottage, the tall figure of Hagrid can clearly be seen. Ever since, Rowan had helped him with his transformation, Hagrid had been careful to maintain his beauty regimen. It didn't take much to wash his hair with the gifted beauty products nor to keep his face neatly shaven with a trimmed beard. He still had a bit of trouble matching his clothes, but Rowan had left him a long list of what colors looked well together and which did not.

"She's a right good lass," Hagrid said as he recalled all of Rowan's help. She was a tad shy that one, but good. And all of her Slytherin friends were too.

Hagrid grins widely as he reaches for a pine smelling cologne that Terry hand secretly brought him. There were plenty of other gifts on the counter not excluding lotions and other such products. Terry wasn't the only one as the other girls, Bethanie, Silvia, and Tiffany, also dropped off such gifts. They were all good kids, they were.

Carefully only spraying the cologne once, Hagrid steps into the mist, before glancing down at the large boarhound chewing on a great large bone. "Wotcher think, fang? Think I look, all, er, presentable?" Fang lifted his large massive head and gave a loud, happy bark before getting back to chewing his bone.

Hagrid carefully smoothed his clothes one last time, before putting on a very large, elegant dragon hide cloak. Hagrid flushed as he wrapped the cloak that must have cost a small fortune on his shoulders. It'd been a gift from Olympe for Valentine's day.

Hagrid flushed recalling the sweet kisses, they'd shared in his cabin that evening. Things were starting to get serious between the two of them and Hagrid wanted to be at her level too. But he knew that he truly couldn't as his wand had been snapped in his third year.

However, there was hope. Hagrid had been exchanging letters with the father of Siliva. Her da was a good man and offered to help him appeal his expulsion. It took a bit of work, but finally, the Board of Hogwarts had agreed to review the case. The case would be reviewed this evening in London at the Board's offices.

Hagrid carefully checked his pocket to ensure that the letter was still there. Double-checking the time, Hagrid turns to Fang and seriously says, "I'll be gone for a bit, Fang. Be good, and keep an eye on everything, while I'm gone." Fang licks his bone in reply and continued to gnaw on his tasty bone.

Carefully closing the door behind him, Hagrid paused to stare at the gigantic powder-blue carriage parked merely two hundred yards away from his cabin. He'd not wanted to tell Olympe lest he get his hopes up. Quickly turning away he hurries forward and made his way down to Hogsmeade. He'd be able to floo to London from there.

In the London quarters of the Hogwarts Board, a dark-haired wizard with blue-gray eyes and a monocle calmly waits in the front fall of the Hogwarts Board deliberation chambers awaiting his client. Removing his pocket watch from his pocket, he glanced down at the time, before snapping it shut. There was still plenty of time left until the appointed time, and not all the board members had yet to arrive.

Standing unobtrusive at his side is a rather upright, square-jawed young witch, Amelia Bones. Stephen had quickly noticed the talented witch and had decided to take her under his wing. Not only that but she was a Bones and was an excellent understudy to have as she had the right connections.

Amelia Bones wore a monocle indifference to her teacher but had close-cropped dark hair. the Ravenclaw thought it was easier to deal with in this manner and wasted less time on her appearance. After all, she had more important things to think about and do.

The sound of footsteps accompanied by the sound of a cane caused Stephen Flint to glance towards the sound. Elegant as usual, the icy, pale figure of Lucius Malfoy can be seen. His long pale blond hair is immaculate and glossy with not a single hair out of place.

Stephen's eyes dart down to gaze at the walking stick held in the younger wizard's hand. It was a black coated walking stick with the handle being that of a silver snakehead with emerald gems for eyes. It had previously belonged to Abraxas Malfoy, before his death.

His icy blue eyes brush over the figure of Amelia Bones. Lucius briefly nods at the young witch in recognition, before returning to gaze at Stephen. The girl at present was learning her trade from a mentor and was not truly someone yet to mingle with at this time. There were social appearances to think of.

"Malfoy," Stephen called out in greeting, "What brings you here this evening?"

Lucius's lips twitch as if to hide a smirk. "I was invited, of course."

"You?" Stephen said in disbelief. "As what exactly?"

Lucius pretends to remove a piece of lint from his cloak, before replying, "If you must know, I now serve on the Hogwarts Board. There was an opening and I took it."

Stephen arched his brow in reply. "Really? And how much exactly did that cost you, Malfoy?"

Lucius sent a dark glare at the older wizard. "How rude of you," Lucius huffed. "One never mentions such private conversations in public. It is an utter lapse of manners, and you have an apprentice to think of! What will you do if she learns your atrocious manners, Flint?"

Stephen rolled his eyes at the younger man's antics. "Lucius Malfoy, I am far older than you and at times like to be rather direct. It can be rather refreshing, after talking in circles attempting to get to the point of the subject matter for over half an hour."

"No need to be so emotional, Flint," Lucius sniffed, before glancing at the time. "Though I must admit I am intrigued to know as to why you wish to aide such an oaf. It surely cannot be of an unknown closeness between the two of you?"

Stephen flashed Lucius Malfoy a sharp grin. "It is a matter of seeking justice," Stephen said.

"Justice?" Lucius muttered a bit interested now. "My, my, and here I thought there was nothing to do this evening. And just what is that you think you know, Flint?"

The sound of loud footsteps interrupted Lucius from saying anything further. Drawing back, Lucius says, "Well, I suppose that would be your client, Stephen. I shall see you inside," before his clock snaps behind him as he disappeared into the deliberation chambers.

Quickly a large masculine figure appears into view revealing the induvial to be, Rubeus Hagrid. Stephen nods in approval at the appearance of his well-dressed client. First impressions counted for everything and would go a long way in aiding their appeal.

From her mentor's side, Amelia Bones faintly smiles at the caretaker of Hogwarts. She still remembered him, and he looked much improved upon. But her little sister, Letitia, had written to her stating that it was due to the Slytherins. Still, it was hard to believe that a Slytherin could ever be so altruistic.

Amelia feels a wave of guilt and shame as she reflexively glances at her mentor. She'd been quite prejudiced at the start of their relationship, but quickly she'd learned that although very much Slytherin like, her mentor, Stephen Flint was a good man. He was someone who upheld the law, and someone who she very much wished to emulate.

Hagrid comes to a stop before the much shorter wizard and says, "I'm sorry, Mr. Flint. I didn' mean't arrive 'ere so late."

Hagrid visibly startles at noticing the solemn young witch at the shorter wizard's side. Before Hagrid can apologize or greet her, Stephen smoothly interjects, "It's fine, Hagrid. You are still early, and the last of the Hogwarts's board members have just arrived. And this is my understudy, Miss Amelia Bones, she was a Ravenclaw, I'm sure you've met her from her time as a student at Hogwarts."

"Ah, yes! Hagrid said as he sighed in relief, before nervously patting his cloak. He carefully pats his pocket making sure that the letter of his was still there. And it was.

Seeing his client so nervous, Stephen says, "It will be fine, Hagrid. I am one of the best lawyers in the business."

"Of course, Mr. Flint!" Hagrid stammered. "It's jus', I've never done dis before."

"I should certainly hope not," Stephen said, before reaching up to adjust his monocle, before glancing at the time. "Good, it's time.

Hagrid gulped and tricked to breathe as he nervously licked his suddenly dry lips. It was now or never. And with that in mind, Hagrid followed after Stephen Flint and Miss Bones as he entered the deliberation chambers and vanished from view with the loud thud of the door shutting behind them.