A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 397

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 397 Retrial

Hagrid's hope slowly dies down in his chest as he glances down at his lawyer to tell him that at least he tried, and it was far more than Hagrid could have ever hoped for. However, to Hagrid's shock, Mr. Flint looks still as confident as ever. How could that possibly be?

"Of course," Stephen smoothly replied to the dismay of Magellan and the interest of the rest of the council including one, Lucius Malfoy.

"I request that the testimony of Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, who at that time was the Transfiguration Professor, be allowed to be heard," Stephen triumphantly declared.

Magellan chews on his lips in vexation as a vein throbs on his nearly bald, spotted head. With a growl, Magellan hissed, "Let the Headmaster enter." He knew that he had no other choice and could not refuse the presence of the very Headmaster of Hogwarts.

The side doors open to reveal the current Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. His childlike blue eyes sparkle from half-moon spectacles resting on a long, crooked nose. His gleaming, long silvery hair and beard are neatly tucked into his belt. While his long robes embroidered with moon and stars sweep to the floor with the tip of buckled high heeled boots just barely peeking out with each step.

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore comes to a halt before them. "Good evening, Hogwarts Board Members," Albus cheerfully said, before nodding at the two other wizards. "Mr. Flint, Hagrid."

Hagrid happily beams back in relief. Now that Professor Dumbledore was here, everything would be alright in the end. Feeling hope fill up inside of his chest again, Hagrid puffs up back up again.

"Headmaster Dumbledore," Stephen solemnly addressed him. "Can you please tell us, who was it that reportedly found my client, Rubeus Hagrid with his illegally kept magical creature?"

"It was Prefect Tom Marvolo Riddle," Albus gravely replied.

"The same, Tom Marvolo Riddle found to be the murderer of his wizard grandfather, muggle father, and muggle grandparents; who then pinned it on his own flesh and blood, his recently deceased uncle, Morfin Gaunt?!" Stephen loudly exclaimed.

"That is correct," Albus earnestly answered. "The very same."

"And said, fugitive murderer, what was he like as a student?" Stephen further inquired.

"A handsome lad," Albus confessed. "He was extraordinarily bright and charismatic. Many thought he would go on to do great things, but he strangely took a position in a shop in Diagon Alley, before utterly disappearing for ten years to only briefly resurface, before vanishing again."

"Now that Hogwarts Board sounds like the murderer of Myrtle Warren," Stephen pointed out.

"Brilliant without equal. How easily, it was for him to pin the crime on my client? It was incredibly so, especially, when given that said fugitive murderer was not only in a position of power over my client but a Prefect. And the attacks of that year only began at the same time that said the murderer had more than ample and free opportunity to wander around Hogwarts under the so-called duty of patrol. It was the perfect crime with the perfect scapegoat, my client."

Stephen paused to slightly backpedal. "I am not saying that my client did not commit a wrong for he was caring for a magical creature inside the castle, when he should not have been. However, my client holds a strong love for all manner of magical animals much like our own famous Magizoologist, Newt Scamander. My client may have indeed committed an error in his youth for which he has been paying forever since then."

Looking at each council member slowly in the eye, Stephen says, "My client has been punished enough, please remove the expulsion on my client that he may once more possess a wand and join the current Ministry offered A.d.u.l.t Education program. For my client still dreams of becoming a Magizoologist, and the board can enable him to do so."

"Headmaster, you may go," Magellan coldly said as Albus Dumbledore sent a wink in Hagrid's direction, before vanishing beyond the side doors.

Magellan nose wrinkles as he says, "As I've said before you are a talented speaker, council, but I am not convinced. Who argues otherwise?"

"I do," the cool aloof voice of Lucius Malfoy crisply said.

Magellan whirls around to face their youngest member in shock as do the rest of them. They weren't the only ones as Hagrid was gaping at the fair pureblood. Hagrid knew that Lucius Malfoy bore him no good ill for the snooty pureblood would often sneer at him with his cohorts whenever he passed by Hagrid's cabin. Why in Merlin's name was the pureblood trying to help him now?

Magellan quickly composes himself as the various other board members reevaluate the newest and youngest board member. "And why is that, Malfoy?" Magellan curtly demanded to know.

Lucius icily says, "My father and other guests were murdered at my own wedding, Magellan. And one of said possible suspects related to said dark wizarding group is this so-called, Tom Marvolo Riddle, and I will seem him brought to justice." Though he tactfully did not add that he knew for a fact that Tom Marvolo Riddle was the culprit behind his father's murderer, since, in fact, he knew the true identity of the Dark Lord as being the one and the same.

Magellan quickly rises he'd stepped into a deadly trap. "My apologies," Magellan quickly said as he inclined his head at Malfoy. "It was not my intention to deem your father's death and the other's deaths as light."

Zheng and Amundsen both share amused glances knowing full well that Magellan had made a grave error. And Magellan would pay for it now.

An older, bronze-skinned witch with kohl-lined eyes and dark salt peppered hair says, "Malfoy is right. Rubeus Hagrid has more than paid for any crimes committed in his youth. And as the deceased herself said, it was done by someone other than Hagrid, I motion that Rebus Hagrid be cleared of all charges and be allowed to use a wand and purse his education. After all, it is our duty as the Board of Hogwarts to ensure that all the children of the wizarding world be educated."

Magellan tries not to scowl, but fails and sneers at the words of Zheng, who says, "I agree with Fiona Bly. It is us responsibly to all children found within our care, and it is not too late to rectify the mistake made against a child that was once under our care, Rubeus Hagrid. I second the motion."

Mrs. Bly kohl's eyes twitch into moon crescents of satisfaction. "The motion has been seconded. All those in favor, please raise your hands."

Beyond Mrs. Bly's hands are that of Zheng and Amundsen. But the instance Malfoy's hand goes up four more hands go up. A total of eight board members out of the twelve board members.

Mrs. Bly lowers her hand and turns to Magellan. "It would appear that the majority have voted, chairman. Please announce the decision," Mrs. Bly practically purred.

Gritting his teeth, Magellan says as though his teeth are being pulled done by one, "The Hogwarts Board Members finds that Rubeus Hagrid is cleared of all crimes and can wield a wand once more. The decision is official as of now."

Stephen Flint proudly tilts his head to the board and nods once at Lucius Malfoy, who merely wrinkles his nose in reply. Malfoy did not want to be thanked for saving that loud, clumsy oaf. But he couldn't very well not allow Riddle to go unpunished for a crime, he committed, no doubt in the first place. That and he owed, the giant oaf. The oaf had saved him once from a rather fierce Thestral, and like a good Malfoy, they always repaid their debts.